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I found a Cyclone in the woods at a park today, and there is "Property of Isabella County PKS"  inprinted onto the bottom of the disc.  I literally mean that the letters are indented in the plastic  (picture attached). 

I plan on returning the disc, there was just no one at the office at this time, but would this disc be legal to throw at a tournament?  There is rule 805 B(6) which states a disc must be "be essentially as produced, without any post-production modifications which affect the weight or flight characteristics;"

It is a modification, but I do not think it would affect the flight in any way (or at least any more then the words Discraft has printed on the disc).  What is the ruling, is this disc legal to throw at a tournament?

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Post production has a broader meaning than just post molding. If the stamping is done by a company before sale, then that's considered to be part of "production" before "post production" that players are not supposed to do. At one time, the DGA "factored" discs after molding by shaving off a certain amount of the bottom rim. I'm not sure those were submitted for approval as a separate model.

The reality is that most of the tie-dying is not technically legal per the standards but it has become accepted as okay. In theory, the tie-dyers would have to submit each of their designs for testing and the $350 PDGA approval fee. Who's to say the ink doesn't put the disc overweight or possibly change the flexibility beyond standards for models that are close to those boundaries already?
If the PDGA decided that Hot Stamping was in fact Post Prod Modification, there would be alot of companies that are doing alot for the sport that would be hit hard and most likely be forced out of the Biz. I do not think it would be in our sports best interest to enforce that interpretation of the rule.
Chuck, look at the image (link), this is not about dyeing but rather a "hot stamp" or "pressure stamp" being done but a park department to identify park property. I see your point and myself being a person who dyes discs, I do understand your point. I have even talked to another official and was told the same, that the dyeing process is being more and more "accepted" but the images can now make a disc illegal for use. Which makes perfect sense as well. No PDGA event needs a disc with a naked woman on it flying around.
Apparently you have never played the "Gentlemen's Club" in Vegas. Their tourney stamps are rather risque. And really WTF is wrong with naked women?
ain't a damn thing wrong with naked women...on a disc or anywhere else!
The rule is still vague because it refers to mods that change the flight characteristics. Who determines if the mod has changed the flight characteristics of a disc. It's not like I'm going to change my discs or look for modded discs, but the vagueness of the rule is there. If you throw your disc intentionally into a tree to "break it in" are you modifying its flight characteristics? I would say that you are. Anyway, just something to think about.
Coincidently I was thinking on making a "branding iron" and melting my name into the bottom side of my discs. If someone found the disc it would be real hard to get rid of the mark wouldn't it?
Now with this thread I'm having secound thoughts about doing it.
Personally I don't think it would alter the flight characteristics but where do you draw the line.
any TDs on here that would like to say what they would do at a tournament?
I'd let you play it and tell you to buy your own damn plastic next time.
ha, thanks
if it had your name on it as well, I would let you play with it. I can tell it wasnt done to alter the flight or give you any added advantage so I would let it fly!
I think the determining factor is "no discernible thickness." An image dyed onto a disc does not have a discernible thickness. Neither does writing your name on it with a Sharpie. Paint does have a thickness and is not allowed. I would say a stamp is definitely out. You have altered the integrity of the disc. Whether or not it actually affects the flight is irrelevant.


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