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Don't get me wrong, I love disc golf, but this guy makes some good points.


ps. I don't own a chair yet.

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if you go by a dictionary definition, it is certainly a sport--right along with poker, tic-tac-toe, and sex--

from my perspective physical exhaustion and the need for quick reflexes and strength to directly defeat your opponent defines a sport--but its all a matter of semantics anyway...
I appreciate the fact that you are the first that I have seen actually define their thoughts on this subject (of people saying it is not a sport).

Until the next discussion ;)
Well ...................When Baseball players are up , most sit on the Bench until their turn. Same with Football players , Basketball players and Hockey players.

I own a Players Stool to sit on while I'm waiting.
I never considered it a sport in the first place. So the answer is NO, disc golf is not a sport. I said this in a similar post. If you can smoke ( cigarettes or what not), drink (beer or what not), eat, and now sit. While you are playing a game. It's not a sport. Game of skill, but know how, know way is it a sport.
sport=where somebodies action have a direct impact on your performance. game=where only your own actions effect your performance. discgolf is not a sport, but I love to play it.
Yeah Hockey players sit on the bench. It's a sport. A sport is commonly defined as an organized, competitive, and skillful physical activity requiring commitment and fair play.
It amazes me people bother carrying a stool w/ them. An average casual round is going to take 1-2 hours...you can't stand up for two hours without getting tired????????? Really??? Trust me, I'm no physical specimen and have been smoking for 35 years...but it amazes me how many discers get tired in one 18 hole round. I used to play two or three rounds of ball golf a day carrying my clubs (heavier than discs). Now I can play three or four rounds of disc in a day. Admittedly the legs get a little tired on the fourth round...but it hasn't crossed my mind to carry a stool.
Ok, so he made a couple of points in this article, but he is also talking from only one side of the spectrum. I've asked professionals what the deal is with the roller carts and foldable little chairs and I always get a similar response which is, this is a professional event with many things on the line and saving as much energy for your shots is impairitive. Most pros are taking a seat to preserve energy. Also what does the author expect? The sport just like any other will gain popularity and bring new trends of product. Imagine what this sport will be like in 10yrs?
I believe it was Teddy Roosevelt that said, "Auto Racing, Bull Riding, and Rock Climbing are the only true sports, all others are just games"
I think that comment is based on the peril aspect, it's one thing to get hurt, it's another if it has life or death implications.
That being said, Man I love this game.
I agree. It is nice if you're playing all day though.

so here's my opinion

1) who really gives a crap? i mean if someone is going to sit down on something they brought because they are tired, want to save energy, or what ever else who cares? seriously

2) can you really place it in the category of "equipment" when in reference with actual equipment of the sport? if so is a towel "equipment" to a football player or basketball player? is the black paint "equipment" for a football player or baseball player? is a band-aid "equipment" to any athlete? honestly no, it's just some extra things that honestly i can't see as equipment for the sport. Of course they serve their purpose but with the towel is it really in the same category of a football player as say his pads, jersey, cleats, football, gloves, helmet? i don't think so

3) if people are seriously getting butt hurt over someone bringing a chair or having 80,000,000 discs with them, maybe that person (the one who's butt hurt) should leave the game for good. Don't get butt hurt yourself with that statement but think of it this way, if you're getting upset about these changes in the game why haven't you gotten upset when football helmets went from leather caps with some padding to plastic helmets with lots of padding, or why aren't you upset that football players are wearing pads to begin with these two things are not in line with the equipment that first started the sport. Lets take golf, why not get upset when Woods wails a ball some 400' with a titanium driver and not a wooded one, speaking of which why aren't all golfers using wooden based clubs? What about baseball? why aren't you upset that minor leagues get the choice of using aluminum bats or wooden ones, why not be upset about the gloves allowed to be used? psh who's ever heard of a glove with a netting between the index finger and the thumb? preposterous! bolderdash! says I.

4)In what light are we able to call any "sport" a sport? They're all games, they're all fun...well mostly all. And if someone wants to debate one "sport" is called a sport over another, sorry I didn't know there were qualifications that govern the ruling of what activity is a "sport". Maybe there should be a clarification of an "a-sport" being athletic sport, one that consists of physical activity of any sort that one would have to train and conditioning muscles and organs for, and a "b-sport" one that does not consist of constant physical activity that requires muscle training and conditioning. For example an "a-sport" would umbrella football, soccer, cricket, rugby, disc golf, ultimate frisbee, cheerleading, baseball, basketball, etc., and a "b-sport" would be things like poker, chess, and what ever else someone would call a "sport" and people are like "jigga-what!?"

But seriously if you can't cope with changes that take the game in a different aspect, to a different level, at a different angle maybe you should rethink the history of "sporting equipment". I've got nothing against the guy, it's just that I think it's kind of stupid to be sad if someone wants to sit down while waiting their turn or to move on. So my question would be, if you see me with 20+ discs on the field and I decide to sit on the grass while I wait for my turn or to move on your going to get upset and blog about it? Get out of here with that sob story and go play how you want to play.


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