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I started playing about 6 months ago, and recently have gotten more into it since I have more time during the summer. I've started working on my putting, and I just can't seem consistently make those easy putts. I used to be the kinda player that wouldn't even try outside of 10 feet, but since that is not going to get anyone very far, I've been working on my under 25 foot putts. I went outside today and said "I'm going to make 5 putts in a row." This was from my estimate of about 15 feet. I never even got 4. Sometimes I even miss 7 foot putts. I think its in part because I am not relaxed about it, when I am relaxed I can always make it, I even tried not even looking at the basket until I was throwing and I was more consistent like that because I was more relaxed and natural. Does anyone have any tips on how I improve my putting?

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One thing that Mr Ellis stressed in his putting confidence video is that you need to build confidence by practicing making putts. It doesn't help you if you go out and miss the majority of your putts during practice. It may look or feel foolish but start practicing from a couple feet away and make 100% then move back a step or two.... progress like that till you find that your missing too many for comfort.

Everyone has really hot days where they can't miss and really cold days where they miss easy putts so don't get too down on yourself.

Watch the putting confidence video on youtube by Mark Ellis and Discraft its good insight. I bought 3 new magnets right after that and began to apply his advice to my practice regimen and my short game is drastically different.
My advice would be to learn to drive so well that you don't need putt because your close enough to set the disc in every time.

granted this is impossible but the better you are at driving the easier your putts are.
jrmy is a effing idiot
I think he(jrmy) was kinda kidding. but it is true,haha.


putting takes the longest to get good at IMO.

almost anyone can pick up a disc and throw it right off the bat, but putting takes time to master, let alone get even decent at.

you said part of it yourself. your not relaxed.

have to learn to drown the world out and focus on that chain and just throw it in. have to be confident.

and it wont happen overnight.
so practice.

best advice I have received was from climo and ellis.

hang in there!
Relax, you just started. I couldnt hit a putt with confidence untill about 2 1/2 years in.
The key to getting better is the willingness to change. After only playing 6 months, your game should be constantly evolving, tweek your form, try new grips, different discs. watch the pros, or the guys on your course that CAN putt. Ask them to show you excactly what they are doing. It sounds like your on the right track. Don't beat yourself up, this game is tuff!
Try a turbo putt. They seem to work very consistently at closer ranges. I still run more traditional putts from further away.

here you go this video with make you a much better player
Practice, practice, parctice. Just take 30 to 60 min a day and you will see a diff, but a consistant routine is important as well.
I wasn't actually serious, but I guess some of you thought I was. sorry for not make it clearer that my advice was a complete joke and wouldn't be worth trying.
Just Aim at the Pole.
What the friends and I do is set a marker disc say...ten feet out, we all toss 15 throws from the marker, we count how many we make and how many we miss, if we've made more than missed we scoot the marker disc back another five to ten feet so on and so forth. We do this every day we play for about an hour before we actually start playing. Just practice different forms and what you're most comfortable with. There's no foolproof method to getting better at putting but our game seems to help a little bit.
the discraft putting clinc works and i'm sure many others will echo that,if you putt for more than a half a hour at a time your going to get bored and not focus well and frankly will waste your time

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