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I've been playing dg for about 5 weeks.  My average drive is 200 feet.  I do not care if I have a noodle arm, but what I don't need is disc golf keyboard elitists spouting off about "noodle arms with their Katanas and Grooves".  Show some support.


On the course do you see somone learning and say "fuckin' noob, learn how to throw an Ape, stop throwin' that Nuke you fucking bum"?  No.  Nine times out of ten an experienced dg'er doesn't care, he's more than willing to give tips, and he could not be a nicer guy. 


But behind the keyboard some of you guys are just complete elitist pricks.  You probably exaggerate your drive distance, tell fake stories about aces you've never made.  I don't know if these things are true, but the way you act certainly leaves a person with any semblance of rationality to believe so.


Some of you behave as if you don't want this game to grow.  Like being above the "noobs" gives you some kind of status.  Well, it doesn't.  Your just a disc golfer.  Like me, the 5 week novice with the 200 ft drive.  We both love the same thing, but your need to feel some kind of false superiority is preventing you from identifying with me because of the anonymity offered by the internet.


Treat us newcomers and novices the way you would have wanted to be treated when you were starting out.  I highly doubt most professionals would have this negative attitude towards new players, because they love the sport enough to want to see it grow.  You should too. 


Moral:  Don't be dicks, give us noobs some tips.


Thank you.

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I realize the community here is a lot nicer than most, but I'm willing to bet some of you have run into the type of people I'm calling out in this statement.

O.K. I have to call off on this one.

Yes being a newbie is tough.  Everyone who is anyone started out as a newbie.

I started out as a newbie.  My wife started out as a newbie.

Truth be told, we had come across our fair share of azzholes, etc and a better share of good Disc Golfers who treated newbie with respect.

No matter what sport or group, you will always have a mixture of personalities.  Alot who understand and are supportive, and a few who are not (that is being kind in their description).  And also in any sport, there will be people who brag, exagerate, and look down their noses upon newbies.

The key is to learn from those who care about the sport, and lack of better words "To Hell" with the azzes, b*tches, D*cks, and etc.  And yes it is easier to be a prick on the net.  What the heck, more then likely you will never see the person in person.  Just let the negative people be "Water on a duck's back".

If I had let the "meanies" dictate my love of the sport, I wouldn't be still playing.  The best revenge to people like that is to learn, grow, and become a better player.  When I first started, and I saw later when my wife started, people would be upset when teamed up with me then latter on her.  They would whisper under their breath "damn' or what ever.  But as I and my wife continued to play, they still say "damn" but at least it is not under their breath (just kidding).  Time, practice, and a little tough skin will go a long way in this sport, hell, tough skin goes a long way in any sport.


Seems a little unnecessary doesnt it?


Who says all of us of want this sport to grow?


As a manufacturer I want this sport to grow for selfish reasons, I'm sure pros and retailers want it to grow for the same selfish reasons. 

But as a player who will most likely never commit to the game enough to go pro and make a living at it (like I have the talent and the commitment is the problem, ha) why would I want it to grow?

- a bunch of new players that dont return my hard to find very sentimental discs to me

-disc technology won't benefit by new players

-longer lines at my courses

-more danger of injury by wayward discs thrown be the ever and ever less respectful and intelligent kids I see on the course

-paying to play at courses that used to be free because they have to pay somebody to clean up after the disrespectful players.

The list goes on. So no, some people don't really want this sport to grow, so before you start throwing names around maybe step back and view it from a different perspective.


If I am asked by a noob I know to be a good person I have no problem helping them out, but if they are throwing beer cans everywhere, kicking over garbage cans and firing drives into the group in front of them, guess what I really don't feel like helping them out. I would rather they suck, become discouraged and never return to destroy the courses a few people had to work so hard to get.


I know sad but true.  :(

My point is that these people only act this way on the internet from my experience.  Every person I've came across on the courses has been nothing but nice and supportive, part of why I love the sport so much.  My other point is that this behavior only detracts from the growth of the sport.  I understand where you're coming from, to just not let the assholes get to you, but if these people really love the sport and want it to grow, they need an attitude adjustment. 


One of the first places many new disc golfers will pick up info is the internet, and these people trying to be cool could possibly be driving the, away. 


I just want to get the message out there that if you encounter these pricks let them know how damaging their behavior is. 


We've both acknowledged that the assholes exist.  It's just whether or not you want to passively let them continue their potentially destructive behavior to the sport in online forums or do you want to stand for a change and let these dipshits know that they are only hurting the game we all love. 


I have tough skin, but some people out there may not.  Disc golf players should be together as one community for the good of the sport, not segregated by skill level for the sole purpose of mocking and gloating.  At some point, you have to tell a retarded kid to stop banging his head against a wall, and that is metaphorically what these elitist dicks are doing on the internet everyday.

I for one never disrespect the course.  But living in rural Iowa I have my selfish reasons for wanting the sport to grow.  I'd like to see tournaments.  I'd like to see my run down courses fixed up.  I'd like to see new courses built. 


Fuck it, maybe it boils down to the fact that I am fucking sick of looking for advice only to see people laughing at 250 ft drives, something I've done once, downhill with tailwind.  So yeah, I'm a bit discouraged by the fucking pricks on here who act like they've never been there before.  I'm just a different person, I'm not a fucking faggot pussy who needs to validate themselves by slamming 'noodle arms' and bragging about my 450 ft drives.  Fuck it.


