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innova released to the star vulcan recently along with the wahoo. Who has thrown them? how do they compare to the katana? does anyone else feel like innova is getting a little lazy with the new molds lately?

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don't have a katana, but i did get a wahoo. started out very flippy, but the more i use it the more i like it. for me it is more similar to a sidewinder, but that may just be because the way i throw. looking forward to throwing a vulcan.
The Wahoo was alot like a Pro Katana. Well lets say mildly beat up Katana. But after one little full speed landing in the road, it is worthless. The one fear I had for this disc was the R-pro plastic, and I was right. However brand new, undamaged, the thing flew very far without much effort.
The comparison is self explanatory if you can understand Innovas flight charatcteristics.  I also think innova could step it up on designing some new midranges but I'm with them 100%. Till Nike comes out with a line of discs. That's when you will know the sport is really growing.
That's if you can figure out that the same kind of innova disc, but in anouther kind of plastic, can be two totaly different disc.

Innova is, or atleast I saw it on here somewhere, working on the Innova Edge. It is some kind of new midrange disc. They also came out with the Mako shortly after the Katana. I really like the Mako for those tight anhyzers or short tight streight shots. You put it on a line, it's gonna hold it.



Bought a Wahoo, threw it,   Found it to be way more flippy than my Katana.  So I traded it  to someone who wanted it because it floats.  Innova just Released a disc that is in between the Putter and the Midrange called a Wedge.  It is only in DX plastic right now.    Will be able to tell you about how my Vulcan does when I get it in the mail today or tomorrow.




Wedged in between a Putter and Mid-Range. The Wedge is easy to grip and release for smaller hands or for those who prefer a low profile straight flying Putter. When used as a Putter, it has a great neutral flight. For beginners, the Wedge is a great all around disc because of its straight flight and minimal fade. The Wedge is an accurate Mid-Range roller and turn over Mid-Range flyer for more advanced players
One vulcan might fly like you want but don't count on the rest you throw to be the same. Cmon Innova. If you made things like you used to we wouldn't be having this conversation in the first place.

I do see that tendany with Innova Disc,   I have about three different boss' and they all are a little different.  one will flip easy,  one might as well be a meat hook and one like its supposed to fly.      But Dont you find the same to be true with discraft discs ?   I dont know 100 percent because of how few discraft disc I throw.  

I have wahoo, a 159g asia open champion vulcan, and a 166g champion katana.  So far the vulcan and the wahoo seem significantly more understable than the katana.  The wahoo wasn't TOO flippy until I threw it maybe six times.  Now it is unusably flippy for me.  So I would not waste your time with the wahoo unless you have a lot of water on your course and throw under 300.' 


I have gotten a long flight or two with the vulcan throwing a huge hyzer flip with lots of height so that it had time to flex out and come back, but it won't be my distance driver.  I should qualify that I throw the champ katana 380'-420'.  That disc has just the right amt of turn for me to get max distance at my power level.  The star version (flat topped) was too overstable for me though.  The pro version is too flippy and the champ is just right. 


The vulcan may still have a use for me for really long anhyzers although it may turn too hard... at 159g is quite a bit more understable than a roadrunner or sidewinder (which are my typical flip discs). I do want to try out a vulcan in star or champion plastic in a little heavier weight (probably around 170g).


Hopefully that gives you some grounds for comparison.

I have had the Wahoo for over a month now and played 25+ rounds with it. I like the flight pattern, which is similar to my Archangel, but a bit longer. I am not a fan of pro plastic and I could care less if it floats or not. I am having fun with it  though, you just have to ease back on it and throw about 70% if you have a big arm, or flip city. If you are looking for an understable driver that is really quick with a lot of glide for 200-300' shots, you will like it. I won't say how far I can throw it because people are so touchy or concerned about length, but you can get this disc out well beyond those numbers.


Can't wait for the vulcan though, my kinda disc.

kind of ironic because the wedge no longer counts

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