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I've been lookin at Innovas Distance Drivers, for a disc that will get me a huge hyzer in the open grass (although trees dont necessarily matter).  Preferably Pro, or Star plastic.


These discs caught my eye

Boss (13,5,-1,3) : Smack dab in the middle of the Flight C chart. Lots of speed.  Seems great, but what about the Turn at -1? Will that take away from the huge hyzer im lookin for?


Katana (13,5,-3,3) : I used to own a Katana, but gave up on it because it had just came out and I didn't know much about it.  Now that I think about it I really wish i still had it because I know i could rip one very far.  Although I have never owned a Boss, I'm aware that both discs have very wide rims does this help with bigger hyzers?  And again, what about the Turn at -3?  Will this pull away from a hyzer?


Destroyer (12,5,-1,3) : Obviously a good disc.  The physical characteristic appeal to me because the rim is not so broad.  Seems like a go to disc dealing with hyzers.  Probably my number one pick


Firebird (9,3,0,4) : Not very much speed, but the turn and fade seem to add up to make one believe this disc will put out a huge hyzer.


Beast (10,5,-2,2) : I own a 174g Beast, seems to me like i could pull off a nice hyzer, but the flight characteristics dont add up..which is why I'm looking elsewhere.


Any suggestions on these five discs would be great

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for anhyzer.... stay away from the firebird, that thing will HYZER like crazy.  the boss, and destroyer are pretty stable unless you get it in pro plastic.


Katana is good, but I would go with the Beast.  It is a little more controllable because of the rim depth.

The Wahoo. big time annys

Ok so this is what I call a need more info answer.

Based off of how I throw, about 360 feet avg, with no wind or trees to worry about.

For anhyzer: katana huge bombs but flips over to hard sometimes and cut rolls

Boss way to stable for me, always hyzers out hard

Destroyer I've seen people bomb these for big S shots, so to stable

Firebird again to stable at end of flight

Beast very nice for the shot, but I never realy got sold on the disc.

I would suggest a Star Sidewinder 165-170g let it rip with some air under it and it won't come back for days.
Suggestion #2 Roadrunner it wasn't my fav but I've seen alot of players use them for a anhyzer.


My anhyzer disc is a beat in DX Valkyrie, I'm getting a champ and star valkyries for Christmas and I'm curious as to how each will break-in.

I also have a monarch that I've been able to anhyzer in practice for more distance then my Valkyrie, but I can't seem to get the same results on the course.

The Boss isn't a bad disc if the wide rim doesn't bother you, I found it uncomfortable.

I agree with Shawn about the firebird, mine is wicked over-stable great for hyzers.

I have a very low opinion of the Star Katana, I find it uncomfortable to throw and way over-stable. Try to throw a star katana thumber when the ground is soft and it will stick in like a gravestone. I've heard the Pro version is a much better disc, but I'm not going to spend money to find out.

I have a DX and Champ beast, I find them hard to control unless I throw them really flat.

I have never thrown a Destroyer, so I have no opinion.

I as well use a broken in valkyrie (dx) for turning over.


I'm confused. Your thread title talks about Anhyzer but then you bold hyzer and list predominantly hyzer discs. Which is it that you're actually looking for?

I don't think any of those would hold the line well, when new, for most players.
Ill second the sidewinder or roadrunner for innova. Out of that list, a katana would be the best pick.

Sidewinder, Roadrunner, Monarch, Wahoo(BIG time!), Katana I guess, but not for me.

Are you talking anhyzer or hyzer? I'm confused because the title says anhyzer but then you start talking about hyzer.


So let's go with anhyzer discs...


Sidewinder, Lemon Lake Katana, TeeBird (especially new DX plastic before it gets too worn in). Stay away from the Star Katana as it is too overstable.

Opera 11.0 is giving me fits and not letting me edit my comments. I was going to say that the new Vulcan that is coming out should be an anny disc as well.

Yeah wow that's confusing


If you are trying to throw backhand and turn the disc left to right then it matters what line your'e taking and how much height you have to throw. If it's a low shot use an understable disc. If you have plenty of height to work with, throw something stable and put more hork(more angle) on it.

If you are trying to throw backhand right to left, throw any disc you want.

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