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I am an Innova disc thrower and i have finally started branching out to rolling the disc for those really long distance shots..I was wondering if there was anyone who had some experience throwing Innova rollers and could recommend a disc that would work like discraft's stratus, or better...

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depending on how straight I want the roller to go, I'll use the Roadrunner for straight rollers. Also, I roll the Champion Beast which will roll straight for a bit then fade to left at the end ( i throw lefty flick). For my shorter rolling shots, I like the Stringray which will fade to the right towards the end.
Yes , I'm here to help !

I currently throw these Innova type of Roller discs and they work awesome.

JLS or Polaris for short roller shots.

Monarch , Groove , Pro Valkyrie and Roadrunner for longer roller shots.
I've found the best roller to be a beaten in DX Valkyrie. They don't take a big arm to turn over and they carry a long way straight before tailing off right.

Beat the DX Plastic until it does not want to fly anymore, it just wants to flip over and turn into a wheel.
A Beat DX Stingray will give you the same results in a shorter version.

Innova designed the Roadrunner to be a roller driver.
The Star plastic is less stable and the more beat in helps as you must turn it into a wheel.

Story: Ken Climo rolled a star wraith 538 feet and birdied hole 15 (twice) at St. Andrews Links during the Best Shot Championships Doubles to Win over Mike Phillips and Fabricio!
Ken also uses a beat DX Cobra for touch rollers. Stiff. Ontario. Flat Top. Max Weight!
Good Luck and Practice in an open field for quick learning.
I'm new to rollers. About how far out should the roadrunner go before it hits the ground for a distance roll?
I threw a really beat up Star Wraith as a roller until my Boss got really flippy and I started using that. The Wraith was easier to get turned over, but the Boss would go FOREVER!
I am not saying that i throw the stratus, it's just that is the disc that i have heard of being a good roller. I love Innova and have tried mixing, but my Discraft shots were always off and when i went strictly Innova my game drastically improved..so i thought if i was going to go for rollers i would stick with my disc brand.
se valks work pretty well
Depends on how beat it is and there are sky rollers and spike rollers.
The sky roller can get you over some things and then a lot of distance while the spike roller will get you a lot of distance with some low hanging overhead.
The sky roller can land anywhere from 75 to 200 feet and a spike roller 20 to 50 feet out, roughly.
You can get further sky rollers with a more beat in disc.
Grab some old beat plastic, or some low grade used discs, or beat your discs up for them to make good rollers.
The Disc needs to hit the ground at around an 50 degree angle and it will roll up to 90 degrees and travel before flipping onto its top, off to the right, so usually you have to play a bit left of your target (RHBH).
Go experiment in a smooth flat field and learn what each disc does in different wind conditions, then apply what you learned to the course.
Rollers also require a bit of torque...you want to think "rooster tail" when that thing hits the ground and get it to kick up some dirt!
Applying this much torque and getting the disc to hit on the proper angle is very tricky and requires a lot of field practice before you will have the confidence to pull it off consistently on the course.
You need to have a lot of spin on the disc unless you are doing a touch roller.
If you are going to learn rollers and you do not know anything about them, I suggest starting with beat DX Stingrays and moving up to Beat DX Cobras and then into rolling drivers.
I cannot stress enough how much easier it will be to roll a disc that is broken in because it needs to continue flipping over until it hits the ground and continue to flip up as it rolls to be effective for distance.
Some of my best rollers are the ugliest looking broken down old school discs that people cannot even believe I have in my bag!
Good Luck and Keep Practicing.
Any beat up criver you already own is the best disc to use to start and best of all, you don't need to buy a new disc.

Fresh off the shelf - a Champion Valkyrie, Beast or Roadrunner will do the job. I use lighter weights as they are easier to flip up.
I've rolled forever and used Innova except Discraft Eclipses for a while. I'm using a beat 172g Champ Boss. Monarchs are great. I used a champ Beast for a long time until they became too unstable. I like to land a roller pretty upright and stable so it holds a line. Valkyries are great too. The first run star stamps were the best rollers ever. I have used Cobras ans some Stingrays in the old days. When champ plastic came out I used a T-bird and a TL for a year or so after the first run Valks ran out. Very long range and straight. Practice different discs and try to have a consistent release so then you fit the disc for your throw.

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