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I started playing DG in March of this year. I threw ONLY Innova discs till recently. I thought I was doing ok, but I felt like I should be able to consistently throw farther and more accurately. After throwing Lat 64 and Discraft discs, I have a mixed bag. 

It VERY MUCH seems to me that the LAT 64 AND DISCRAFT discs that may be rated EXACTLY (or VERY close) the same as Innova's discs are so much EASIER for me to throw with consistency. I don't understand why. I have quite a few discs that are comparable ratings to Innova's 10 Speed drivers (Flash, Surge SS, Avenger SS, etc.) . I CANNOT throw an Innova 10 speed driver. Period. Not even the Monarch (their most UNDERSTABLE 10 speed driver) would leave my hand and not Hyzer out immediately. But my Discraft discs fly Perfect. I am even turning over some of the more understable Discraft discs. I don't get it.

What makes such a difference in BRANDS of discs that may be rated the same speed/glide/turn/fade that one brand is not throwable for a person, but another brand is? If it was ME, NONE of the discs would fly right, regardless of brand, right?


I may be digging to deep into this and should just live with use what works, but I am really very perplexed by it... Seems WEIRD. The ONLY 2 Innova discs I have left are my BEAT Star Roadrunner (which flies PERFECT) and my "Yeti" Aviars which friggin' rule. Other than that, I am Living on Discraft and Lat 64 now, cause they DO fly how they say they will, for me anyway....

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One thing you can always rely on is Discraft's consistency in their plastic, and molds.  They always stay true to the product.  BTW, of course you should be turning over your understable Discraft plastic, you've got some miles on them, and you have grown as a player.  Your distance, speed, and follow through have all grown..as have your mind, and understanding of the game.  Congratulations, you are now officially hooked.  Keep flying the Discraft plastic, and if you need some pointers, contact me.


Team Discraft

Thanks Sheila. Your input is MOST APPRECIATED!!!!!

I guess I should have said before that I am talking from the point of view that :

I used my Innova discs from day one. Star, Champion, and DX discs. I understand that discs have to break in, but some of the Innova discs seemed Insane to me. I also know that they start out More Stable than the ratings when brand new....


Also, the Discraft discs fly, for me, right of of the box. It is like there is NO break in period required. I understand that once they DO break in they will get flippy(er), but I am just AMAZED at the difference in flight characteristics between the 2 brands, for me anyway.....

Thanks again Sheila. :)

To each his own. See I could never get Discraft drivers to fly worth a darn. I always thought they were more overstable that advertised. I dig their Mids (Discraft), but not much more. I find Innova flies just right for me and you can't beat their CE plastic. However if we are talking the best of todays plastic. Lat 64 just smokes both Innova and Discraft.

As for flight ratings Lat uses Innova's chart. Also, it doesn't matter who makes discs. They ALL lack consistancy, just the way it is. I figure unless they are paying you to throw their product, you should never become a disc company homer :)

I am totally an Innova guy but I also throw a couple of Quest AT discs. If you want a predictable and easy to throw disc then I would recommend a Sidewinder. It isn't a disc that the big arms will bomb with but it is very predictable and easy to throw. It also doesn't require a lot of effort to throw or any break in period.


Everyone just has to find what works for them.

Thanks for the recommend Jim. I actually had and threw DX and Champion Sidewinders. I just could not throw them. The Champion Sidewinder was one of the discs that actually perplexed me the most. TheONLY Innva driver I have been able to throw predictably and consistently is my Star Roadrunner. I DID get the Roadrunner used and it was pretty broken in when I bought it. But, it works wonderfully. 


I am just getting to the point where my drives are breaking 300ft. EVERYTHING about my throwing has really improved in the last month really, so maybe that has more to do with it than I want to think it does. But, I have also thrown some of my Dad's Innova discs lately (Star Teebird, TL, Champ Sidewinder, Champ Valkyrie). They just don't fly like my Discraft or Lat 64 discs for me....

My guess would be.... weight differences?

For a while I bought into the Discraft slogan that they have the most predictable flying plastic on the market from one disc of a mold to another of the same, but no longer.  I've had surges that varied a ton, and nukes as well.  In my experience owning backups of several discraft, innova, latitude 64, quest, and gateway every company has inconsistency in their molds... especially in their drivers and the wider the rim, the more inconsistent they get.  If you haven't learned this yet,  you will once you've thrown copies of discs enough... you'll go to replace a favorite and experience frustration when you don't get the same flight.


I love many of the sidewinders I've owned, but lately all of the sidewinders I've purchased have been stable or even overstable... and I throw around 400+/- a few feet.  I bought a roadrunner to correct the situation and it was overstable.  I bought a gold line vision (similar to a sidewinder) and had the same issue even though the other two visions I had were understable. 


It's a frustrating reality in disc golf.  Mids and putters are better (thank goodness).  All that said, if you're finding some discraft plastic that is working for you, that's fantastic.  I'm not saying discraft isn't fantastic, they are.  I love the zone, challenger and if they sponsored me I'd joyfully throw surges, preds, xls, buzzz, drones, avenger ss, and forces.  There are so many good discs out there by all the companies.  I'd accept sponsorship by lat. 64, discraft or innova.  Those are the 3 that have full and respectable lines. 

Wow, sorry I rambled there, it's late and I'm exhausted.  Goodnight!
Don't apologize, I appreciate it! Thanks for the Insight! :)

I mostly throw Discraft.  But I started with Innova, and still have a couple in my bag.

Everything that everyone has been saying is true.

Molds, breaking in, rims, weights etc are all factors to deal with.

For me, it's easy.  If it feels good in my hand, and I feel good about the throw, I keep.

Do or throw what feels comfortable.

I appreciate the responses. It sounds like I just need to accept that different brands work for different people, EVEN if two different brands of disc are rated the same (stability, speed, glide, etc.). I guess if all the brands threw the same for everyone, there would probably be less Cool stuff to buy and try anyway.... Lol.
Dude, you were not ramZZZzzzzzzzzzzzbling at allZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....oh sorry, must have dozed off ;)

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