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I started playing about 6 months ago, and recently have gotten more into it since I have more time during the summer. I've started working on my putting, and I just can't seem consistently make those easy putts. I used to be the kinda player that wouldn't even try outside of 10 feet, but since that is not going to get anyone very far, I've been working on my under 25 foot putts. I went outside today and said "I'm going to make 5 putts in a row." This was from my estimate of about 15 feet. I never even got 4. Sometimes I even miss 7 foot putts. I think its in part because I am not relaxed about it, when I am relaxed I can always make it, I even tried not even looking at the basket until I was throwing and I was more consistent like that because I was more relaxed and natural. Does anyone have any tips on how I improve my putting?

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You dont suck your just new to the sport still. Keep on working on it. It will come in time. Atleast thats what they tell me. Lol
Develop a routine, treat every putt the same no matter what the distance. Focus on the center of the basket and breath. Take your time, don't rush your putt, once it feels right just toss it in.

I was having the same problem, once I developed a routine, I started banging putts home all day.

I also started working on the strattle putt, I found it helped me to be aligned with the basket, and putt from my chest not my belly.
I couldn't agree more. I quit normal putting 4 years ago and switched to turbo. Yeah, I'm the only one who uses it as a regular putt from 60 feet in every tournament I play in, but for me it's much easier, and pointing is easily one of the strong points of my game. I had a pro recommend I stop using it about a year ago, which only made me want to get better at it; and better I have gotten. On a good day I can putt as good as anyone I've seen 50-60 ft. and in. All turbo baby! Could be the best thing I've ever done for my game since I sucked at putting like you before I switched.
Also practicing all three types of common putts is helpful. You'll figure out which one is your most reliable and which disc to throw for each one. Plus, you should know how to throw all three as situations will occur requiring them all.
I would say if your missing short focus on objects behind the pole if your missing to the right (if your right handed) try a lightning rubber putter, tends to hyzer slightly if your already hyzer putting try somthing like a magnet or an aviar, personaly i like the gateway magic super soft or the millennium omega supersoft. Finding the right putter will change your game. Also try practicing from 30-40 feet back (problobly wont hit many) after awhile of trying move to 15 feet those puts then feel more confident.
Try playing a game with anouther player, What we do is pick a good distance for practice and use three putters each you get three points for a make and one point hitting anypart of the baskit if it dosn't stay in. example of scoring is ( if player A scores 6 points and player B scores 3 points (playerA - player B 6-3 = 3) player A earned 3 points) we play too 21 points must finish with exactly 21 or drop back down to 14 points to add skill. kinda confusing but one way to make practice fun. Same rules as games like cornhole, washers, or ladderball

Turboing just feels like a more natural motion for me than a backhand putt. Putting from above the basket also seems to mean that misses don't go as far.

I find that getting my fingers onto the rim to generate some spin is critical. Watched a video on youtube where the guy had the disc almost down to his knuckles which seems like it'd create a helluva weak turbo.
Trust me I can relate, I started about a year and a half ago - and my putting has always been pretty terrible. I would suggest getting a practice basket if you can afford to do so. I purchased one a few weeks ago and have been really working on my confidence inside of 15 feet. I noticed that I would 'dink' a lot of short putts during a round and just give away strokes.

Definitely check out that Mark Ellis putting program video - it helped me figure out that 80% of putting is confidence/mental.

After getting a practice basket in the yard, and working on getting consistent within 15 feet - I've already noticed my score improving and I'm having more fun out on the course.

So in short, just practice. It isn't just going to click on its on, you have to put in a lot of repetitions.
I always putt better in a game when I spend a consistent amount of time at home practicing. In fifteen minutes you can throw more putts than you could in a week or month. The more muscle memory you build up, the more that will transfer to your games. I also like make the neighbors stare buy doing elevator shots over my house.

PS- I've got a new in box discatcher sport that I'd be willing to part with if anyone is interested.
so today i went out for a round, and on my first drive i landed within 30 feet of the pin...i go on to get a 5 on the hole, missing easy ten foot putts. but later in the game i made a few good putts, and its easy to see how without warming up and not being relaxed can really hurt your putting
i made some easy from 20 feet later today because i was more relaxed and i think that is really the most important thing
I've done that a million times. My drives really shaped up and started parking before my putts became consistent. It is just recently that I am hitting all my short putts all the time. I have a turbo putt to thank for that.

I also do a weight shift from further out and I find myself hitting long putts fairly often now.
By that I mean don't have the disc halfway down your fingers. I usea pointer finger on the bottom of the outside of the rim, and the rest fingers on the rim just at that first knuckle. This definitely eliminates a lot of variables that I could have messed up.
Don't turbo putt that will get you nowhere in the long run.

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