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Ladies and Gentlemen,

There has been so many serious discussions lately, that I am creating this one to relieve some tension. I love jokes, funny stories, and quotes. So use this post as a means of telling something funny and hopefully put a smile on other people's faces. I'll start things off..........

You know when you've reached the Masters when you body goes out more then you do.


What's my handicap?
* Driving and putting


"Yelling at your disc will not help you. Unless you do it when your opponent is putting."


"Golf and sex are about the only things I can enjoy without being good at."


"If you think it's hard to meet new people, try picking up the wrong disc"


“If I had driven the green and cleared the trees, it would’ve been a great shot.”


"I average three under. One under a tree; one under a bush; one under the water."

Now it's your turn. Put something funny, and we'll all be able to laugh.

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At my local course in Debary, three new guys are learning to play Disc Golf when they got lucky to have

our local hotshot Jamie Ruane to teach them.

First guy tees off and throws a worm burner about 60 feet. He turns to Jamie and asks,

"What did I do wrong ?"

Jamie replies "Loft."

The next guy tees off and hooks his disc into the woods. He asks Jamie, "What did I do wrong ?"

Jamie replies "Loft."

The third guy tees off, griplocks the disc into the trash can. He asks Jamie, "What did I do wrong ?"

Jamie replies "Loft."

As they're walking to their discs, the first guy got the nerve and speaks up.

He questions Jamie, "The three of us threw completely different tee shots,

and when we asked you what we did wrong, you answered the same exact answer each time.

What is a loft ?"

Jamie replies, "Lack of Fucking Talent"

True Story....Bahahahhahahaha!!!

Like it...Loft,hahaha.

                            Merry Christmas to All.

Two golfers were sitting on the bench after playing their eighteen holes at Tuscawilla.

They began discussing their games this past year when one says to the other,

"My game was so bad this year I had to have my Disc retriever regripped !"

For those that ever wondered which came first,

the Chicken or the egg ?

What are the three worst words you could hear in Disc Golf when you are done putting ?

ANSWER "You're still out"

It has been a long time since I posted a joke for everyone to read.  So here goes........


One day Kory Olko decided to wash his favorite sweatshirt.

A couple of minutes after stepping into the laundry room, he shouts,

"Tina, what setting do I use on the washing machine ?"

His wife replies "It depends, what does it say on your sweatshirt ?"

He yells back, "Cincinnati Bengals !!"


And people make fun of blondes.......

I am so glad that I almost did not take that fast food job out of high school.....

never piss off anyone in fast food

"It's too hot to wear clothes today" a Disc Golfer says to his wife as he steps out of the shower....

"Honey, what would you think the other guys would say if I played naked ?"


The wife replies "Probably that I married you for your money"




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