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In ball golf, if you can play a ball out of water, it is legal. In disc golf, if you can make a legal stance behind the disc and your standing in the water, is this legal? If the pond is not marked as O.B.?

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Hey arkMay, um... ellisAy(?),

Thanks for the backup, but please allow me to pick a nit from your statement.
You might want to reconsider your claim, counselor, that a disc suspended in a tree (over 2 meters) may be OB. I realize that you were probably dummying down your response for the great unwashed masses, but I just wanted to clarify that said disc may incur a one stroke penalty, as would a disc that was OB, but that disc is not OB (Rule 803.08B).

And I agree that, when playing any round that is not a tournament round, it is pretty much a given that any running water, or large body of water that is a permanent fixture of the course, is considered OB.
So technically Steve, the correct answer is Yes and No..Yes they're almost (if not all the time) always intended to be OB as part of the design...But NO, if it's not clearly marked as such...for lack of a better term I would call it somewhat of a loophole.
it depends on the circumstances. in tourneys almost always OB, in casual rounds almost always casual relief (unless specified before the round and agreed upon by a simple majority of the players). here's where it gets fuzzy for me, during league play (or cash side bet games) I think it should be OB (unless agreed upon by parties involved prior to start of play). But some play it the other way where it is casual unless called OB prior to the start of play (which i think is back ass-wards for the reasons Jamie mentioned about intent of water usage in course design)
This is an interesting topic. I still am not sure what the real answer is. I have seen many ball golf situations where players have hit out of the water. Not all bodies of water are ob. I guess I would tend to think that what Mark Ellis said is correct. If it's not marked ob, and it is not stated before hand that it is ob, it is playable if you can take a legal stance.
And on the first Disc Golf Caribbean Cruise, I putted and approached three times from at least knee high salt water.
Special conditions I'm sure...very nice special conditions! I want to do that!!!!
We can play any way we like in casual rounds...and we do...we've come up with some crazy stuff.

But I have to ask...what do you suppose defines a legal or an illegal stance in the water? ...an inch...knee deep...waist deep ...or look I got a snorkel.
One thing I can tell you....with first hand knowledge.....no way would the founder of our sport...the guy who standardized the rules..targets....would have intended any player at any time to feel the need or be obligated to actually enter a body of water to take a legal stance. He wasn't a fan of water hazards on Disc Golf courses in the first place. So I'm fairly sure originally all water hazards were most certainly OB.
Yup he was not a fan of water hazards at all piece of history right there.
It's true that a Ball Golfer can stand in water and strike the ball.

I want to see a disc golfer stand in 10' or more of water and throw the disc to the basket.
Then the disc-cussion will be if it's OB or not!

At the Indian Summer Open, 2001 in Miami, there was a tropical depression that dumped about a foot of rain just before and during th tournament. The Amelia course was actually an area that was being developed into a shopping center. The lake overflowed, and flooded the course. The TD said "You are going to get wet" all water, except the string line along the lake's normal shore, was casual. Even if you took the whole 5 meter relief, you still would be in the water. I made a birdie from a legal stance in chest deep water!
Was it a floater?

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