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Hypothetically if you had $5 million that some anonymous wealthy donor gave you to use exclusively for the use of building an 18-hole disc golf course what features would you incorporate into it?

The course must be of an average length and relatively realistic, (ie, you can't just say make each hole 3-miles long)

This is for design only, assume all future costs and maintenance will also be paid for using an endownment fund sort of thing from that same rich person.

(anyone know any rich people?)

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Gold plated/platinum baskets are only about $ 1,500.00 a piece !!!
I'm thinking .........................
gold baskets, gross and tacky, how about baskets carved of wood, something that resembles a totum pole with wicked indegenous carvings on them that leave clues to the secrets of the course and the game. the teepads would be custom made, something never seen and highly experimental. and every teepad would have shade and seating, like a different garden veranda on every hole. also there would be cameras discreetly recording every shot you make and a custom video of your round waiting for you in the clubhouse every time you play. there would be gofers and Bill Murray in a maintenace outfit and Chevy Chase would be your caddy.
Great idea for a post, Steve K.

OK, I love me some ball golf, but why does ball golf get all the oceanfront courses? So, I would buy a significant amount of land on the ocean, perhaps on the Monterrey Peninsula or something similar.

I would be sure to incorporate significant elevation changes into the design, as I think they are the most fair ultra-challenging shots in the game. It's treacherous to hit a pitching wedge or 9 iron off the tee on the seventh at Pebble Beach, but how much tougher would it be to throw a disc there?

The baskets would be coated in a high-tech latex polymer that repels permanent marker musings such as, "ACED IT, 4/26/09! HELL YEAH!"

There would be no thorns. Ever.

The clubhouse would be stocked like every major disc company's factory in one building. You name it, we got it. Everything priced at cost.

Great Lakes Brewing Co. and New Belgium Brewing Co. on draft. Always.
If I had $5 Million dollars..........
I would have an 18 hole disc golf course with a state of the art "green" clubhouse that is sustainable on it's own.
The course itself would be a work of art and have 24/7 accessibility to disc golfers. In order to do all of this.. I too.. would have solar stadium lights lining the entire acreage. There would be a driving range.. Oh yes.. A state of the art first ever driving range that section off 250x 1000 ft for each person and a robotic system that would return disc to you. As well as supplying the newest discs so people can try them out. The tees would be made out of the newest non-slip material but laid down in a interesting artistic way making each tee on the course unique. The tee signs will be weather resistant flat screen monitors with an interactive and easy to use display that displays the information of the hole, ACES !!, and sponsors of that particular hole. The fairways would be gardened to display the most unique formed trees and soft grasses and golfing greens with particular mowed patterns. There would be the best possible mix of downhill, uphill, left to right, doglegs, and pristine clear water hazards with exotic fish. There would be a disc sweeping device to scour the bottom of the water holes to recover any dropped discs..(for a small fee of course) The baskets themselves would be tamper proofed and be metal works of art. I would keep with the metal used in every other basket out there for consistency. The top band of the basket would be a grinded in different directions and styles to form crazy patterns but keeping the basket number easily readable. I too, would have a camera system that captured your entire round on film. Including sky cams that would watch the disc from above. The course would have the freedom of multiple tee options, and most exotic wood chips to use around the tee holes and permanent 10m indication rings around each pin placement. I would also like to add vendor stops around the way for drinks, food, and entertainment. Did I mention security scanning of the entire premises to catch thieves or vandals. I think I covered everything and hope the descriptions helped the images in your heads. Keep Huk'n.
I actually think a biodome to house an entire course would exceed the 5 million...sorry Josh, but please, keep the beer flowing. I favor a wisconsin favorite: New Glarus.

I like the garden veranda at each tee pad. I would encorporate fruit trees. It'd be nice to stroll in them during back-ups...forget the last hole--you get the idea.

For me there would be 3 different tees on each hole for different level players. Dogwood "sand-traps (or any other dense shrublike plant that discs fly into, but are impossible to THROW out of with any power)," well manicured lawns, nice boulderscaping throughout, and (this is the best part) water all over in the form of a well defined stream and several ponds throughout. The good part though is that all ponds and creek are only 2 feet deep with sandy bottoms. So you have the hazard, but you never lose a disc. Maintainence people would often rake the ponds so no scum or weeds grew there.

Of course a cigar shop, live jazz, a microbrewery on site, and great barbeque.

