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Aka, Righty-Hyzer-Tunnel-Love-Fests

Over the weekend I played on a new course for a tournament.  The property was lovely.  It had water, elevation, mature trees and plenty of space.  There were many tight, technical shots but not a single dumb hole.  The tee pads sucked but this is totally forgivable on a new course.  Many players mentioned how much they loved the course. 

The course was righty hyzer dominant:  a not uncommon condition in courses everywhere.

Hyzer dominant courses are the fast food of disc golf.  They may be popular but they are an evil treat because they don't force players to learn the hardest shots.  A course which has too many righty hyzer shots is not even worthy of a "fast food" label.  It turns into a non-stop TWINKIE DIET.  It builds no muscle.

Great courses build great players.  Weak courses don't.  Course designers do no favor to the players when they build hyzer courses. 

Eat nothing but Twinkies for the next year and tell me how you feel.

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does it work for fudgies too? ;)
Get us a spray that will kill the cocklebur. Roundup doesn't work (it cripples it but rarely kills it).
Doesn't Mark ellis throw predominantly sidearm? Shoulda been plenty challenging if so.
Here's the formula......I like to refer to....as homemade agent orange...it will kill everything.

1 gal household vinegar
1 cup table salt
approx 8 drops of liquid laundry detergent

warm the vinegar to aid in thoroughly mixing the salt. I put it all in a pump up sprayer and set it in the FL sun...shake well. Be aware that it will kill all plant life...in a large enough quantity it could take out a mature tree...and may violate a number of your state laws. Salt is very toxic in large quantities and will stay in the soil for a long time. So be careful how you use it....
Yes, I think he said in an instructional video that he used to throw RHBH, but either age or an injury forced him to develop a RHFH. There is no Christian like a converted Christian... ;)
Some of you may have misinterpreted the position I took on this topic. I was NOT griping that righty hyzer dominant courses are unfair to someone who doesn't throw righty hyzers. They are, of course, but I have made that argument before and realize how little the righty hyzer world cares. So be it. I am a creation of the righty hyzer world and have learned the hard way how to throw anhyzers.

Instead, my position is that unbalanced courses harm (long term) the very players it appears to benefit. It lures the right handed backhand players into thinking they have developed better skills than they really have. We (so me, too) are naturally lazy. We pick the easiest way to do things. If courses do not require us to develop skills then we don't.

Shawn Boucke and Craig Clingan argue that their course is balanced. OK, believe what you will. I wish I could take them on a reverse tour of their course and show them the difference. I do know that if someone does not recognize a problem then they will never solve the problem, since there is nothing to solve. I guess the tee pads are good, too. Maybe superb. :)

Shawn and Craig and others reading this may one day be involved in designing future courses. I just hope to raise awareness to the concepts of difficult and balanced courses. In the meantime I play at a course every week which has terrible tee pads and is a pure righty hyzer power course. I know what I have to do compete in my division.

Deerfield reminds me of Reed Park, another new course in the area. Both have charm and plenty of good holes. Both are imbalanced. Neither are Twinkie courses. But both are Fast Food. At least you show grow some good lefty players.
You're right Mark.....you win a twinkie.
C'mon...Mark's knowledge is worth the family pack!! ;)
Do I respond to this or not ?

Looks like I am.

I was 1one of the designers of Deerfield and am the designer of Reed. The two courses in question or debate.

I respect Mark and Erik's feelings on these courses.
When designing both I went with the 666 route, 6 straight 6 to the right and 6 to the left. Both of these courses do that.
After the Reed tourney I heard of Marks feelings. I walked the course with a lefty and got his opinion. I found that I did do the 666 but the LHBH holes were much easier for a RHBH than the RHBH were for the LHBH. (that make since).
I have plans to fix this at Reed.

One statement that really confused me was that just because it goes to the right it is not a LHBH hole ?!?!? What.
By that reasoning then a hole that goes to the left is not a RHBH hole. Correct ?!?!

I do wish these courses were not named in this discussion, due to the passion and love of Deerfield by the Mt Pleasant club . This course was paid for, built (we cleared those damn pricker bushes by hand. No power tools were allowed.The club put in over 300hrs of work to create it and are very passionate of it) and maintained (lack of mowing on parks part had the club out with blades on a stick wacking down the grass and weeds) all by the club.

I may have to try that. Sounds cheap and effective. The other day someone recommended vinegar and bleach.
Please do not misinterpret my feelings(or mark's, but I do not speak for him). I did declare that I had no hatred for the course(s), nor did I once insult the quality of the course. I debated the validity of the so called "lefty holes".

You are correct Keith, not all holes that go to the left is a "righty hole". In fact I have 2 examples, one at deerfield and one at hudson mills. Deerfield hole #4 looks and smells like a righty hyzer, but in fact the line is too tight on the right hand side, giving a lefty like me the opportunity to get within 15 of the pin and win the CTP for the tournament. It was definitely a "lefty anhyzer". Hudson Mills hole 18 original, I have deuced that hole from the shorts and longs, and anyone who knows the course knows that it is a longer hole that bends left... perfect for a long controlled anhyzer.

I have much love for what the righty world has taught me, there is nothing sweeter than bending a shot anyhyzer at will and getting the "wow" factor out of people.

Truth is deerfield kicked my ass.... AGAIN. I putted like crap at the tourney and I displayed lack of control of tight tunnel shots(pinball here we come). The other 1/3rd of my problem was my difficulty to tee on balance. If I were a better player it might have been different, who knows.

I admire the passion and effort of the mt pleasant club and my posts were not meant to be insults followed by butt kissing fests, but I am happy to offer respect where it is earned, and I am also available for constructive criticism. Both of which I usually hand out unsolicited... and hey, it's just my opinion, who am I?

Looking forward to concrete pads and another ass whoopin next year.
The real question is whether there will be alternate pin positions at the new course because then a certain hole can be a lefty hole or a righty hole depending on the setting. That is what we have at our course so you never play the same thing twice. You had better be prepared when you show up and bring all of your skills. And how about the thumber shot? Don't discriminate against that.

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