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I have been playing disc golf for probably two months now and I am a forehand player I can't throw a backhand to save my life, but once in a while I can throw my forehand pretty far and I get the snap and the little sidewinder action...but more often than not I throw it and it goes up and maybe 150-200 ft. is there any trick or anything that might help me keep it down and level???

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Dont dip your your back knee and hips, keep your elbow close to your body and just focus on throwing flat. The disc will do the rest
I will try that tomorrow...thanks Josh.....
Practice, youtube Discraft video's, Climo-Feldberg video, discgolfreview has great instruction articles and some videos. Don't use a run up until your technique improves. Finally, if you can. Have some one video your throw. That way you can see were you might be making errors. Oh ya, more practice.

Good luck and Peace!
"follow through"
I have been playing for about 3 years now, and I can't throw backhand worth a darn either, the main thing I was working on keeping the disc flat was placing two fingers flat on the bottom of the disc. It helped me to learn to keep the disc flat. Then I slowly worked my way into the power grip.
Try starting with something not so over stable, like a Flash, Maybe an Avenger or Surge depending on how much snap you can generate, then work your way up to the more over stable stuff, like Predator, Flicks, Forces, Pulse.
Another big problem I had to work out was always making sure I was throwing on my front foot, Making sure you are shifting your weight forward.
Point your opposite hand in the direction you want your disc to fly through.
Work on just throwing with the one step, before you start trying to have a big run up on your throw, sometimes going for power you can sacrifice lots of control. Its better to throw a well controlled shot that doesn't go as far then it is to throw a huge bomb that might be off the edge of the fairway.
Find a disc you throw good and practice with that till you get it down then start to experiment with other discs.
Practice, Practice, Practice.
Have patience it takes time.
Good Luck
Thanks for all of the advice guys...I think you are right Paul...I have a Pulse and every now and again I get a good throw, but when I mess up it is messy and I have to go hunting for it...I think I have my grip wrong I have my index finger on the inside of the brim and my middle finger is half on and half off the brim...but when I do the peace sign underneath "or whatever it is called" I have no control or distance...I have been throwing a Star Destroyer as my main disc and that usually does well for me, but I would like to be consistent even if it is only 250ft....
Stick with the Destroyer, that's a great primary forehand disc..
keep it flat to the ground...try that
Yea ditch the peace grip, put the pad of your middle finger against the rim and stack your index finger on top of it so that it is resting on the flight plate this should help alot. also focus alot on just throwing with your elbow and wrist just by flicking the disc you would me amazed at the D at accuracy you can get outta just that. The pulse is also an excellent choice!
If you are willing to come over to my side of town I might be able to hook you up with some guy who thinks he is good at forehands for a lesson.

Thank goodness you don't need a forehand 9-1-1.
If you are anywhere near where Mark lives, take him up on his offer of a lesson. If I could i'd drive up there myself. At the very least, watch his video on you-tube, " Forehand Drives" VERY informative. I added about 30' to my drive after watching it.
Yeah...I definitely have watched all his video clinics before, but watching them and actually getting so I can do it is two different things, I tried the one step and it worsens my throw, then when I do the run up...I do have a pulse...well I did until yesterday when I threw one of my typical shots and it got gobbled up by the woods...

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