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So heres the story...

So at my local course there is a local that plays everyday and that adds on to the fact that he lives right across the street from the course. Since he lives right there he is always finding discs. The worse part is, is that he doesnt bother calling people to return discs. Instead he usually trades them to his roommates or sells them. Since I know that he has found some of my discs and I have confronted him multiple times, I know how pissed off I and many others get when we dont get discs back that are very important to us. So since he doesnt give discs back I figured I would take the liberty of personally getting peoples discs back and then calling the rightful owner... Is this wrong? Im not trying to be an asshole I just feel that people spend hard earned money on discs and deserve to have there discs back.

All responses welcome

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its the principal don't take what s not yours, they teach that in grade school still, I hope .( cops have a good response time here) Yes it would have to be a nice disc. I would donate if not. Did you really say cheeseburgers that that has no comparison.
Dude honestly I would never just give up a disc I would always try and get it back even if it is in another city
the principal is what we all agree on discgolfdaddy; blake, myself and you. every effort should be made to be honest and return it, but if you can't after trying, well, nothing wrong with keeping it. leave it there? really? how long till the next guy comes by who isn't as honest? just a matter of time. i've had my wallet and keys returned to me on 3 different occassions. i was always so thankful that some honest person did pick them up and didn't ignore them. there is a moment in your mind when you write something off, like my 3 teerex's out at my local course. its the same hole everyone loses a disc at. i can't possibly be mad if i see someone throwing any of them. i mean, its freezing water i wasn't about to get in, and over 10 feet deep, murky. if they went through that to get my disc, they earned it IMO. you'd call the cops at that point????!
Nice analogy on the car...couldn't have said it better myself.
Sure in principal I"M with you all.I do have a few things to add.First Being a pothead does not lead to these other bad behaviours.Second I dont use discs that aren't mine,but if for some reason I were and the previos owner wanted to fight me over it,I'd say" bring it" were he justified or not because thats never going to be a reasonable person.Third the law here says If you walk away from it ,its up for grabs.
YES, Then ask yourself why he wrote his name and # on that said ball. Get it yet.
Wait! the bigger question in all of this, is..........How in the heck did J.D.Guy loose his keys and wallet "3" frickin times! lol!
Umm not quite but yes how the he'll did he manAge to do that
I would offer to buy them at $2 each. Then call the rightful owners and sell it to them for $2.
lmao, yea, once roller blading around the lake, then set em on the curb when i went to put my shoes back on and then we took off in my friend's car. 2nd time, i had them sitting outside my dg bag and walked away and the other time, im not sure how i did it, but it was in front of my house, and i sometimes take my things like my phone and my wallet and place em between my legs while driving. i think i was listening to the radio, turned off the car, parked in front of my house, finished listening to the show, then opened my door and they all fell on the ground, and i walked into the house. how i didn't hear them hit the ground is beyond me. my wife says im too damn lucky when it comes to that. she lost her wallet once and had her identity stolen.
We got issues with people scraping them out of a creak around here and then selling them, they never call the number. my personal fav. was when a guy I was playing with got a call from what he said was a five year old that said I found your disc, (player) awsome, thanks for calling, (kid) can I keep it....It wasn't till after the next hole that we remimberd a guy digging disc out the creek with his kid around same age earlier in the round. So he call back and told the kid he wanted the disc back, and got the responce,(kid) Sorry where at the house now,(player) can i talk to your dad,(kid) sorry hes busy....click. As messed up as it was, I was laughing till my ribs hurt.
Now, I'm definitely one to return another persons property if I can, and I often go out of my way to do so, but beware of imposing your own morals on others. I mean, smoking pot does not make this guy the devil incarnate. Quite honestly, I believe that prohibition is inhumane and thus immoral, but I'm not calling J.D. immoral for seemingly supporting it. While this is quite an aside from our discussion about returning discs, I think its important that we keep our heads on straight and not turn this into a moral crusade.

As far as returning discs goes I'm with most everyone else here that this mystery man may be making a legal, but socially irresponsible decision. And I too believe that karma will pay him back in the end...

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