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Not that it matters but how is Innova pronounced? Is it INNA-VA or IN-NO-VA... or how do you all say it? I've heard both ways. Just wondering and taking a survey I guess. Also, how do you guys refer to this website? Do you say DGRUS or discgolerRus or Disgolfers R Dot You S......I'm not sure how to refer to it when discussing items pertained to this website...so difficult. I wish there was a simple one word reference, like MyDiscBook (just kidding). I'm sure i'll get a lot of witty/smart aleck remarks for this one. peace. thanks everyone.

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I used to say in-no-va, now I say inna-va.. but I think innova is a pay off the word innovations os it may be pronounced IN-NO-VAY
Maybe it's like Missouri

Southern Missouri ... it's Missour-ah
Northern Missouri ... it's Misour-ee

You can tell if someone is from the north or the south by how they pronounce it.

In CA I believe they say Inna-va
Everyone else in the "real" world calls it In-no-va

If they had just left the company name Champion Discs then every one could pronounce it!
One of life's mysteries answered....It's really Innova (INNA-VA) ....short A????

The site DGRUS...Glad it's not DRUGS!!!

I can see it now..... "Come on and join us on DRUGS"

"Well son, DRUGS...............is the road to nowhere"

"Yeah, but at least it's the scenic route"
I pronounce it Inna-va. When I first started playing this sport I was calling it in-nova. I just heard their top pro's pronouncing it and knew that they would know the correct way to pronounce it. You tube does wonders.
wierd , me too..
what? free enemas? count me in, might do me some good! and i say in-no-va i also say other things.... I'm learning fast! My papy learned me to spoke!
Think "innovate" when you pronounce it. No long "O".
do you say innovative: inNOvative or inNAvative?"

I will probably only use "inNOvative" when I'm nervous at a business meeting and articulate to prove my intelligence.

and D.G.R.U.S.

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