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So most people in the disc golf community tend to lean towards a certain brand of disc. If you didn't have your bag and had to use a friends disc who used the OTHER brand what disc would you reach for?

Personally I cannot live without my Pro Rhyno if I had to go use something else. GT softbanger.

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I throw Innova and Discaft, so I'd choose Latitude 64 if I had to throw another brand. I havent thrown their plastic but heard a lotta good things about them.
Really... I just haven't gotten around to trying other companies. Discraft, Innova and DGA are it so far. Nothing against the other companies... just seem like I found the plastics I like in these 3 companies.... not that I won't ever try L.64, Gateway or any of the others....

Plus I like Innova and Discraft's flight charts/ stablility charts... gives me a good idea on what I am getting.... though Discraft needs to get some more info on their discs... like Innova has (speed, glide, etc.)..

Sorry I got off subject.... I would say Whamo?!?! J/K.... Gateway is the company I would choose and the Assassin would be the disc I would reach for...
Guess If I had to, i could get by with whatever they had to lend me. I'm really not that into brands....although I'd really miss my BUZZ
I tried a couple of Gateway Warlock putters and I just didnt like em as much as say a Star Aviar or a Soft Magnet. They seem to be good quality and ok, but they just didn't get me excited or motivated to try their other discs. One of the guys in our group throws a lot of Gateway, but I think that some of their discs are a bit gimmicky, like that one with the golf ball dimples around the rim? Apparently it makes the disc more aerodynamic by creating an air pocket around the rim, but I'm not too convinced.... I've seen the Quarter K II by Discwing and the Earth Grade Resin Helios disc by Snap, and both molds had potential, but both of them were made with pretty poor plastic so they beat up WAY too quickly. This is my biggest concern with some of the smaller brands, their plastic quality is not as good as Discraft and Innova.
im not a cheater.
hmmm..... mostly Innova players around here so I guess if I HAD to, I'd be grabbing something they make. :(
I'd probably grab a sidewinder or valkyrie, something I could crank with hyzer... mid would be a roc and I'd snag an avair to putt with.

you count on me adding 5 strokes to the round as well.......
I prefer Innova but I do carry some Discraft. So if I had to swith, I would go with discraft. However, I have 2 of the quarter K discs and like how they fly just hate how they warp after only a few impacts, even the ground can cause the dome to warp. Crazy.
I throw a good mix of discraft and innova. But i tend to throw more innova drivers and more discraft midranges. i would never throw gateway though, just feels so cheap
i throw all innova so if i had to choose another brand it would be Discraft and it would probably be a flick driver buzzz midrange and a magnet putter
I feel that the variety helps. I know that everyone has the brand they swear by, but what's the point. If you don't venture out you'll never know if there is a different brand that has that 1 disc you REALLY need. I carry INNOVA, Gateway, Lightning Discs & Discraft. I love and use everyone of them too...
Well I throw 4 brands, Innova, Discraft, DGA, Gateway, so I guess that pretty much only leaves Latitude 64. I've never seen anything from them, so it would be nice to try out some of there stuff. I forgot about Millineum, however I have thrown some of there stuff, with the exception of the Omega SS I really haven't been to fond of anything else.
So Latitude 64, Quarter K, Helios, something from another country!!!!!
ethan harbolt said:
I throw a good mix of discraft and innova. But i tend to throw more innova drivers and more discraft midranges. i would never throw gateway though, just feels so cheap

We(my wife and I) have thrown a bit of everything and I really have to disagree about the above comment on Gateway plastic. Gateway's Evolution plastic is virtually indestructable...I have nailed some trees(and I mean NAILED) with my Element and Element-X and those things haven't changed their flight since the day I got em. The S plastic beats in pretty easily, but no more than Pro(innova) or Elite X(discraft)

We carry Innova, Discraft, Gateway, Ching, and Latitude 64. (talk about mixed bags) I think I would like to try some DGA or Daredevil Discs from Canada, I tried one of their putters up at Just Disc Golf (awesome store in Canton, OH) and it was nice and stable...liked the plastic too.

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