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Okay your playing a round and a disc flies past you and lands upside down. The name on the disc is yours, a disc you lost. How would you handle the situation?

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I've been throwing/losing discs for 8 years. My name and phone number have been on all the discs I've lost. Both of our courses here play by a river; if its up high and you throw a disc in, you can't really go get it. There's always someone fishing discs out as soon as the water recedes. These someones don't even try to return the discs. It used to irk me pretty bad. Once, about halfway through a round, one of the guys I was playing with says "o, you're Miranda? I have one of your discs" That was a couple years ago, and at the time, there weren't very many girls playing; why did it take him so long to realize he had my disc? I was the only girl consistently out at that course. I asked him why he didn't just call me. He said he liked to throw it, so I let him keep it. Not long after that, I found one of my discs just laying in the fairway. I looked around & saw a couple kids throwing; this was obviously one of their errant shots. So I waited until he came over and asked him where he found it. That kid was shakin in his boots; thought I was gonna get him. He told me he and his brother couldn't afford discs so they fished them out of the river. I realized they probably wouldn't be able to play otherwise, so I let him keep it. I tried to encourage them to try to give the discs back, but they probably won't.
I've adopted the idea of disc Karma. I'm only helping promote the game by donating my lost discs to the next guy. Hopefully the disc golf gods are watching & will smile on my game:)
I found one of my best friends ABSOLUTELY all time favorite driver one time after he lost it for 2 weeks. I didn't tell him I found and tee'd off with it the next round I threw with him. Of course I gave it back to him after that hole, I just had to rub it into his face a little bit.

Now I always call the number on the back. For the most part the people I have talked to say go ahead and keep it, others have had me "hide it" in a spot that think it will be safe. Nobody has ever said wait right there and I will be up in a bit to get it. I have only had person EVER call me back on my lost ones. I always put my name & number on my discs. I told him to go ahead and keep it since it was lost for about 2 weeks and I had already replaced it.

As for finding one of your own discs that someone threw I say it depends on how far back you lost it. If you lost it within a week or 2 I say ask for it back, if it has been longer then that I would let them keep it.
I normally take it back, especially if I really like the disc but I let them keep it if I could care less about it. I always try to give them a disc if possibly...unless they are carrying a bag then its just a polite thnx and "you should try returning disc to their owners"
My first comment is that when I first started playing used to loose alot more discs than I do now obviously, but at the same time I used to find more discs than I do now. The one time i found a disc with a number on it I called the guy and he happened to just be a few holes up ahead of us and gave me a couple beers for returning his disc. That was pretty cool of him. But back then I used to write my name and number on all my discs and never recieved a phone call back about a lost disc. I really feel in my mind even though you like to think that people would call you most people actually won't. So now I don't write on my discs, i perfer to keep them clean of ink.
My cousin writes "Finders Keepers Losers, Weepers on his discs" That is pretty funny. Especially when he has lost a few discs and someone comes up the path and he says "did you find such and such disc?" and they say "yeah, were you weeping over it?" He always say "yes"
I once bought a disc that had a name and number on it. I bought it from a guy selling a few dozen discs up at Cass Benton. Later that summer someone called me out on it and said "Hey that is my disc did you find it on such and such hole?" I replied " No i actually bought it from some guy selling discs a few months ago." he seemed pretty upset about it and offered me a trade of a small handful of discs he had in his trunk after the round was up. So I actually managed to trade it back to him for a disc that i found more useful. You may never know how that person really came across that disc so the best thing to do is to not come off to abrassive if you happen to say something to them. They may have purchased the disc from a stranger or traded it for something.
Disc Karma is very important you should always return a disc if you can. You never know it could cause you to get a couple Aces.

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