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I started playing about 6 months ago, and recently have gotten more into it since I have more time during the summer. I've started working on my putting, and I just can't seem consistently make those easy putts. I used to be the kinda player that wouldn't even try outside of 10 feet, but since that is not going to get anyone very far, I've been working on my under 25 foot putts. I went outside today and said "I'm going to make 5 putts in a row." This was from my estimate of about 15 feet. I never even got 4. Sometimes I even miss 7 foot putts. I think its in part because I am not relaxed about it, when I am relaxed I can always make it, I even tried not even looking at the basket until I was throwing and I was more consistent like that because I was more relaxed and natural. Does anyone have any tips on how I improve my putting?

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Care to elaborate?
Do you see alot of pros lining up the big puttt to clinch the victory at the usdgc with a tubro putt ?
the bachhand putt has control ,Accuracy,and a simple learning Curve .
I do throw a tubro when I stuck with bush in front of my and i have no other throw ,but even a try a turbo if theres any wind because the control goes out the window and control is the most importion part of the game and if you dont have that in your putt your screwed .
I believe the real guideline is this: "does it work for you?"

Turbo putts are deadly accurate and very unlikely to hop out of the basket, especially at shorter ranges. There are most definitely situations where it will give you an advantage over other putters.

Then again, since you don't do it, it must get you nowhere in the long run eh? ;)

Having trouble with the wind effecting your turbo? Put some more spin on that sucker. Get your pointer finger on the bottom of the outside rim, your other fingers gripped at the knuckle just below your fingertips, and your thumb stretched out as far as is possible comfortably (this'd be well beyond the center of the disc).
I started really working on my putting after I watched the Kilmo/Feldberg video....

I know that not all people putt the same but the way I think about this is like this... Anyone can throw a punch, right? But it takes someone showing you how to get the most outta that move for you to have an effective punch. So why not learn by someone showing you a "style" of putting (be that push putting, spin putting, turbo putting, stradel or jump putting) and work on just that one until you are confident enough to make those "easy ones".

But really learn it... know how the discs fits in your hand (what fingers go where, where the disc sits in your palm), know were your wrist is compared to the pole (I use my index finger main knuckle as a line up point), know how that disc feels leaving your hand when you make a putt and make that what you look for over and over! Consistant release is something you"ll feel right away, this really builds confidence.

Practice helps... give yourself other things to think about besides the distance... "I know that if I set up this way I'll have the best success"...

After you get one down and you build your confidence with that "style" .. then move on to another "style"...

Hope that help... hell I've even given myself somethings to look at... Thanks!

Watch the bounce-out on this straddle putt by Barry Shultz, one of the masters of the sport and an acknowledged cold blooded putter. At that range I have nearly eliminated bounce outs and left-right misses by turboing.

By the way, that was a clincher shot for a major PDGA event.
Awesome post. It really helps to have that one putt that feels natural to use for your wide open clincher shots, but also to work the other putts you may need depending on obstruction and shrubbery. Also knowing which putt is most likely to really stick in the basket based on the angle of approach you are taking.

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