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The pond is OB... where exactly does it start?

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i know nothing but it doesn't look entirely surrounded by water and is in fact resting on land so wouldn't be o.b. ........but again i say i know nothing
no o.b here
I'd take the one stroke penalty rather than lay my foot in that giant turd! : )
I wouldn't say its OB, but I would certainly call an unplayable lie.
I'd say In Bounds and take my one meter relief from the nearby waterline for my stance. This is the sort of watery area where a string line would serve well in a tourney situation.
It is In Bounds in the Pro Grandmaster division.. :)

In the Open division, let's see: who threw it? who is in the group?

Out-of-Bounds lines are determined, not by the PDGA Rules of Play but by the Tournament Director. Assuming that body of water is Out-of-Bounds (again, as ruled by the TD, not the Rules. Water is not automatically OB.) then the question is where the OB line rests.

In the picture we see water, we see land and we see the muddy, sloppy transitional area. If the TD declared the water OB, then it looks to me that the disc (or at least part of it) is in the muddy area. All of the disc must be OB for it to be ruled OB.
That's how we played it. It is not entirely surrounded by water as you can tell from the picture.
I would say that unless you can find a continuous strip of land back to shore then it is completely surrounded by water and indeed OB. In the picture I don't see such a strip of land so therefore it is OB. Loose debris does not count as land.
As of this year the rule on OB is that if any part of the disc is touching the "line" the disc is considered OB. In this case I would say that the disc is OB on the fact it is in contact with water. I would say that the "line" is were the water starts and stays in contact with the pond.
Could you please quote the source for "As of this year the rule on OB is that if any part of the disc is touching the 'line' the disc is considered OB"? What changed this year? Thanks.
That simply isn't true. The change was the the line is now OB, whereas before the line was IB. Either way, the disc has to be completely surrounded by OB, not just touching the line. So the change would only be applicable if the disc was completely OB and the last little bit of it that is flush with IB territory was touching a line of some kind of thickness...like a spraypainted line or a rope OB line of discernable thickness.
A. A disc shall be considered out-of-bounds only when it comes to rest and it is clearly and
completely surrounded by the out-of-bounds area. A disc thrown in water shall be deemed to be
at rest once it is floating or is moving only by the action of the water or the wind on the
water. See section 803.03 F. The out-of-bounds line itself is considered out-of --bounds. In order to
consider the disc as out-of bounds, there must be reasonable evidence that the disc came to rest within the out-of-bounds area. In the absence of such evidence, the disc will be considered lost and the player will proceed according to rule 803.11B.

right off the PDGA website. the disc must be completely surrounded by ob for it to be out of bounds.


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