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We've developed a temp 18-hole Lakeshore Gold Course that will be marked on this Saturday only - http://www.discgolfersr.us/events/lakeshore-gold-throw-your-arm - for fun play to see how it works out, with a random draw for prizes for those who throw the entire thing. By combining some holes and moving some tees, we've got 18 holes that total 10,680 feet in length. That's two miles of throwing distance.

Is that too long? Is it any fun to have a 1,340-foot hole that a red level player might take 10 throws to complete?

Finally, the updated map and scorecard!

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I agree, I really like throwing long courses sometimes. We have 9 hole course that is located on ball golf course and the one of the holes is over 1000'. Throwing long courses (i think) helps with developing a long and accurate drive. Plus it is nice to watch a disc fly and glide for such a long time...is there anything more beautiful?
Having experimented with numerous safari holes through the years, I'm sure I have made up individual holes at least a half mile long. I love long tough holes. I even appreciate long open holes in the mix. I may be old but in my division I do not lack for power and work to try to maintain distance well into senility. :) (That was for Wade's old guy blast :) )

The question is never about an individual hole, it is about the overall flavor of the course. Lots of courses I like have a hole or two which I might take exception to. Whatever. We all play the same course. Generally skill wins out, as it should.

As Jim Daniels mentioned, balance is valuable. Any long open hole can be made much harder (and some would argue much better) just by stringing OB along one edge of the fairway.

The livelihood of the Throw Shop depends, in part, on the draw of the Ponds course to bring in players who buy merchandise. The more popular the course, the more players who attend, the longer the Pro Shop remains viable. The designers of the courses at the Ponds have a significant incentive to find out which features attract players. If long, longer and longest plus wide open does that then they should design exactly that. If they find they are only attracting locals (based on geographic convenience) and the few big arm throwers who thrive there then they should take note of this tendency. Ultimately the course is in the hands of the Calhouns and it is their right to design it as they see fit. I appreciate their efforts and root for their success.
Just another thought on the concern about the course being two miles. If you think about it. Most people play two to three rounds on the current courses that are out there. Besides it's how hilly (may not be a word, but it works) a course is. That tends to do me in. Not the length. So one or even two rounds on this course shouldn't be a problem.
I think if the hole is not overly demanding (and any 1000ft+ hole is demanding), any player should be okay playing it, even if it takes them 10 throws. We play an armbuster turkey shoot tournament each year (shortest hole is around 700 ft), and that is not a lot of fun. If the hole is among other 'normal' holes, I don't see a problem as everyone has to play it.

Ok! To answere your question on if 2 miles is too long. I would have to say.... No. Hole one was a little intimidating to start off with but it wasn't as bad as I was thinking. Holes 4 and 6 were definitly my favorite holes. They brought the pond into play but you were not in direct risc of loosing a disc.
I ended up shooting a 90 something. Even tho I was like 40 over par it was still enjoyable. I'm not going to complain about no pars or birdies. I am just happy that I would make it to the basket in a reasonable amount of throws. I wasn't expecting to get a 3 on a 1400 foot hole, I was happy with an 8. That didn't seem to me as being a bad score for me on that hole.
Again 2 miles is not too long.
Mmmmm.....sounds tasty!!!
Brad Maynes and Justin Lambert won the $50 gift certificates. They were selected using a random number generator from among those who completed all 18 holes yesterday. (A beautiful day!) Brad threw a 90 and Justin threw an 88.

Scott Ransley threw the best round of day on Lakeshore Gold 18: He made it around in 69 throws.

Thanks everyone.
You should tell Justin that he has to split the gift certificate with the person who told him about the gold course. Just kidding...kind of.

I had a lot of fun playing it yesterday. My arm is feeling it today, but I would happily play the course again.
I think that the gold course may not be right for me, but it does sound like a fun alternative for people with big arms. I enjoyed lakeshore for the openness, and I enjoy Bandemere for the precision. I like the idea, sad I couldn't make it.
I just got to play Lakeshore Gold myself. Surprisingly, I threw a 69! (And my dog, Ozzy, cost me at least 2 strokes, probably more.)

I am by no means a "big arm." My theory is that on long semi-open holes it is just as important to throw precisely, so as not to waste lateral movement, as it is on more wooded holes. Although the lack of nasty schule really makes a positive difference.

We'll leave the temporary tee signs up until nature starts taking them down, and have a few Gold scorecards in the Throw Shop for a while.
sorry i couldn't make it! it looks like so much fun!

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