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In other words can you enforce a policy of saying something like tags need to be played for every two weeks or they get forfeited?

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I dunno, but I imagine that the larger the group, the harder that will be to achieve.

You could use a challenge system, where someone can challenge for a tag and if the tagholder declines, he forfeits the tag.  This requires some detailed challenge rules.

In any system, you could limit the requirements to tags 1-5 or 1-10.  This would limit the effort and grief in enforcing it, and someone who doesn't want to abide by the rules could decline those tags, anyway.  After all, who cares if tag #87 isn't put into play often?

There are other ways, but it's always an issue of whether it's worth the trouble.  Among other things, to force tags into play someone has to keep up with who has which tags, and someone has to be willing to foreclose upon tags that are being withheld.

or what about division tags,handed out beginning of the year,tags for OPEN,tags for MASTERS,tags for intermediate,,,, any take on this?

In our tag league we require that tags 1-5 be in play at least once every three tag rounds or they are forfeited and they receive the highest tag in play. We also have a point system with a payout at the end of the season.

Tried this before. Enforcing Bag Tag Challenges. I hate being the policeman. I sell dozens of Bag Tags too !!!


Play or Forefit your Tag.


Here is San Diego , alot of AM's don't want to play against the Pro's. So...............You see Am's playing against Am's.


We have had Issues where a Player will sit on a Good tag and not play , but stated they just played a challenge.

Maybe you could use some sort of online registration where you would have to show that you challenged in the last two weeks. But if someone sat on a tag how would the club get it back? You can't send someone out to their house to retrieve a tag. And making replacement tags would just be way too expensive.

All that you can do is shame those who don't follow the rules.

There are other ways, but it's always an issue of whether it's worth the trouble.  Among other things, to force tags into play someone has to keep up with who has which tags, and someone has to be willing to foreclose upon tags that are being withheld.

hangzhou golf tour

it took me 4months to get first place tag. every time the leaders would see i wasgoing to play.then they would want to play doubles. if your better than the people you play tags with.be prepared for lots of excusses.even after i won the number one tag.players with two and three dont want to play for tag.i gave it away it took the fun out of disc golf.for myself aces are the most important part of playing. i would rather get an ace and lose.than win and get no ace. playing for tags just cause problems.the group i played disc with this person doesnt want to play if this person is playing.playing for tags for along time i would recommend not to do. now we just play for a disc or five bucks.too much drama with tags.

Each round is played for points that earn
a tag/trophy at the end of the year. A tag is something to brag about so what is 12 months.

I played a round today with the guy who had the #1 tag up until yesterday. He was joking that he probably wouldn't see that tag all year now. I'm going to try and keep up on who has it and let him know. He won the #1 tag two years in a row at the New Years Day mini tournament where the tags are given out. Young guy, big arm, good player. If he plays for it again I think that he will get it back.

We have doubles, random play and Handicaps.

At any point in time you can challenge for a tag.

But during Handicap rounds, everyone (no matter their tag number),

has to turn in their tag in the beginning of the round.

Depending upon your caliculated score, will determine which tag you get.

Thus at anytime, a #1 tag can be lost and taken by an AM player.

When our club first got tags a few years ago, they were described as "whatever you want them to be."  Play for them, challenge for them, hang them on the wall, whatever you want.  At least, that was the plan when they were ordered, and when they were handed out randomly at a club meeting.  Immediately---as in, within a few days---there was a furor  among the group who plays a lot club activities, that 3 of the Top 10 numbers went to people who don't.

The next year's batch were issued with some guidelines, including that in tournaments of any kind, all tags are thrown in and redistributed.  So most tags stay in circulation.  Since the tag only indicates how you played recently, and may only last 2 or 3 days, it's not so important to keep a low one, anyway.

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