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Howdy fellow disc golfers!


I've been hard at work on an application for the iPhone and iPod Touch which went on sale about a little over a month ago. It's going to be on sale until May 1st, so check it out while it's only $0.99! 


Below are some promo codes. These are first come first served, so please respond if you claim one to save others the hassle.


Anyway, spread the word and if you do check it out I'd love to get some feedback on ways I can improve it. Please also consider rating it in iTunes or the App Store if you have an opportunity to do so! Thanks everyone!


Promo Codes:



Find it in the App Store

The official website: iDiscGolf

Also check out iDiscGolf on Twitter

and Facebook

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Your response was more than sufficient. Thank you.


I like that you will be going back to the add/subtract. What if...(haha, sorry) instead of scrapping one or the other, you have two modes that users can choose from to score their round. I know some people are interested in keeping detailed information about their shots and rounds and others, like me, are pretty much just looking for a scorecard. Detailed mode and Scorecard mode.


I actually like the fact that you don't have a popup and that you have live buttons for all players right there on that screen. IMO the goal is to minimize clicks, so I can get back to playing. If your app defaulted each player on each hole at par, there would only be a need for one or two add/subtract clicks and then the next hole click. If everybody pars, you just hit next hole. Right there you could have a confirmation pop up that read, Star Par? <yes> <no, go back>. That way holes don't get skipped by accident.


During play, on the scoring screen, I think you need to see three scores. The stroke count for that hole, if entered, the total stroke count for the round, and the total par-relative score for the round.


Again, all just IMO.


I definitely feel your pain on the one man show, but you're doing a bang up job so far.

I'll definitely take your suggestions into consideration whenever I take another look at it, but I need to work out some bugs first. Speaking of which, I looked into the reviews issue you were having. Thanks again for bringing it to my attention. It looks like it is an application side bug for the most part, so I'll try to get a fix out for that ASAP. I did however turn on authentication on the server, which should allow you to at least post reviews. Reading existing reviews might be hit or miss until a fix is out. Let me know if you run into any other problems.


Also, I wanted to warn you of a significant bug I encountered today which I'll also be addressing. Whenever you are at the screen for a given round, if you choose to edit the name and/or end date, make sure to use the "Done" button and not the "Cancel" button when finished. Also make sure to exit editing mode using the "Done" button before entering data for the round. If you accidentally do continue to the hole launcher after starting to edit those properties, just be sure when you come back through at the end of the round (or ASAP so you don't forget), that you don't want to hit the "Cancel" button... that would be bad as while it was meant to undo just the name and date changes... it currently undoes everything from the time you start editing to the time you hit it. So, this one is on the top of my list, but until I get a fix out for it, DON'T HIT THE CANCEL BUTTON! :)

I've had this app for about 2 weeks now and after some quick help from the developer I learned the app and I think it's the best DG scoring app out there. I have actually tried 3.


The only improvements I can think of is the ability to upload your scores to Facebook or maybe a forum like Disc Golf Course Review. Maybe the ability to track average scores on courses you play on a regular basis. In addition to the current stroke count the total stroke tally after 9 & 18.

So... my ip address was apparently just banned on DGCourseReview.com  I was about to leave a response to a comment on the thread below and when I tried to do so I couldn't. I guess I wasn't supposed to promote my product or something. Anyway, I already typed up my response and feel it is rude not to respond, so would someone please do me the kind favor of responding with the following in my stead? That is assuming the thread hasn't been deleted. Anyway, thanks in advance.




<-------- BEGIN REPLY -------->

[QUOTE=JRW III;820264]Any plans for an Android version?[/QUOTE]

Unfortunately, not at the moment. I'm not apposed to the idea, but it all depends on how successful iDiscGolf is on iOS.

Just to give you a little background, I started iDiscGolf over two years ago as a "starter project" originally intended to get me feet wet with iOS development. It eventually became my baby and being a perfectionist at heart I ended up scrapping the project and starting from scrap multiple times. I've attached some images from previous versions which will illustrate just how far it's actually come from my initial attempts. At any rate, I've already invested a lot into iDiscGolf on iOS. Quite frankly, I'll probably never "break even" on it with this being such a niche market and with the base price I've set at $3.99 (only $2.80, or 70% of which I will ever see).

Even if I had the resources to do so, porting it over to Android wouldn't necessarily be clear cut as I've utilized a lot of proprietary software which wouldn't be compatible with Android devices. Additionally, I could only target a small subset of Android devices as it is currently offered on 700+ devices, all of which are different in some way or another. So, its very highly unlikely.

Regardless, I plan to see it through to completion on iOS and so any future iPhone or iPod Touch that hits the market will ultimately be supported.

Also... random fact. I see you live in Cypress,TX. I'm actually from Jersey Village.

<--- END REPLY --->

I'm going to delete this off my phone soon. Everytime I try to open, it says it needs to update the database, but only gets to 60%. Then, it dies. It's been about a month of this. Scott, help?



I apologize that you're having trouble. This could be caused by either insufficient memory during the migration process or a corrupt database. Try the following option(s).


Option 1: The Good Option

1. Make sure you have the latest version of iDiscGolf installed. Go into the App Store and check to see if there is an update available. If there is, download it.

2. Double click the Home button on your phone to view currently running applications. Press and hold one of the applications until they all start to wobble. Kill off all applications.

3. Press and hold both the home button and top right button until the power off slider shows up. Power off the device.

4. Power the device back on.

5. Open iDiscGolf and allow it to migrate the database. Try not to do anything until it finishes. If it crashes, you have two choices. You can try to salvage your existing data or delete the database and start over. Follow either the "Attempt Data Recovery" or "Reset Database" options.

Option 2: Attempt Data Recovery

1. Go to http://www.macroplant.com/iphoneexplorer/ and download the iPhoneExplorer application to either your mac or pc. Install it.

2. Connect your device to the computer you just installed it on and open iPhoneExplorer.

3. Navigate to Apps/iDiscGolf/Documents/

4. Copy any files with the .sqlite extension to your hard drive. You should be able to drag and drop the files into a directory which will copy them. Email these to me at iDiscGolf@underdog-solutions.com

5. Wait patiently for my response. I will try to salvage your data and get back to you ASAP w/ further instructions or bad news.

Option 3: Reset Database

1. Follow steps 1-3 of "Option 2: Attempt Data Recovery".

2. Delete any files with .sqlite extension.

3. Launch iDiscGolf.


Hopefully the first option works for you. Let me know how things go one way or another.


I have a droid x and I use Easy Scorecard. It was free and it does disc golf. You have to input all the info though.I love it use it every time I play. It tells you your handicap for each course and all total.

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