Mark Ellis would be hired as the course pro.
Hey Steve K,
I have some unfortunate news. I have slightly modified my plans and the original budget projection of 5 Mil is going to be a bit short. I need another 18 million dollars. I know it seems like a lot but once you hear the new plans I'm sure you will agree it is worth it. Maybe even a bargain.

I have reached an agreement with famed frisbee artist Tom Holsten (Wisconsin) to design and create 18 baskets for my new course. Each basket costs 1 million dollars. Tom is one of the premier frisbee artists in the world. His work represents true genius. No doubt some of his baskets can be found on the internet but that technical stuff is well beyond my skills. Maybe someone can post it here.

If for some reason Tom Holsten treats us like subscribers to Flying Disc Magazine, then my backup plan is to have John Nottenboom make the baskets. "Noot" is also an artist of indescribable genius but because he lives in the Netherlands, the baskets will cost 2 million each (shipping charges are a bitch). We will have to be very careful to specify we need Noot's baskets to be made of metal. Those porcelain baskets are gorgeous but only last for one putt.

Steve K there is no need to get back with me on this small financial issue. I will take your silence as acquiescence. And, really, there is no need to thanks me. I'm just making Hawaii my private playground for the good of the game.
Here's a link to Tom Holsten's different style baskets that Mark is talking about:

Here's a link to John Notenboom:
There's some excellent "foothills" land on the Perry Park Roadway, outside of Palmer Lake, CO. that I'd by, hire the best known "course designer" and yes it would be 18 holes but have cement tee pads for Green/Red/Blue/Gold level players. A full 50's style diner and pro shop on course, beautiful groomed fairways or short rye grass, for good skip shots. The land is full of pines so there'd be a lot of clearing to make the "perfect" pole placements, I'd add some nice ponds and a waterfall for harzarads, ect. Also have a "Long drive range" for the "BIG ARMS". There'd be actual "walkways" to and from each hole with excellent weatherproof signage and Trash containers on EVERY HOLE. It would be "THE" course in Southern Colorado, now all I need is the "MONEY"!!!!! ;)

B.J. (bogeyman) Ondo
Colorado Springs, CO.
OK, I would build an indoor facility like they have in ball golf where you play all shots from the same tee. Yes, we're talking about a facility where you can potentially play any course in the world and fantasy courses you can only imagine with the latest in video, sensors and holographic technology. Most of the $5MM goes for the hi-tech gear and programming. We would even have a shower built over the tee so you could simulate playing in the rain if you prefer.

You see your next shot projected visually on the soft screen in front of you where you can safely rip your shot into it. The sensors on the screen pick up your shot angle and velocity along with high speed sensors tracking the disc flight from your hand to the sensor screen to make an accurate determination where you land. It will handle rollers but maybe not thumbers. A ducting system and/or fans can provide wind from different directions as you progress "around the course". Putting would be on an actual basket when you get within maybe 40-50 feet with wind still a factor and maybe even an elevator platform for the basket to change the height accordingly.
I'm a concept artist and a disc golf junkie so thanks Steve K for giving me some motivation to concept what I wrote up. I'll work up some stuff when I get some time. Maybe one day, a famous course designer will want to use the sketches for a new USDGC Championship course. .. maybe... Other than that.. It'll just be more material to put on my website at a later date.

Great Topic !!
hey now,great ideas from all.Lighting for that 24/7 play,digital camera/computers for recording your play,shelters along the fairway,cabins located throughout the course,DG course dial-a-pro for help during rounds,lost disc return program,Steve's green grass idea,back nine wooded with hole 18 shooting thru mountain tunnel with gallery seating,jumbo screens located at state of art club/pro shop,live music.Lava flow perimeter around holes1-3,Ice Bowel obstacle play on holes 4-6,desert region play for holes 7& 8, hole 9 plays mini marker basket and the back nine are wooded with 18 shooting thru mountain tunnel onto open green with gallery seating,par 3 &4's,basket lights up for ACE with digital print out,refreshment food/drink every 3rd basket,no carts-healthy walking tour,litter policy adds penilty points, micro breweries located at club /pro shop with disc logo,tye dye shop,last two are part of endownment fund maintenance.Employment is an option.Disc golf retirement housing available -helps with the endownment fund.Part of the RICH PEOPLE program(RPSDG)richpeoplesupportdiscgolf.netreturn. Peace

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