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I am a right handed player.  I throw back and as well as forehand.  I get my distance driving forehand.  My favorite is the "NUKE".  When I backhand it, it goes to the left.  When Forehanded, it goes to the right.  As of late, I have been hurting myself when I backhand.  So I want to be a full time forehander.  It allows me to see or keep an eye on my target.  I take less steps (generally only two) so there's less chance of messing up, and I drive a hell of a lot further when i forehand throw a disc.  Lastly, I have not injoured myself driving forehanded.

So I am thinking of only being a forehanded thrower.  I know that being a "switch hitter" has it's benefits.  But I think I should find one style and master it versus being a decent "Jack of all trades".

So when throwing right forehanded which Discs are best for...............

Long Distance right

Long Distance left

Long Distance straight

Mid right

Mid left

Mid straight





I primarily throw Discraft.  But I do have other disc in my bag like Innova, Ching, Ion, Aerobie, and Millennium 


Yes I understand that I may have to start over.  So you right handed forehand throwers or flickers, please give your input.

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I swear by the NUKE.

I guess that I'll stay doing what I do, and that is using both ways to drive.

I just wish that I could get the distance that I do when I side arm the disc.

Try a Pro Katana or Star Sidewinder for your backhand, you will see added distance. If you really want to stick with discraft try a avenger SS or a lighter surge.

long distance right = Nuke is good

long distance left = Avenger ss

long straight I use an XS

all mids I use a z buzz

thumber = dunno can't throw one, but I've seen ppl use an Epic and get crazy weird distance.

roller = depends

tommy = can't throw that either.

I'm a full on switch thrower... forehanded I throw righty, backhanded I throw lefty. For a long time I stopped throwing forehanded, but I'm slowly getting that back into my bag of tricks.



Wouldn't a right handed flick and a left handed back have the same results.

I throw both ways with my right, and it gives opposite results.  So I am assuming that a right flick and a left back would be the same.

Thank you
For some reason, katanas do not do well with me.  It is a great disc, but when I used, it was really unpredicatable for some reason.

Unfortunately they do have the same result. But I can't throw them differently.

I'm going to start practicing flicks with my left hand but doubt I'll get too far with it, and I can't throw backhand with my right either.

I throw baseballs right handed, but darts left handed. The list goes on like that for everything I do. :-(


Mr. Ledford, thank you, thank you, thank you for posting that link.  I used that information today just throwing in an open field with my friend.  We had already thrown a few out and were getting ready to go pick them up when I told him about the article and then I did a "slow-mo" demonstration of the techniques put together.  I was throwing a Buzzz, and it went about 30 feet past the longest driver I had thrown.  At the end of the session I had added about 50 ft of distance to my drives, was finally getting my Katana to turnover and for the first time in my short time playing feeling "the rip".  I'm just using a 1-step approach, my footwork has a ways to go, but it feels really good to feel the power coming up from your legs up to the hips turning and just as your shoulder aligns with the turn of your hips, feeling your forearm swing out and letting the disc rip.  That is great information, I just wish I would have found it earlier.
Champ Katana shows more turn than Pro, but I prefer the grip of Pro.  I'd try a Vulcan instead of the Katana.  The Vulcan is less prone to dying out and fading dramatically if your grip consistency isn't where it should be.  If you like the Nuke, you will LOVE the Nuke SS.


It's all about form.

Get the form right, and there should not be any pain.

Most start out with 'the flick' and end up with the back hand as their main drive.

You can get more power.


When you throw backhand start out with 'understable' plastic so you can work on your form.

Going right into the "Nuke" only keeps you from trying.


Thank you.  I have seen most people throw throw backhand further then their forehand.  My only excuse for my forehand being further is that I use to play baseball when I was young.  My position was center fielder.  I know that kids were trained to throw to the cut off man and that person throws to home field.  When things got to be a crunch, I was able to throw from Center field to Home plate. 

I played at Tuscawilla this Sunday, I thought that a week off would be enough rest for my injured "right Lat and Pec".  I was wrong.  By the forth hole, I was in pain when I drove.  And since I was in pain during my drives, my discs did not fly like I wanted them to.  I decided not to play Disc Golf for a while so hopefully I can rest my muscles enough to compete at the Daytona Open.  I have demoted myself to being Pattie's caddy and beer boy. 

Besides motrin, rest or inactivity of the sport, stretching to keep them from contracting up, and "Icey Hot".......................

Is there anything else that I can do?




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