You guys probably have baskets that aren't vandalized to shit, courses that are more than just poles to tee from instead of concrete pads, etc.  So I want a little growth and the empathy I would give my fellow man, but it looks like I'm in the minority so I'll just have to keep playing, until I can get good enough to tell these keyboard warriors myself that it's not gonna get them laid to post their awesome average drive and bash on weak armed noobs. 

Just start off by having Fun !  You will learn things about Disc Golf the more you play. Remember , you are playing the Course , not somone else.


I'll even go to a empty field and throw different types of shots for my own benefit. I know some who have never played in any tournaments and still enjoy the Sport for what it is !



Experiment with different disc's and see what's right for you. Don't worry about distance , that comes with practice and the correct technique.


Remember to have Fun and Enjoy the outdoors.  


I have been playing disc golf since the late 70's and everyone starts from scratch.

Promote Disc Golf where and when you can and try to enjoy other folks company.

Every one has good days and bad days. Nothing is Always perfect.


You can always contact me through our website  :   www.sandiegoaces.com


Enjoy !

I have started a facebook group for disc golfers in my area in hopes of bringing the community together and maybe even raising awareness to the needs of our areas courses. 


My favorite thing to do as a beginner is open field and near basket practice, just getting my form right, getting the feel of a good shot and just repeating it over and over.  I do have 2 aces to my credit now, and despite my lack of power am learning fairly quickly.  I mostly have trouble keeping my arm level and having the disc go off as if I were holding it at a hyzer when I'm holding slight anhyzer for a turnover, and have not at all cam to understand the concept of the "snap".  My aces came on 210 ft and 125 ft holes, one with a Wahoo (noob disc!) and one with a Roc. 


Thanks Danny for the supportive response.

O.K.  Now I am seeing more of the truth.  It really isn't hurt feelings from Disc Bullies (so to speak).  You said that you live in rural Iowa, you said that your baskets are vandalized to shit etc.  O.K.  This is something tangable to work on.

I play at Debary, Florida.  It is located in between Daytona Beach, and Orlando Florida.  Both places have outstanding Disc Golf Courses.  Debary is my home course.  It is only a nine basket course.  There has been problems with trash, vandalizism, and etc.  I am starting out small.  I bought medium sized planters, filled them half way with dirt and placed them at each tee pad, and called them "Butt Cans".  Also when I play, I police the area, putting trash in trash cans, picking up cigarette butts etc. 

Start small, and work your way up.  Get a group of people in your area to start caring about your courses and do something about it.  If need be, contact your Parks and Rec Department and have them help out.  Worse comes to worse, contact the police to help stop the littering and vandalizism.  Also, I am sure that every state has a PDGA point of contact that could assist you in your endevours.

And as for your cursing and slamming the people who slam you..... It doesn't sound like you have tough skin.  If people are gonna be azzholes, so be it.  Be better than them.  Do not stupe to their level.  Be more Professional than they are.  In the end, you'll be a better role model to others, and you'll be a better player for the sport of Disc Golf.

Yeah, you have a good point there.  I have anger issues when it comes to things I am passionate about, I apologize for the language.  The thing about my hometown course is that 2 of the 9 baskets are hanging around the bottom of the pole from people sitting on them, the other course has no tee pads and gets no maintenance even in summer.  I've spoken to the hardcore disc golfers and they will actually bring machetes in in case their disc doesn't land on the 18 inch wide dirt trail that acts as a fairway on some holes.  Our town has 35,000 people, our parks department is a punchline, and last summer we poured over $350,000 of city budget into 5 ft tall limestone statues to go on the intersections of the shopping district....  We could have paid a welder like $300 to come fix all our baskets, but we needed universally panned limestone statues lol. 


I admit my approach to this problem was wrong, but can we get a consensus that their is a good portion of the online disc golf community that is too elitist for the sports own good?  Some of the things they say can be discouraging even if you mostly dismiss it as internet machismo.

No Problem.   


Oh , as far as releasing the disc , put your arm out straight and try to keep your wrist level with your shoulder.  This should help in releasing the disc level.  You may have to try different releases and possibly different angles of release. I hope this makes some sense. It takes some Practice but I'm sure you will get it soon.


Try not to roll your wrist unless your going for a specific type of shot  , like Anhyzer or Hyzer.  ( Anhyzer will turn in towards your body as Hyzer will turn away from your body ).  I learned this the hard way.  Always Practice and Experiment with different Angles of release and before you know it , you will be  proficient at this Crazy Sport.


It takes Time. You can't learn every type of shot overnight. 


SideArm , BackHand , Roller , Upshots , Tomahawks , Twofinger , Scoobie , etc.. probably more I'm missing here.


The more you learn , the better off you are getting out of jams , like behind trees , bushes and other obstacles.


Always be ready to learn as much as you can. Don't limit your self to just a few types of shots !


Oh...............also try to always have a Positive Attitude. Don't let a bad shot or a bad round get to you !!!!  It gets better !  I will tell players sometimes , don't beat yourself up if something doesn't always go your way. Relax and let it go !

Its all about the VIDEO....Its all there, everything you need to know.  Even better, so much better, go watch the pros play at a big event.  The coolest thing about Pro discgolf is all the different style, but when you watch the footage, look for the simularities.  You will see these similarities at the moment of impact, or the hit, the footing, the positioning of all the body parts.  They are all doing the same things.  Just like in any sport, there are fundamental mechanics that we all should be trying to figure out.  Discgolf is all about change and improvement, copeteition and making friends.   I am a visual learner, hope this works for you.  5 weeks in, keep hucking. you will start to see what I am talkin about Josh.

  5 weeks, you have probably gotten all the tips the internet has to offer anyway..:)


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