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I ordered one for the heck of it and should get it this week. A Boss.

Blizzard Champion Katana

No.....I don't think so.........Lighter discs are lighter because of more heat being introduced into the plastic during the molding process...more heat means more air is trapped in the plastic as it hardens....thus the disc is lighter ....but has the same exact specs (aside from weight) within a particular disc's range of weights available.  

Having bubbles in the flight plate to displace plastic is but 1 way to reduce the weight of a disc. Overheating the disc is not how they got the bubbles in there by the way.


A 175g Beast and a 165g Beast are the same exact size, but the weight is different. Any idea how this is possible?


I don't have any prizes, but guess anyway.


disc golf magic! but i wish they spent the time working on makin thier current discs more consistent!

I believe weight variance results from different shipments of bulk plastic haveing slightly different make-ups and therefore slightly different densities, giving different weights to different discs of the exact same mold and specs.  This also helps to explain different flexibilities and feels of discs from one "run" to the next.


Or I could be completely wrong...

I threw a 138 boss and 13? wraith in the field yest. Boss hyzer flipped and flew over 400'. Wraith I didn't like , too under stable.

You are mostly right.


It varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, but most don't vary a run too much when blending plastic for a certain mold on any given day. Usually what varies is the color and the WEIGHTING agent. Weighting agents can be anything from tungstent to alluminum oxide to gat the desired weight for that particular run.

I never said they were. Nor did I say anything about "overheating" or was I specifically trying to figure out the method in why we now have visible air bubbles in the Blizzard...while interesting as it may seem. It's not something that will keep me up at night not knowing. 

I actually was responding to another person who stated they actually remove material from the rim in order to make the discs lighter. I don't think that is correct. I do know that the chance of the Disc manufactures releasing proprietary info on exact details of how the disc are made is slim to none. They show some manufacturing processes on a video I once watched....but they don't go into too much detail.

  I do know we had this discussion once before...and somebody who worked in injection molding with plastics came aboard and stated that heat or to be more specific....temperature plays a specific role in determining the density of the plastic.  I wouldn't doubt that the cooling time also plays into the equation among other things.  The way it was explained. The less dense material will weight less and temperature is a factor in determining density. More heat = less dense.

Right or wrong....that's my final answer.

mhh i was just reading that innova changed thier plastic supplier and i thought it was becuse of the lead content in chap plastic. as a side not i just therw a new champ destroey and it seemed to be a slightly different champ plastic...

Reputation is very good in Japan.
When it is not Disc less than 159.9 g, I cannot throw it in the tournament in current Japan.
This blizzard features an unprecedented flight.

Innova changes their plastic supplier every time there's a lower bid. They also manufacture the discs in an uncontrolled climate warehouse, resulting in different results in each run. 

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