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So heres the story...

So at my local course there is a local that plays everyday and that adds on to the fact that he lives right across the street from the course. Since he lives right there he is always finding discs. The worse part is, is that he doesnt bother calling people to return discs. Instead he usually trades them to his roommates or sells them. Since I know that he has found some of my discs and I have confronted him multiple times, I know how pissed off I and many others get when we dont get discs back that are very important to us. So since he doesnt give discs back I figured I would take the liberty of personally getting peoples discs back and then calling the rightful owner... Is this wrong? Im not trying to be an asshole I just feel that people spend hard earned money on discs and deserve to have there discs back.

All responses welcome

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At the end of the day, there is nothing you can really do to make someone return a lost disc. At our Austin, TX Superstore, we buy and sell used discs and offer a free return bucket. Customers who drop a disc in the return bucket get good Karma (we actually call it the Good Karma Bucket), and we return it to the owner at no charge. Folks who sell us discs do so representing that the disc in question is their property and we have no way of knowing if it is or is not.

We put out the message that we think it is right and responsible for everyone to do the right thing, but everyone needs to make their own decision. This is true about much in life. As the Golden Rule states, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you". We've had countless cases where someone turns in a disc they found and then theirs comes back to us as well. Coincidence??
One thing you left out, Austen is that some of the discs this guy finds he finds in his own yard. I don't think that he's legally under any obligation to go out of his way to call someone to give them their disc back. Calling the police over a $7-10 disc is silly, and just annoys the police, who have more important issues to deal with.

That being said, anyone who has played just a little bit of disc golf understands that players put their name and number on the disc in hopes that someone who finds their errant shot will return the disc to them. I'm sure by now this guy understands that. I think the best thing to do is to call him out in front of others. Ask him if he has found any discs and if so can you help him return them. Of course, this may not work - it's entirely possible that you're dealing with a self-centered, amoral jerk who doesn't understand wrong from right. So, my suggestions:

1) Practice more, so you stop throwing shots into his weed-overgrown yard.
2) Talk to other players about the lost disc issue and try to build a cooperative culture at your course where players consider the wishes of their fellow players.
3) When you are in a group and he is present, bring up the topic of found discs. Don't point fingers at him directly, but justa ask the rhetorical question to the group: "what do you do when you find a disc?" See if your fellow players can help convince this guy what the right thing to do is.
Once I look for a disc and give up on it, it's lost to me. I call numbers on discs, and put my number on my discs, but you guys that expect to get a disc back that you wouldn't/couldn't retrieve yourselves have no gripe. For instance, When I chunk plastic in the ponds on my local courses, more than half the time the disc will be offered back to me. Most of the time I tell the guys who put out the effort to get into the water and get the disc out, that they earned it and to keep it. If you've given up on looking for a disc, you have no reason to complain about the person who does put out the effort to find it. IMO

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