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Don't get me wrong, I love disc golf, but this guy makes some good points.


ps. I don't own a chair yet.

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A small folding stool to set your bag on that keeps it off of wet ground or such is OK - but I agree with the author about sitting. I thought it was a funny and insightful piece. :-)
I have read that article before. I happen to have a tripod folding stool, the only time I really ever use it is after a good rain. And I use it to keep my bag off of the muddy ground. Other than that I find it to be kind of a pain in the A$$ to carry around with me.
I agree. It is nice if you're playing all day though.
A chair does come in handy when you have to wait on every hole in a tournament. This past weekend I saw 3 groups waiting on a hole at least twice. That equates to alot of time going no where. I have no regret carrying a stool in that sitiuation. In leagues where it generally has less waiting I do not carry a stool.

If you just use your stool for your bag wouldn't it be better to build something with legs on it that mounts onto the bag?

What is the calorie usage for sitting versus standing? Once you sit you have to raise the weight back up.

I enjoy looking at peoples carts and other ideas they have.
Designing new disc golf implements keeps the mind active.
i olny get mine out when i no im gonna waiting awile from teebox too tee box if i stay standing for to long my back kills me
Is baseball/football/hockey.... still a sport when they use a bench?
Wow this article is old! 2005!

It appears he must have been predicting the future with pros and such making a living playing the game.
sorry, I would not characterize disc golf as a 'Sport' in any circumstance--its a game of skill--just like golf, bowling, billiards, darts, ect...
and baseball (throw the ball accuratley, swing accurately, etc... is all skill, Basketball same (freethrow, accurate pass, etc...). At least it is not a "judged" event. Skill is part of all sports, unless you are a Shaq type and can just be a bully, but that could be a skill.

Physical art would be figure skating, gymnastics.

There is countable scoring (not numbers from judges, but actually throws) in our event. We are judged by that score and it takes physical and mental skill to score well. Do other sports make you sweat more, yes. Does a baseball player sit on the bench 9 times during one game. So in my mind to quantify us as a nonsport without any more qualifications than it is just pure skill, then are not all sports all about skill?
of course all 'sport' involves skill--and disc golf takes some pretty particular skills uniqe to our game--but as a former college football player, I have a hard time calling our beloved game a sport...its all a matter of opinion anyway...

most do not consider real golf a 'sport'--do you?

and to answer the question with the chair--if disc golf is a sport, anything goes...
What I am wondering is what definition of the word "sport" people are using. If it is injuries. People have broken bones, stretched things that are not meant to be stretched doing this activity.

My question/thought is what makes football or other activities a "sport" that disc golf isn't?
Is it the amount of sweat? Chances of being injured? Physical contact with another human or possibility?

PS: Notice I used other words than sport for disc golf because I am letting the individual decide :)

Like several people mentioned including Ryan, it would/will be a never ending discussion based mainly on opinion.

After looking at several online definitions of sport I would have to say we are truly a sport.
if you go by a dictionary definition, it is certainly a sport--right along with poker, tic-tac-toe, and sex--

from my perspective physical exhaustion and the need for quick reflexes and strength to directly defeat your opponent defines a sport--but its all a matter of semantics anyway...


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