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Aka, Righty-Hyzer-Tunnel-Love-Fests

Over the weekend I played on a new course for a tournament.  The property was lovely.  It had water, elevation, mature trees and plenty of space.  There were many tight, technical shots but not a single dumb hole.  The tee pads sucked but this is totally forgivable on a new course.  Many players mentioned how much they loved the course. 

The course was righty hyzer dominant:  a not uncommon condition in courses everywhere.

Hyzer dominant courses are the fast food of disc golf.  They may be popular but they are an evil treat because they don't force players to learn the hardest shots.  A course which has too many righty hyzer shots is not even worthy of a "fast food" label.  It turns into a non-stop TWINKIE DIET.  It builds no muscle.

Great courses build great players.  Weak courses don't.  Course designers do no favor to the players when they build hyzer courses. 

Eat nothing but Twinkies for the next year and tell me how you feel.

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Hi Mark
First, thanks for coming to our park and playing this weekend. I hope you enjoyed yourself. I can't speak for everyone but I know I had a great time. We certainly do hear quite a few compliments on the course and take a lot of pride in the work we have put into it.

I would like to defend the layout of the course since I am a lefty backhand thrower and one of the designers of the course. This is how I see the layout playing:

1: Righty uphill shot; narrow off the tee pad. You can shoot straight with a good second shot at the basket.
2. Lefty hyzer with the basket in a hole
3. Straight shot with a tail to the left at the end. You can hyzer if you want but I wouldn't recommend it either way
4. Righty shot back up the hill.
5. 515' down the sledding hill. There's more room for a lefty hyzer than a righty.
6. Narrow and straight. No room for hyzers.
7. Lefty through the pines.
8. Straight. No hyzer routers, period. Been aced by a lefty!
9. Righty hyzer. Good opportunity to make people go "wow" when a good lefty anhyzer is thrown.
10. Straight with a tail to the right. No hyzering allowed. Favors lefties.
11. Straight down the tunnel. No hyzer routes.
12. Straight shorty
13. Long 500' righty hyzer off tee, then second shot can be a hyzer with either hand depending on lie
14. Straight over the water - throw whatever, however you want.
15. Righty hyzer back into the pines
16. Straight with a right tail - more of a lefty hyzer
17. Straight - no hyzer routes. Been aced by a lefty!
18. Straight from tee pad with lefty and righty hyzer routes.

So, to sum up the routes:
Righty - holes 1,3,4,9,13,15
Lefty - holes 2,7,8,10,16
Straight - holes 5,6,11,12,14,17,18

Clearly, not righty hyzer dominant in my opinion. The right hyzers do help me to strengthen my anhyzer shots, so that's a good thing in my mind.

Hope you see you back here after we get some cement poured.

Then the tobaggan is like HGH for discers.
Hole 2 is not a good lefty hyzer, especially RHFH... too tight Far better RHBH Putter or under stable midrange turnover.

Hole 3 I saw some righties take the high route with success, but most "successful" shots were RHBH shots that were thrown down the pipe and hyzered naturally right into the circle.

Hole 5 Worked good for me BUT a power righty shot would produce a real nice flex out with more chance at landing in the short grass. My drives made it 50-60 short(or closer) from the pin in the tall grass on the right. I almost deuced it the second round.

Hole 7 is a better righty anhyzer with a buzz or something, but not too unfair... I can't hit that for crap so I can't complain anyways.

Hole 13 pretty obnoxious off the tee for a lefty, but it is just above my current skill level or display of whatever skill I do have. The second shot if executed well leaves a slow fading RHBH anhyzer right up the pipe. It's not how it finishes(left or right) it's how smooth of a line in needs to go to get there.

Hole 18 There is some hyzer route, but there are some nice trees preventing 50% or more of all lefty hyzers (to actually make deuce) from staying in bounds. The right side is carved out for beautiful "S" shots out of a right hand, though if tailwind were involved I can see some serious OB potential.

The one fallacy in all RHBH course design is that you all think that if a pin goes right it's a lefty hole, which is not true.

One thing I found to be my problem is tee placements with trees right in my path to throw an anny, but perfect for a righty. Hole 6's tee pad is just a middle finger to lefties, there is a birch(maybe something else) tree right to the left middle of the tee, the only spot I can get balance from to throw back hand. There were multiple spots where I had to stand DIRECTLY ON the front left of tee pad with NO run up because there was no possible way to do it otherwise. Further more, the places where a disc would leave my hand on the right side of my body had low hanging branches or a little turd trees directly in my path.

It's not as if I think everyone is out to get lefties, it's just that people are inadvertently disc-courteous
because you don't want to flip the situation around. Think about it, you get some righties trying lines to the basket, when they try to throw an anhyzer, look what gets in their way, then flip it left to right.... MOST often this does not happen.

I am not as passionate about my anger for the righty world, just pissed sometimes when I see lefties who have been taught to write with their right hand because the majority told them they should(metaphorically in thought). The tee pads and brush / overhanging limbs on the right side are the "fixable" set backs.

I must end with saying that EVERYONE involved with the Deerfield course and the Mt Pleasant Disc Golf Club do and always have run great events, made good courses and worked SUPER hard for the sport, the state and every disc golfer in MI. You have a classy outfit and are some real stand up guys, so please have no ill feelings.

I will see you all this coming weekend in midland to get my ass royally kicked again, but hey, I don't mind if it's by good people. :)
Thanks for your well thought out response. I appreciate your take on the holes and your kind thoughts towards our club and members. Good luck in Midland!
What would be the best example that you (Mark and others) can give of a...
1. righty-hyzer course? (other than the course in question)
2. well-balanced course?
3. lefty-hyzer course?
Brookside in Indy is one of the most lefty favorable courses I can remember playing over the years.
yahoo for course designers ....... way to step up, each and every time ..... boo for poisin ivy ...... cottage cheese and fruit over stinkie twinkies every time.
yes it is
While I agree overall that a good course should make you work your entire game...I'd have to say that unless you are starting a course with a completely blank slate, course design has to consider a great many factors...elevation, trees, other uses for the park, etc.
Anyone who has been on this site for a reasonable length of time should know two things by now:
1. Mark Ellis thinks every course (except the ones he designs) favor RHBH hyzers.
2. Ben C doesn't like poison ivy.
you're right!
I'm working on a prototype for a Round-Up type spray to use on Carnies

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