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Any thoughts on this new disc from Innova?

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One more thing,

People that are getting to your retailer a little to late, Wait maybe a couple or weeks or so and there will def be a new stock or katanas ready to be ordered. I think it's a new disc and has had positive feedback, which is true i like it, so it has been selling quick!!! but if they're selling this good there will def be mo to spread around...

Wow I wasn't thinking of using one but I played a round with one today. It can do some really cool stuff. I parked some long holes with ease, threw some shots I've never even attempted before, and had a 475' laser-line drive right toward the basket on '#' W at Lakeshore today. It can go really far, and can be very overstable if released properly. I'm now really impressed.
I really dig this disc. The info on it is dead on. I have good tech, but not much power. I was throwing about 15 to 20' further than my standard throws with my Orc, Valk, or Sidewinder. If thrown flat, it would have a slight but constant turn from the start and then fade back ever so slightly at the end. Turn and fade were only approx 10 to 15' in width. I know this, because I threw it down a fire trail and it pretty much stayed within the dirt trail for the entire flight.
For power arms. I would think it would make a good turn over disc. I let my friend try it and he has a cannon for an arm. He put a hyzer angle on it and it had a nice controlled anhyzer with minimal fade at the end.
This was done with a Champ at 169g. I also threw a Star 172g and it was much more overstable. Thrown flat it flew straight with a much more pronounced hyzer at the end.
i just got mine today 168gm and had my best round ever so i REALLY like this disc GREAT JOB INNOVA ON THIS ONE
what plastic? what type of flight are you getting and what type of shots are working for you? just curious ;)
I started throwing a 175 Star Katana yesterday in the same round that Ben Calhoun mentioned earlier. I really like this disc and was able to throw it for good distance despite having a bit of a tired arm. What was interesting is that Ben can throw a lot harder than I can yet we both were able to get the disc to fly nice anny lines or even hyzer. I bet this disc will work for a lot of people -- if your arm speed is a little slower or you have less snap, just drop down in weight. All you old guys out there, I'm closing in on 55, this disc may be what you are looking for to keep up with those young big arms that keep parking the long holes on you.
Damn jd I wish I knew you were tossing one. I would have paid attention to the flight to see what it can do. I'm sad I got to see one fly and didn't even know it. I got to throw a nuke yesterday and it was way to flippy for me. I wonder if the katana would be any better or if it will flip more.
yea, i remember ppl saying the groove was great too, oh man, i just want to believe, ok, i'll put one on order, damnit!! never satisfied, lol. if my sidewinder is my fav anny disc, can't live without, and the Katana is supposed to be it on "Steroids", well, i'm stupid for not having it, right?
Cassidy, I didn't have one during our round, I bought it at the Throw Shop after the RH Dubs round. I took the test drive disc out and threw it 4 times along side my seasoned destroyer disc that I use for max distance. That was enough to convince me, I need to have this disc in my bag. I have never thrown the Nuke so I can't supply a comparison.
I got 3 Star katanas and I think its a great disc. I havent mastered it yet, but I throw it with a little hyzer and it goes for miles. Within a couple throws I have set a new personal distance record. I was averaging around 330-350. From what I can see Im getting 360-375 with the katana. However I still havent spent enough time in the field to really learn what this disc can do.

Its one of my Top 5 discs now.
which run was it and what type of plastic? i just wanna get an idea of the stability of the varying types of plastic/runs. thanks
On hole 18 at my home course Tradewinds, we usually have a group of people just hanging out. Those people typically know how well the player is that is throwing. I threw my Katana way passed the basket and they were like "WOW i"ve never seen you throw that far before. I just put a little hyzer on it and it went straight about 350 feet and hit the woods and stopped. That was a Star 172. I have a 171 & 175. Ive gotten the same results with the 175. Granted I still dont have the "POWER ARM" that I would like to have, but for someone who has a decent arm this is a great disc to have.

Also if you like to flick, this disc flies in a beautiful S pattern with about 60-70% power. Well for me at least. I use my destroyer for most of my long distance flicks, but this is probably gonna replace it once I can throw the disc more consistently.

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