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we took a local and nation wide survey from dg's from all around have all declared at least73% said that innova is more reliable, faster, and has a far more selection of equipment none the less DISCS.             




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I throw both Innova and Discraft.I prefer DISCRAFT !
sorry to shatter your reality


1983 Discraft Phantom- made of Z plastic, that's what 17 years before C.E. I believe
For the record I throw all Innova but this is correct. Innova was all DX plastic when Discraft came out with the Phantom in what would now be considered premier Innova plastic.
Discraft has always been known for better consistency with their plastics
right now in my bag:

Never understood the allegiance to one company. Innova is definitely more visible and accessible to the mass's at such places as tournaments and wal-mart.Dare i say "buy american"..
And still Innova doesn't have a high quality flex plastic... go figure
Although I throw all Discraft (by preference as I carry 7 molds, know and trust what each does) I think Latitude is on track for being great. The quality, consistency, and feel of their discs are wonderful. I would not be opposed to throwing other brand discs such as gateway, latitude, etc. But I stick with what works for me. Although I spend plenty of time with new discs experimenting. So if I find something I like it will end up in the bag regardless of manufacturer until I get a contract that says otherwise.

So what you are ultimately saying is that innova is more popular due to its immense line of products, its 80% of the disc market-share and monopoly of major distributors that random people from off the street would go to such as, Dicks, Sports Authority, Dunhams, MC Sports, and other major sporting goods retail companies.

Innova has Great R&D I will give them that, but they also have the money to be able to have the great R&D. However, they produce discs so fast to throw them on the shelves that the consistency between runs of the same models are not going to be as good as a smaller manufacturer that doesn't have as great of a demand simply because they can be more meticulous in what they produce.

My biggest problem is with the retooling of the most popular discs that innova makes in order to make their discs "worth more" Seriously how many different ROCs and Avairs are there now? Oh a new signature on the disc means it needs to be tweaked? really...

Either way Grab some discs and just go throw!
I throw all of the above. I do have more Innova but still like my Discraft, Millennium, and Lat 64. What I do like about Innova, and wish it was a standard with all disc companies, is there numbering system ie speed, glide, turn and fade. It sure makes it a hell of a lot easier to find a disc that will work with your throw. It also would take the guess out of experimenting on new discs letting us branch out into other companies plastic.
Personally I find the selection of Innova discs to be far too vast to decide from. Especially since DX flies different than Star which flies different than Pro which flies... etc. I don't have the money to go through all of the discs to find something I like. It is for that reason I prefer DGA discs and the sense of "don't have a disc that does the job for you, but have a throw that does the job for you." My only problem with DGA is they don't have extreme understable or overstable discs yet. My super beat Rogues flip and fly like sidewinders, but if I lose one I'm boned. I carry a Sidewinder as a just in case disc and a Star Destroyer as a hyzer skip and spike disc (and because everyone needs a Star Destroyer.) It all comes down to what you can find and how you like to play. If you want to carry 26 discs, one for every situation, be my guest. If you're like me and practice a throw for every shot and not a disc for every shot, pick up your ten discs and a Fade Crunch Box and let's throw a round.
Innova is the Bomb !!!! WORD !!!!
A man after my own heart!

I love Innova drivers and Discraft and DGA mids I carry lots of each brand. Star is better than ESP plastic as it dings to easy....
Straight up to the 5th degree you homeskillet...

I throw them both and others.

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