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Let me start off by saying I acknowledge the fact it just recently came out in DX plastic, so, many still don't know exactly how it flies. And I would only like suggestions regarding the Boss, no other disc, as I'm not interested in your disc of choice. So, all you Boss throwing pros...

In general, for maximum distance it's reasonable to release on a large anhyzer line and let it fade out. But when throwing the Boss it's not quite the finese disc when it comes to snapping the disc like you would a smaller rimmed, less stable disc.

How do you throw the Boss for distance on an open, 400ft hole.

Consider, that I've just recently added these three new DX bosses to my bag, and since the RPro plastic was considered to be the flippiest of all plastics, the new DX could be even flipper. Which would mean easier snap, a bit more glide, and an easier throw.

If you haven't yet been able to grab ahold of a new DX Boss yet, they are great for short spike hyzers. When they get beat in, they are like tools in your bag for those spikes.

Anyways, any suggestions on 350+, open fairway holes?

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head winds.. that's really the only time my boss leaves my bag

if you're a DX man try DX DESTROYER,

I have 3 Bosses.


Star 168g that is still plenty stable that is great for 350' sweeping hyzer shots, and gets there fast. it is also a great wind fighter in light winds, my goto 400 footer with a breeze in my face.


Star 171g that follows the numbers really true. I can power up on this baby all day long, and I don't have to be smooth or clean with my release to get good distance. Even though this one flattens out and runs for me due to a little less stability, it will always hook up and fade out left.


Champ 175g that is really well seasoned that I use for forehanding and long turnover shots. This one will turnover very nice for me, producing 400'+ shots on a pretty tight line. In the wind this bad boy won't come out of the turnover until right at the end.


For me, the Boss likes straight line power; putting it out on anny, or oating the shot just scrubs power off the disc and takes too much room and guess work as to where it will finish. I pretty much aim my shot and throw a lazer to get where I want to go. The rim is so wide and deep that it is too hard for my small fingers to get enough grip to throw it on a high anny through the apex and get a big flex out of it on wide open holes, which I don't play much. I can think of a half a dozen discs in my bag that I can throw for bigger D that are much easier to get out to that 400+ mark. But....if I need to get there, and not much further, and I need a dependable flight path that I can just gun there, the Boss is my boy.


Finese for me on the Boss consists of varying my angle and distance on hyzer lines. These are still under lots of power, but I guess you would consider it finese. Power up and have fun, let me know how the DX breaks in. Love the Stamp.



Thanks man, you've given me a lot to think about. I'm with you when you say, "The rim is so wide and deep that it is too hard for my small fingers to get enough grip to throw it on a high anny through the apex and get a big flex out of it on wide open holes, which I don't play much."

I'm a firm believer in throwing what's best for me, which is my goto Star Beast 174g

My main concern I guess, is that I could be throwing a much faster disc and, correct me if I'm wrong, get much easier, faster distance.

And again, this is simply a wide open 400ft shot.

Ultimately it will come down to what ever works best for me, but I appreciate your feed back.

I will let you know how the DX turns out. It's looking good so far.

Your welcome....I think.

I too am a HUGE fan of the Star Beast.. it's my goto disc as well


You have to throw a faster disc faster to get the correct flight. It does not automatically go farther or give easier distance. However, a DX Boss will break in quickly and become understable. This may help you with open field distance but will be harder to control and more angle sensitive.

I have a few bosses and I just throw them on a flat line except for one. I have a 174 Champ Glo that flips a tad for me, a 174 star that is stable but not overstable, and a 173 champ that is beat to hell and mad flippy that I throw forehand and NEVER backhand. I can push the Boss out to at least 460 except the beat up disc. Other discs I throw for Speed 13 are understable .

I partly agree with you.  In fact, faster discs do put out more distance with the same or sometimes less effort.

It's the same concept as to if you throw a Magnet followed by a Boss, both at 40% power - it's more likely the Boss has out driven the Magnet.

Because of aerodynamics, but you eventually reach a point of diminishing returns.

Yes, the point of diminishing returns is much shorter of a magnet than that of a boss.

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