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I've been lookin at Innovas Distance Drivers, for a disc that will get me a huge hyzer in the open grass (although trees dont necessarily matter).  Preferably Pro, or Star plastic.


These discs caught my eye

Boss (13,5,-1,3) : Smack dab in the middle of the Flight C chart. Lots of speed.  Seems great, but what about the Turn at -1? Will that take away from the huge hyzer im lookin for?


Katana (13,5,-3,3) : I used to own a Katana, but gave up on it because it had just came out and I didn't know much about it.  Now that I think about it I really wish i still had it because I know i could rip one very far.  Although I have never owned a Boss, I'm aware that both discs have very wide rims does this help with bigger hyzers?  And again, what about the Turn at -3?  Will this pull away from a hyzer?


Destroyer (12,5,-1,3) : Obviously a good disc.  The physical characteristic appeal to me because the rim is not so broad.  Seems like a go to disc dealing with hyzers.  Probably my number one pick


Firebird (9,3,0,4) : Not very much speed, but the turn and fade seem to add up to make one believe this disc will put out a huge hyzer.


Beast (10,5,-2,2) : I own a 174g Beast, seems to me like i could pull off a nice hyzer, but the flight characteristics dont add up..which is why I'm looking elsewhere.


Any suggestions on these five discs would be great

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Apparently, I can edit your discussion titles so I just did, sorry bout that, but hopefully it makes more sense now!

think about a discraft predator best hyzer disc!

I totally agree with the discraft predator being the best hyzer disc!It is not a high speed driver but hooks long and slow always has a spot in my bag. from innova the max is their most stable give that a shot, but like was already said most righty backhands will finish left. I think the t-rex would be your best bet, lot like the pred but not as stable.

cant go wrong with the predator, its my favorite driver. If you are looking for something even more overstable go with the extreme, or XXX. both are good discs, but the predator goes quite a bit farther.

Agree almost 100%  Pro katanas flip very eaasily.  Sidewinders and Roadrunners will hold that line the whole way too.  stay away from a firebird.

I'm still confused.

I have both a Champion and Star Valkyrie. The Champ is 167g and the Star is 174. They are both great for straight and S Shots. I utilize them both in various situations. You will be very Happy with them.


As for Anhyzer, I throw a 162 R-Pro Boss for Longer S Shots and a 171 Pro Starfire for turnovers. The Pro and R-Pro Plastics seem to be less stable. For shorter drives that require Anhyzer I throw a KC-Pro Aviar. Another good Anny disc for me that I no longer throw is an ESP FLX AvengerSS.

And it is awesome for forehand turnovers

There you go .

Destroyer (12,5,-1,3) : Obviously a good disc.  The physical characteristic appeal to me because the rim is not so broad.  Seems like a go to disc dealing with hyzers.  Probably my number one pick !!!


Love my Champion Destroyers !!!


my star katana, and my esp nuke both of them work pretty well for big hysers

It depends on what you're trying to do.  Most people think too narrowly about hyzer discs.  You don't need an overstable disc to throw a hyzer.  In fact it's often counter-productive.  When you're trying to get as far left as possible and the ceiling isn't an issue, an overstable disc is the wrong choice.  Overstable plastic wants to cut left and hit the ground.  You start one of them on a hyzer and it will just dive to the ground that much faster.  In this situation you're better off with a straighter flying disc (I use a champ TL 7,5,0,1) because when you start it on the hyzer angle, it will hold that line longer and glide along that line.  I recommend everyone have this disc in their bag for these shots.  Teebirds work well too, but are still going to pull to the ground a little faster.  The understable discs aren't the best either because they'll flip up flat off your line (which is why the beast may not be a good candidate, but may be depending on your power level).


You also don't need an overstable for knife hyzers.  If you put almost any driver on that near vertical line, it's going to stay that way.


The only time you really need an overstable disc is well, for headwinds obviously, but also for those low ceiling shots when you can't throw the big hyzer because you don't have enough height to pull it off. This is what is known as a flat hyzer.  I'll often  use an XCaliber (12,5,0,4) or a Firebird (9,3,0,4) or a Discraft Zone (I would rate it 4,2,0,3 on Innova's system) for these shots depending on the distance.  They are good choices because they will hold your flat line for a bit (hence the 0 HSS) and then bite hard left, often with a good skip when you throw them low and hard.  It is a great shot to have in the bag.


But you asked about open field hyzers and so I'd definitely pick up a TL or a Stalker or something that flies straight, doesn't flip, but doesn't fade much either.


Hopefully this will jump you ahead on the disc golf learning curve, I wish I'd known it 4 years ago.  I still see guys that can throw farther than me struggle to get something to bend way left because they are using the overstable stuff and it's dropping out on them.

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