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This discussion (http://discgolfer.ning.com/forum/topics/1809917:Topic:233215?x=1&am...) prompted me to think about me.

What is it that I do that would maybe be a pet peeve to me or others.

So here is what I hate about me...

1. I can often have a hard time finding a disc after a shot. Not all the time but even when I throw and watch it all the way I have a hard time finding it. I hate that. I am getting better I hope.

2. I'm a disc buying addict. I mean how many discs does a newbie need. Don't know but I got to have another one. I have started as I grow as a player usually buy a disc that I can use and need. So I'm getting better.

3. Impatient. Only played for a year so why do I expect to be Climo now?

Oh well hope you all can add.

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i hate it when i try to do too much or try something that i am most likely incapable of
I hate reading other peoples hates and realizing damn that's me.
I hate not finding my disc and having to ask someone if they got eyes on it....almost hate it more when they can point right to it.

I hate having to fight for par on some of the same damn holes week after week.

I hate putting practice, but love the results I get.

Most of all, I hate losing my temper on the course. I LOVE this game, and the last person I want to be is the surly jerk that's moaning about how hard life is.

I'd say that I hate being a disc addict...but how can something so wrong feel so right?
I hate going to a new course on friday before the tourney to play for the first time. I tear it up on friday and then stink it up on Saturday.
I hate making the worst shot of the tournament only to follow it up with my best shot of the tourney.
I hate hating things!
You gotta find your happy place.....go to your happy place!!! lol
I hate it when I have to do a "MacAvoy", take all your change and put it in your other pocket, turn your hat backwards, double knot your right shoe........
1. I burp a lot
2. I'm not on facebook
3. I am a terrible co-pilot on roadtrips
4. I hate doubles
5. I can be abrasive.
6. I point out others mistakes, in fact most of you have replied to this discussion incorrectly.
Read the original post "What is it that I do that would maybe be a pet peeve to me or others"
It's not things I don't like about myself...jeez. Actually the original post doesn't make sense either, you can't have a pet peeve on yourself, that's called a secret pleasure.
7. Sometimes I post drunk.
i hate when i sally my easy approach shot and leave my self 30 ft from the basket
What I hate about me....

1. When I go to work over playing a round of diskgolf.
2. When I dont go out becasue of weather.
3. When I decide to study over throwing a good round of golf.
MonTTy #794 number seven is prettie funny.
i hate when you spell "DISCGOLF" "DISKGOLF"!!!!
Yeah !!! ......what he said!

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