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My mistake and a bigger DB...


This is a smattering of stuff that has been keeping me up at night…am I out of line?


Understand that our club president sent him an e-mail at 12AM the night of (about 2 hours
after the fact) and called him first thing in the morning.  The club helps sponsor the league. 


What would your reaction be? 

Original stlouisdiscgolfclub.com post:

Yesterday was a blast! As always, it is a lot to handle and stresses me out quite a bit, but it is all done.

Everything went off as planned...other than one mistake I made. Everyone that
played yesterday got to shoot at a CTP on Hole 11. It was the Gateway Super
Bonus CTP package - thank you Dave! Dave Mac donated a starter disc set (3
discs and a mini) and pair of tye dye shorts for the CTP. This was an extremely
juicy CTP all on its own. He also offered to sell the basket that was used on
this hole (a brand new Titan Portable 24) to the winner for $150 (retail $299).
So, in essence, it was a 50% off coupon for the basket. Don Heiple won the CTP.
Unfortunately, I made the mistake of awarding him $150 ($79 in merch and $71 in
cash), when in fact he was not supposed to receive anything other than the 50%
off coupon. I think the stress of the day had caught up to me and I made a
MAJOR mistake. So, basically, unless I can get Don to very graciously return
the merchandise and cash, the league/course is going to be out $150. If anyone
knows how to contact Don, could you please call him and let him know about the
situation. I would REALLY appreciate it.

As far as everything else goes, Aaron Walther won the 1-Disc Challenge Pro
Division with a 42(-12) and Ryan Gorman won the AM Division with a 50(-4). The
disc was a Gateway G7i/Element with a sweet custom Neil Brown stamp. There were
17 CTP flags out on the course as well...pretty sweet!


And after the club president talked
to him with no hint of compromise…




I am not sure why you are unwilling to come to some form of compromise. I made
a mistake. This mistake needs to be rectified. I was fully anticipating
compensating you for your hassles. You have to understand that this is coming
out of my pocket...the club does not extend me any financial indiscretions. You
really need to think about where I am coming from and the amount of effort that
I put towards disc golf in general. I volunteer countless hours, donate
countless amounts of giveaways, absorb other leaguers financial issues, and
deal with various assorted other problems on a regular basis. Your inability to
work with me and the club is a literal kick in the teeth. Needless to say,
unless you can find a little kindness in your heart, I will not be able to
allow you, or Todd, to play in the JB Doubles. It is a public park, so you are
always welcome to play...just please try to avoid showing up on Tuesdays (or
Thursdays, Fridays, weekends, and any other day).

Please call me if you feel the need to discuss this any further. Remember that
this is a sport built on a much larger scale of volunteerism than most others.

Greg D'OH




As I explained to Chris you guys
approached me with the offer I didn't ask you for it. I think it is really
unfair of you to expect me to give everything back especially when Chris had me
sign a paper stating that I was paid for the coupon so I couldn't go back on
the deal. As you stated JB is a public park but you then "suggest"
that I not show up there on anyday. If this is some sort of threat against my
person or my property I will immediately call the police if there is any hint
of trouble at JB park. I will be keeping this email just in case as evidence of
the threat if there is any trouble. Please cease to contact me further.





After a few testimonials
on my behalf, here is a reply…


I really do appreciate the kind words. Thanks for offering to help out with the
situation. Before I take you up on your offer, I do want to give Don a chance
to work with the club and I on coming to some form of compromise. I know the
term is over-used, but this whole situation is a matter of principle. Chris and
I realized our mistake relatively quickly after the fact. Chris sent him an
e-mail immediately upon arrving at home and called him first thing in the
morning. When Don returned the call later that afternoon, his response was
nothing short of selfish and rude. Because of his attitude, I can only come to
the conclusion that he knew he was getting more than he was supposed to and was
taking advantage of the situation to begin with (hence him taking off
IMMEDIATELY after getting paid). We contacted him quickly enough that it was
not a matter of the plastic already being thrown or the money already being
spent. I am not sure that he realizes how much volunteer effort it takes to
make this sport actually happen. He seems to think that we should absorb the
cost like a Wal-Mart would. The $150 of merchandise and money represents a
WHOLE lot more than its face value...it represents countless volunteer hours
and countless compromises on my part that you can't put a value on. All I want
is for him to work with us. At the moment, it honestly feels like a kick in the


And my final transmission…



Sometimes a mistake is made. Sometimes individuals need to step back and look
at it from a different point of view. We are a volunteer organization. I am
sorry that you saw it as an irreversible situation, when in fact it is nowhere
near this way. It only backs up the testimonies from several other,
non-involved, individuals that you sometimes rub people the wrong way. Maybe
you are what they say you are. Sorry to see you go. Have fun, buddy...I will
never contact you again. There are plenty of other courses for you to play. No
threats will EVER be issued, but your presence at JB will probably not be very
well received. I hope you enjoy your 6 discs and $71 enough to compensate for
your loss of St. Louis
disc golf as a fun and carefree activity.


P.S. "If this is some sort of threat against my person or my property I
will immediately call the police if there is any hint of trouble at JB park. I
will be keeping this email just in case as evidence of the threat if there is
any trouble." Do you honestly think
I would do anything remotely close to this? You must be a...

