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haven't got a roc yet i know im late but only been playin but im ready to get one. my ? is whats the best one to get what plastic weight everything?

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Once again, to each his own. I have several types. The one I use as of now is a Champ Rancho Roc (ring of Rocs) at 171g. I like my discs lite, but most seem to like the Roc in max weight. There are three Roc molds. Ontario (least stable), San Marino (Middle of the three), and the Rancho (most stable). Seems like most throw the Rancho and it's the most common. However, some swear by the true San Marino mold. Another Roc that I like due to it's rim change (no change in flight). Is the Roc+. There is also alot of Roc throwers who will only buy them in Pro plastic (KC Pro), but they also carry several Rocs that are broken in to diff. degrees. Me,I just like my one Champ Roc. One final thing. I find that my Star Roc+ will fly about 10 to 15 feet further, but that's Star plastic for you.

which mold is the kc pro?

Rancho.  If you are playing in the cold weather the KC are like rocks and slick.  This is my favorite disc (Roc in KC pro plastic) but do not throw in winter.  Love an Ontario in star for winter.  Try a DX roc with the bird on it.  It is a rancho mold and the least expensive. Everybody should try a roc in this mold and plastic.

what about a san marino or champion plastic?

One question for you. By chance are you new to the sport? I ask, because when I first started. All I heard about, was how great the Roc was. So I tried it and I hated the darn thing! The problem was, I didn't grasp the diff. techniques required to throw stable to understable mids. I would just grip it and rip it. So the Roc would just dive into the ground. I just had no control of the disc or my throwing technique. After about a year, when I had a better understanding of the game and how to throw discs. That's when I tried the Roc again. WOW! I had to take back all the things I said about the disc.

The other train of thought. Is that you will become a better "thrower" if you use discs like the Roc, Comet, Buzzz, Glide, Breeze etc...

Now I always state "this is what worked for ME", not as a cop out, but the simple fact is. What works for me, might not work for you.


P.S. A must have disc in my bag is also the Classic Roc. It's deadly from about 100 to 150 feet in. The say it's a putt approach disc, but for me it's a great approach disc.

ya im new only been playin for about 4 months, been tryin out a lot of different disc from buddies and ones ive bought. ya everyone tells me ou must have a roc and maybe thats so, so ill get one and if im ready for it then i have it if not then ill have it when im ready for it. im just trying to understand the roc before i go out and buy one because there are so many different ones!!!!!

Seems like you can only get the San Marinos in CFR discs, but I could be wrong. For me I like the Champ plastic and you can get them at a decent price as long as you buy the "thrower" Rocs. There are alot of people who collect Rocs, so than can get $$$$ depending on the type of Roc it is. So, "thrower" Rocs are the least expensive out of the Champ group. They tend not to be in the plastic case or have a certificate with them. Still a Champ Roc will run around 25 to 35 bucks. The plus with the Champ plastic, is it will last forever. The Neg, is that it takes some time to break in. Star plastic is another option. The nice thing about Star is that you get a little more distance out of them plus they break in quicker, but will still last a long time. If you can, try a Roc+. I really like the way the new rim feels compared to the standard Roc mold.

You might want to consider looking at "the hive"( Drone, Hornet, Wasp, and Buzzz) from Discraft. The nice thing about that setup. Is you pretty much have all your bases covered in the midrange dept. I carry 2 of them (Drone and Buzzz). They are some of the best mids out there.

glow roc 180grms,great anhyzer disc

i cant seem to find a champ roc anywhere? i see the san marino kc pro and dx everywhere but no champ? ya i have the buzz and the wasp and love them still getting use to the wasp but buzz is my go to mid ranges, already have about 3 or more 100+ ft birdies with it.

My favorite Roc I've tried is the normal 180gram Roc in dx plastic! The r pro roc is nice but more overstable at first.

Champ Roc's are USDGC tournament discs.  DiscGolfUnited ProShop has them at the best price I could find.

but it sayd champion san marino? so how does this make it a champion disk?

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