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Any thoughts on this new disc from Innova?

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As long as you only order 1, I found the pro Katana to be just more fools gold, not anything like a sidewinder ....
damn it sharky!! messing with my emotions, lol. i'm waiting..... till i throw someone elses.
I found the Katana to be even more understable than my "Sidewinder", but it is twice as fast getting to where it's going. My favorite turnover disc is my Star "Beast" and I now have a Pro 168 Katana, which turns very fast, then fades back just a bit, and a Champion 175, which carries two fifty, or so, then turn right, but doesn't really come back much. So if you need a fast anhyzer disc this is one for your arsenal, but whether you replace your "Sidewinder" or not depends on how much your attached to it. I know I replaced my sidewinder, and I'm on the way to taking "The Beast" out of my bag also. I do agree that the "Groove" was a little over rated, but everyone throws different. I've had my Katana's since mid-november and I'm very happy so far, we'll see after they are broken in if I still feel the same.
blasphemy!! never take the beast out of your bag, lol. if you do, can i have em?
On hole 18 at my home course Tradewinds, we usually have a group of people just hanging out. Those people typically know how well the player is that is throwing. I threw my Katana way passed the basket and they were like "WOW i"ve never seen you throw that far before. I just put a little hyzer on it and it went straight about 350 feet and hit the woods and stopped. That was a Star 172. I have a 171 & 175. Ive gotten the same results with the 175. Granted I still dont have the "POWER ARM" that I would like to have, but for someone who has a decent arm this is a great disc to have.

Also if you like to flick, this disc flies in a beautiful S pattern with about 60-70% power. Well for me at least. I use my destroyer for most of my long distance flicks, but this is probably gonna replace it once I can throw the disc more consistently.
Here's a Champion version

There are more comments is the discussion on this forum "The New Innova Katana (kah-tah nah)" Check'em out!
I picked up a 175 Star world's fundraiser, and it is much more overstable than it is under. The rating does not compute for me. It flies similar to a Star Boss actually. This thing is nowhere near the minus 3,3 it says. Maybe I'm going through a weak spell or something, then again, up here nothing flies like the ratings suggest. ( Around 5,000'.)
Ya, altitude makes every thing more overstable and the weight plays a part in it as well. I have a 172 Star and it does fly overstable, but that's always been the MO for Star plastic. I have a 169 in Champ and it flies more like it's ratings. I also noticed, nose angle makes a diff. Every time I get the nose up. It hyzers much more than a nose down angle. I'm finding out that this disc has some wicked skip action too.
I just purchased one of the limited Star Katanas. I love this disc already. My go to drivers are my Destroyer, Orc and Wraith. I have only been playing for about 18 months, have stuck pretty much with overstable discs. Now that I have a better grasp on angles and flight characteristics, thought I would see how I could do with this one. My average long drive with those other discs is probably ~350'. I pulled the Katana out the other day and launched it slightly uphill at #19 of Morley, parked it 5' from basket (410'). I realize I will probably not do that every time, but it sure as hell felt good and the flight was just beautiful, that glide towards the end....such a sweet sight!
Threw a Star Katana 3 times today in virtually no wind. I'd like to throw it more than that to give it a fair review, but as it stands, I like it. The first time, i released on a straight angle and it wanted to go anhyzer but came back just a bit at the very end of the flight, mostly anhyzer flight though. The next 2 times, i released on a hyzer angle and that thing frickin soared. Actually, i'm not sure how far they would have went because both throws started to S curve around 320ish-350ish before they hit a tree. I imagine they would have went pretty damn far based on the velocity of the discs upon impact and the height at which they hit the trees. It seemed they had a good 100-150ft to go after that. I won't know though, but i do want one now.

Hyzer angle, flattened up after 50 feet, 250 feet before anhyzer flight began, S-curve back to hyzer around 320ish. Very pretty flight until the tree part.
I feel like it's not even worth asking until the big release of champ, star and pro katanas, (if it will ever happen) but how would you all say the plastics and weights compare to each other. Lots of people writing lots of things is just confusing.

For instance, I love the R-Pro Boss for hyzer flip distance which is a bit too understable, but I can't for the life of me flip over a Champ Boss.

How would this disc compare to an R-Pro Boss? Sounds similar if not a bit more overstable?

Is it more like a Champ Boss overstable or R-Pro understable?

Probably won't be able to buy any for awhile anyway, and by the time they have the big release they won't fly the same. Haha.


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