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That's messed up, I just don't see how he would screw over the club that he plays in. Only thing that I could say on his side is that you came off a little rough by saying don't show up to the park, but well he deserves worse then that if he would do that to the people who keep this sport going.
Yes, I am still up...this situation is killing me.  Eric, I agree with everything you have to say.  Yes, I was a little rough, but this was after some transmissions that you didn't get to see.  This guy is being a complete...  He was just a REC player, so I think he believes he hit the lottery and is going to run with it.  My mind will not let me wrap around this thing.  Can you imagine alienating yourself from DG?  I would rather let someone beat my toes with a hammer for an hour before I made that poor choice.

Hey D'OH,

I haven't been on the STL forum recently so this is news to me...I'm sorry to hear about it.  I can see how it puts you guys in a tough spot and although the situation is worse than most, I know exactly what it feels like to have something like this festering inside of you for way too long.  It looks like you, Chris, and the club at large are rallying to try and do anything you can to make it right again.  It's a major bummer that this hasn't been successful yet.  Perhaps there are others who this jerk@#% is friends with who may be able to try talking a little sense into him.  If not, and he's already shirked the attempts of reasoned compromise from you, Chris, and others, I wouldn't hold my breath much longer. You have to let it go somehow.

Regardless of the outcome, try to make peace with it.  You and Chris should be able to find some agreeable remedy for the club--possibly even another, extra sweet CTP fundraiser?--but even if it doesn't suit you the best, I would suggest doing your best to put it behind you.  Once it's settled, tell yourself that and stick to it.  Avoid thinking and talking about it if all it does is irk you.  You could even write a concluding post on the forum explaining the resolution and why it is now in the past (for you and the club).  Hopefully this can serve as a symbolic and literal end of the discussion, and you can move on with life as usual.  As for Don, he may have won his mini disc golf lottery, but that won't last forever.  Think KARMA.  Plus, if he has a soul at all he too has his moments struggling to deal with this.  And as you said, he is alienating himself from the club indefinitely.

Anyway, I'm again sorry to hear about this but I hope you can put it behind you regardless of whatever remedy may arise.  Best of luck and thanks for all your hard work for STL disc golf!  I've been in Columbia, but I'll try to make it to a tourney or club event again soon.



Steve Barnard

In my short time being involved with a discgolf club, around six years, I have seen more drama BS than I ever thought I would. There are always a few key individuals that we're all  counting on, it sounds like you are one of those individuals.  Just remember that when its all said and done, your club is still relying on you. Just don't let it change your great attitude for discgolf.  I don't think you were out of line at all, but just might need to let it go....

Ya'll just need to move on.Excepting a major mistake is very hard to swallow,but you owned up to it.

Perhaps have cake sale/car wash to recoup your loss.Lemonade stands might do well with the summer heat .

I agree
Listen to Mr Ed, he speaks wisely.




So what you're saying is you made the guy a deal for his 50% off coupon and later on you wanted to reneg on the deal and he's a jerk for not renegotiating?  I don't think so.  A deal is a deal.  You offered; he accepted; the deal is done.  Or maybe we should give Alaska back to the Russians because that deal turned out to be kind of onesided also. 


And you're also saying that as it turns out the Club didn't authorize you to make that deal so they are going to make you eat the cost of your mistake?  Sounds to me like they need a different volunteer to work his asterisk off running their future tournaments.  Any club that treats its volunteers like that is cruising for a break up.  Mistakes happen.  You build a little profit in a tournament to cover mistakes and unexpected expenses.  You don't stick it to the TD. 

Wow, all this over six round pieces of plastic and $71? Greg, you made a mistake and it cost you a hundred and fifty bucks. Now you want to 'ban' this guy and his friend (totally out of left field) from playing doubles? How 'bout you just beat him at golf for money until you get it back. If not, you have learned a $150 life lesson, which is pretty cheap.


Maybe you could get your money back by hosting a whine and cheese festival.

Do what I do.  Have sex with his wife.

You made a mistake.  The club that empowered you needs to absorb the cost of that mistake.  I'm sorry and I'm sure that it made you sick and lose sleep.  I'm sure I would have felt the same way, but contacting him in the first place... publicly at that was wrong.  If you felt the need to talk to him at all about it (which I still think is a mistake) you should have spoken to him privately fully aware that he was completely entitled to say no.  You shouldn't be shocked that he said no by the way. 


Then I simply can't believe that you think it's right to black-ball him from leagues.  On what grounds?  You're not a true disc golf club if you do things like that.  If you were or are a non-profit, you might be headed for legal trouble.  In fact you might be in legal trouble already for implying that his presence would be unwelcome at the course.  It should sounded like a threat to this outsider.  What else would you call the sentence "your presence at JB will probably not be very well received."?  What did you mean by that exactly?


So you try to take his fairly won prize away and then ban him from leagues and tell him that he is not on good terms with the locals.  Sorry, you sound like your heart is in the right place with trying to help your local club, but YOU are the one out of line here.  I may have been willing to compromise in the situation (though it would suck), but he had no obligation to do so.

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