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     so i was playing my local course today and got to hole 7. hole seven has a walking path about 30 feet to the right of the tee that goes along the whole side of the hole and is considered o.b. the walking path is pretty popular with other non-discing park goers. so today off the tee i threw about 200 feet down the fairway and it curved right at the end (bad throw for this hole) and skipped o.b. when it skipped across the sidewalk it skipped about 15 feet from this old lady walking along the path. it wasn't intentional (obviously) and i shouted heads up as it turned her way and apologized after i seen it skip past her. i have seen this happen many times before, by either me or friends i am playing with, and on many different holes and courses throughout the country and every person has been more then cool about it. not this lady. she preceded to pick up my disc and start walking away with it. i see this(still on the tee-box 200 feet away)and start jogging towards her. when i got closer to her i started asking her (calm and nice still, probably because it was a little old lady)what shes doing with my disc and explaining to her that this is a disc golf course and we were playing a game and i didn't mean to throw it at her. she ignores me and just keeps walking. i am starting to get mad and yell at her that she cant just take my disc. when i get about 20 feet from her she stops and throws the disc down the cliff that is next to the walking path and into the river(coincidentally, it was my river she picked up). i snapped out when she did that. i started screaming at her at the top of my lungs. such  things as what the f*** is wrong with you?!?!?, why would you f***ing do that?!?!? your f***ing crazy etc. and she just keeps walking away and the only thing she says is "you put my life in jeopardy!!" i then preceded to tell her that if she thinks her life is in jeopardy because of a disc flying by her fifteen feet away then don't walk around a f***ing disc golf course!!! she kept walking, and i stopped following her and went to fetch my disc and finish out the round fuming the whole time.

     i am sitting at home and this is still bothering me. i cant believe this lady had the audacity to do that! i could understand if the disc hit her and she got mad( because it happened to me before) but i cant even justify it because it really didn't even come that close to her. is she really that miserable that she's gotta try to ruin the good time i am having? like, if you were walking around in the park and some kids were having a catch with a football and the one kid overthrows it to the other and it lands near you are you going to pick up that ball and take it??? no normal person would do that. i really hate people sometimes. anybody ever have something like this happen to them ever while they were playing?


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So, you need people to tell you it is alright to yell at an old woman? My six year old know it is wrong without asking. Have you ever "talked" to a professional about your obvious anger issues. Yup, she stole you disc, held it in here hand as she walked in plain sight and dumped it sounds like she moved it to a drop zone lol. Before you call anybody ignorant get a English book and read it, then go over what you have just wrote then tell me who is ignorant. Jerk off.


Wow! I was in Crescent City CA just a few weeks ago playing the course by the ocean. On hole 7 the basket is right between the rocks and the beach and parking lot and road. Very tight. My disc is picked up by a wind and glides into a parked car and grazes the fender.


A old man gets out walks over, picks up my disc and puts it in his Car. I get there just in time to see his door close. He stands there and starts yelling at me saying I did it on purpose, and that he is a golfer, and that he makes Damn sure he never hits near cars and such.


I ask him about my disc. He says he is keeping it to teach me a lesson, so that I make damn sure next time.

He gets in his car and drives away. The whole time I was polite, and pleaded for my disc and apologized and the whole nine yards. I never had the chance to yell at him. He just drove away....

I see a theme developing here. Cranky old people. I hope that I don't turn into that cranky old guy.
I find it kind of amusing that so many people are defending an old lady that STOLE Pete's disc and attempted to destroy it.

A disc lands near you and that gives you the right to destroy other people's property? I don't care how old you are, what the situation is, whether it was a grenade or a disc. Nobody has the right to destroy your property, and that's the bottom line. This old lady was lucky Pete had enough control to keep his response merely verbal. There are plenty of scumbags that play disc golf and I could have seen this situation turning much more ugly than it did.

That said, there's no excuse to curse at her or retaliate in any way. Show some class, be a man, and remember you're talking to a lady..

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