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Is it better to drive with a few particular drivers or use whatever if it fits the shot

I find that I throw some discs more dependably than others. (Go figure huh! lol) But is it better to throw the disc that matches flight of the shot or to throw "your" disc.

Question really is this:

Sometimes i throw 8-9 different drivers in a round. I'd say i feel real comfortble with 3 of em, but the flight patterns of the others make them the right disc for the shot. Do you stick to a couple discs to handle your tee work or does the whole determine what you throw?

Also, how do you know that a certain type of disc is too fast for you?

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There are two different schools of thought on this...shaping the line or throwing the disc that will fly the path you want.

I used to have a separate disc for most shots, not I only throw about 6 or 7 different molds and shape the lines I need for the shot. After the short time I've been playing I've found that I'd rather know a few discs very well than be possibly confused on others. I've also noticed I'm a lot more consistent since I've slimmed down my bag.
What i like to do is to take the molds that you really like and put a few of those molds in different stages of wear in your bag so you can through " you disc" and fit the flight pattern you need. Also a disc that is to fast is one that will hyzer out alot and one you cant control.
Yesterday i did some experimenting and my drives were very solid using my destroyer and wraith. I just worry that if i commit to using 3 discs and trying to master them, if I am handicapping myself.

I normally cross the entire spectrum in one round, ill go fro Xcals and Firebirds to Eagles and Monarchs. Ive always thought throwing such different molds with vast flight patterns is a skill to master, now im thinking it probably shouldnt.
If you are talking about having one disc for one hole at one course, but the disc stays in your bag at all times; the answer is to throw "your" disc. Having that "one disc" is just a hassle and I guarantee you have a disc in your bag that can do the same thing if you only slow your throw down or throw your disc flatter or something to that effect. At the beginning of last year I went from carrying 20+drivers/mids to 10 drivers/mids. I always carry two putters. Just like Sean said he got a lot more consistency out of his discs. Reason for that is with less discs, less variation in flight, less chance of something "different" or inconsistent happening with your throw. Learning the discs you like and learning how to throw different shots with the same disc can only help you improve and lower your score.

The disc is too fast if you cannot get any sort of flat flight out of it. If it is hyzering on you when you don't want it to, it's too fast.
I think it's normal when starting out to want to try everything. After you learn the techniques and get comfortable with a few discs you learn to shape the shots and use fewer discs. I used to have discs for a particular hole. Now I have learned to shape the shots better and really only use 5 basic molds for all my shots. As with Sean, I have become much more consistent since I've started using fewer discs.
I have never had this discussion with The FORCE before. And never just before a big event like the State Championships.

You'd be proud. I went from 21 to 12.
I throw 3 or sometimes 4 different drivers during my rounds. The trick is to find a set of drivers which cover all the flight styles you need in as few different molds as possible. In my case its:

TL - Straight to Flippy
Eagle-X - Hyzers, Wind and Sidearms

SL - Straight to flippy
SX - Hyzers, Wind and Sidearm

I do also have a Firebird in the bag that I've thrown like 6 times in the 2 years I've owned it.
what is an SX?
"your disc" :)
SX = Starfire-X

There were originally 3 Starfires
The SL, the SF and the SX. The SF never made it out of the TFR Stages. The two Starfires currently in production are the L and X molds.

Here's an SF

I fall somewhere in between, I used to carry a full bag now I carry 2 mid-range (Gateway-Warrior & Element) And Maybe 7 drivers... and one putter. A year ago I had around 24 disc's in my bag, but I can't see going with any less then what I now play with. I do not have a single disc that works on a single hole... though I used to.

It does seem that I am going down in disc's , so who knows what I'll have in my bag next year... maybe less is more? I did just get the new DGA Hurricane, and it's now my main big open driver!!! Man I love that disc.

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