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Hypothetically if you had $5 million that some anonymous wealthy donor gave you to use exclusively for the use of building an 18-hole disc golf course what features would you incorporate into it?

The course must be of an average length and relatively realistic, (ie, you can't just say make each hole 3-miles long)

This is for design only, assume all future costs and maintenance will also be paid for using an endownment fund sort of thing from that same rich person.

(anyone know any rich people?)

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hey now,great ideas from all.Lighting for that 24/7 play,digital camera/computers for recording your play,shelters along the fairway,cabins located throughout the course,DG course dial-a-pro for help during rounds,lost disc return program,Steve's green grass idea,back nine wooded with hole 18 shooting thru mountain tunnel with gallery seating,jumbo screens located at state of art club/pro shop,live music.Lava flow perimeter around holes1-3,Ice Bowel obstacle play on holes 4-6,desert region play for holes 7& 8, hole 9 plays mini marker basket and the back nine are wooded with 18 shooting thru mountain tunnel onto open green with gallery seating,par 3 &4's,basket lights up for ACE with digital print out,refreshment food/drink every 3rd basket,no carts-healthy walking tour,litter policy adds penilty points, micro breweries located at club /pro shop with disc logo,tye dye shop,last two are part of endownment fund maintenance.Employment is an option.Disc golf retirement housing available -helps with the endownment fund.Part of the RICH PEOPLE program(RPSDG)richpeoplesupportdiscgolf.netreturn. Peace
Mark - I'm afraid of flying so just make sure you leave me a private dock to park my yacht at when I head down there!!
Mike Inscho said:
Here's a link to Tom Holsten's different style baskets that Mark is talking about:

Here's a link to John Notenboom:

I have one of these in my back yard ... it's sweeeeet.

Yeah.. I might have to add that on my 5 Million dollar dream course.. but made to custom fit the Innova DISCatcher so I can still do the grinded patterns around the metal banding. Thanks for the references Mark.
"Hey Dude, that putt is no good, it is on top of the basket."
"What are you talking about, Dude, that putt is resting in the chains. It counts."
"No, Dude, It is in the wrong basket."
"We are playing Hole number 1, Dude. My disc is in the chains in a basket on Hole #1."
"C'mon, Dude. You know that doesn't count."
"Ok, Dude, if you can show me the rule that says which basket I have to putt into when there are two baskets on one hole then you got me."

John McMullen said:
Mike Inscho said:
Here's a link to Tom Holsten's different style baskets that Mark is talking about:

Here's a link to John Notenboom:

I have one of these in my back yard ... it's sweeeeet.

Mycoursewould incorperate all retreivable water, Picnic tables and umbrella's at each tee box, trashcans a-plenty, refreshments on the teeboxes, beer-girl in a golf cart, golf carts with GPS guides and maps of the courses that are interactive, sculped fairways, bunkers, and hazards..............Lights for night golf, but also each basket would have a light mounted in a cage on top shining down onto the chains so we could play traditional night golf without overhead light........of course there would be a full clubhouse with restraunt, lockerooms, bar, meeting/gathering areas, pro shop........I am sure there are more additions to my dream course, but the main thing is just to have a beautiful place to go GOLF!
I hope that one day disc golf courses will get to half of ideas that many are putting out there. . like optional solar powered lighting systems... baskets with lights for Night golf play... Ideas on clubhouses. Of course if there was a course out there with this caliber of stuff... I'm sure you'd be paying to play. I wouldn't care though. Can't wait to read more about what others would do with $5,000,000
5 million dollars would surely provide a man made water hazard on every hole.
You would need at least one underground hole. I would put it under a pond and the top of the tunnel would be see through so you could see the fish and lost discs sitting up there...
sprinklers, fresh cut grass fairways, exotic trees, touchscreen 3-d tee signs, benches every where, club house/proshop after both nines (fully decked out). waterfalls every where feeding ponds and steams for O.B., stadium lighting for night time (feed by huge solar panels on club houses and some wind turbines as well as a few hiden in waterfalls) , plants yeilding fruit, berrys and nuts linning every fairway and green, waterfountains every 200ft, cobblestone walking paths weaving through out. that sounds about right. pay my self a million for design and construction. (retire and build a condo on hole 1) whatevers left use for publicity and the purse of the innagural open tourney. sounds like heaven, any backers? lands cheap here in wisconsin! i'll let you all know when we break ground!!!! LOL
Seriuosly i have been thinking of this for years and have a few ideas of how to get something of this sort into reality.
One thing we know for sure: On top of the little basket does NOT count. :-)
After watching the election coverage on CNN and the holographic interview done, I would have to vote for a holographic DG commentator. You know to quiet the gathering crowd and all.


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