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So on Sunday i drop off my better half at the airport. On the way back going straight past the course, discs are in the car... so what the heck, decide to play a solo round.

Get to the 11th, drive is over a swampy area so I pull out the Dragon to be safe. Drive goes left.. beloved Dragon stuck in a tree about 15 metres (50 feet) high, heres the clincher directly below is the swamp, so i cant throw other discs or my golf ball at stuck disc.

Mission around, finding logs etc to throw at Disc, majority of the time I miss, log lands in water, gotta go find a new one... process repeats and repeats, sometimes I hit the disc but its not falling.

Its now getting dark, "ok gotta try climb this tree"... toughest tree climb ive ever done, eventually im now about three stories up, start shaking the branch, disc wont move, i see its wedged in a "tripod clasp" unbelievable, Im shaking the tree so hard im thinking i could go crashing down.

But its the dragon in their! Ive tried to order more and our supplier who delivers to SA is always out of stock, gotta get that dragon, eventually the disc falls.

Now I cant get down from the tree! Its quite dark and no one is around. Anywat pulled off some Jackie Chan moves and eventually got down.

Fished my disc out the swamp, didnt bother to wipe the mud off throwing it in my bag... walk straight to the car... I can really HATE this game.

Anyway, will now get a 25 metre string for my bag to deal with similar situations in future, and will be hating the game again on Friday.

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Now that was funny!
Personally, I wouldn't climb a small rock for a dragon.... Never could figure out why people like them even if they float.
Just relax. that is a rough day, but if you need to enjoy every aspect or the game... even the trees and swamp. If you are worried about loosing your Dragon, DiscGolfCenter.com has "50+", and free shipping if you get two of them.

breath, relax, and keep discin'

The DX Dragon is a most popular Disc for our courses with water.
I am told that we never run out of Dragons and always have them in stock.
Disc Golf is always an adventure, I love climbing trees and twisted my left foot off just a few days ago while climbing down (wedge, turn, crunch, sprain)...finished my round while hobbling and no run up for drives and now have to take a week or so off to heal. Still practice putting while standing on good foot like a flamingo.
Dragons are cheap, stock up. Giving up discs is part of the game...
Love my Dragon! I always have one in my bag - I use it for a big hyzer shot around a huge tree on hole 18 of my home course. It's light enough that I can get it up and around the tree and consistent enough that I can trust the shot.
Hey, you got the disc back right! Forget the rope and buy a sling shot. It works great!
I what I hear in this story is that you actually love disc golf. You would never go through that kind of effort (and I have similar stories) to get a $8 disc if you hated the game. The effort shows the love not the hate.
That said, your to be commended for actually getting the disc. I can understand, I have a closet full of discs (that I never use) and I'll still spend a stupid amount of time trying to retrive OB discs.
wow bet you wont throw it in that tree again
That story is great. If you like the disc its always worth the hassle to get it back. I'm sure at the time it wasn't that funny but you can always laugh about it later.
I just have one question. What is the 25 meter string for??
Yeah guys, as i said will be playing a round on Friday again. At one point ill probably say I hate this game, and will be back on saturday to play.

The string was an idea, tie a weight on one end, can shake the branch from the ground, but that slingshot idea is much better (and fun)... thanks for that.

As for Dragons, we get our discs here in South Africa from discndat online, they have given us great service, and were prepared to ship them half way around the world for us. Last 2 orders though no dragons in stock.. we have a fair amount of water on our course, and when im not feeling particularly strong, Ill throw it on dry holes as well, amazing how much difference 15 grams can make.
holy crap south africa! good to see there weren't hippos in there

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