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I like to tune my discs before I throw them sometime and was wondering if that was legal or not? I havee heard both ways from people, so I am not totally sure.

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I meant super-hyzer, hyper-hyzer, mega-hyzer ;o)

Bending the other way to get discs to be less stable is extremely inconsistent, I think.
The only thing I can tune is my guitar.............
.......I've heard you play. You can't. :-) Okay so I haven't heard you play and you probably can, just giving you a hard time.
If you want a disc that overstable you might want to consider a boomerang.
thanks for your response...makes perfect sense..i have been playing off and on for about 11 years now and just about 6 months ago found out about "tuning". I do use it some..for example when I am going to do a roller with my express I will tune it down a little just to make it a little more understable...Does it really do anything or is it just a mind trick that makes me think it works is yet to be seen. I also tune my esp nukes sometimes. It seems to help me..but it could just all be in my head lol
That rule is the absolutely most vague of all disc golf rules. Interpretation comes in when you have to decide if the flight characteristics of the disc were altered. Does someone carry around a portable wind tunnel for testing? If I power throw my disc into a tree does that count as altering the flight characteristics? Rules should simply be clear not mumbo jumbo. I could probably come up with a dozen ways that you could treat your disc and we could debate if they actually alter the flight characteristics. How about a rule that is simply clear?
I hear a lot of people complaing about this rule but I have yet to hear someone come up with a reasonable alternative. I beleive the intent of the rule is to prevent people from materially changing the disc, like grinding off the bead on a disc you wish was beadless. Or "excessively" sanding off the bead. The problem is this is very difficult to define precisely. So they give a general description of what you're trying to prevent with a couple of examples of stuff that is ok and let the TD/official make the call on the course. So to answer the OP question I would ask the TD at whatever event I am playing and go with what he says. My take on tuning is that not every disc of the same mold flies the same, so "original flight characteristics" actually defines a range of flight characteristics and tuning is just adjusting the disc within this range.
Here is where you can ask the head honchos at PDGA. Just fill in the form and they will get back to you.

That is actually a GREAT idea. I know they have a section on their site dealing with interpretations of various rules using questions from members.

EVEN though I still agree with Mark Ellis that it probably doesn't make a great amount of difference, and is a Jedi Mindtrick made by the disc...

IDEA: Using the thread title, each of us who have responded need to follow your link and hopefully they will incorporate it in an update to the Rules Questions and Answers in the rules section.

Copy and paste the following:

Under rule 802.01c, is tuning a disc (i.e. bending it to make it behave differently) during a sanctioned PDGA event legal?

Simple, easy question. Should have simple, easy answer. If enough of us ask, they would have to speak out one way or another. Honestly, I could care less if someone bends their discs. I have enough confidence in my game that it does not matter to me.
This replay came VERY quickly:

Re: [PDGA] Rules Committee: Rule 802.01c

Bending it is fine.


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> Under rule 802.01c, is tuning a disc (i.e. bending it to make it behave
>differently) during a sanctioned PDGA event legal?

So, there you have it. Bend away! Or would that be get bent???? not sure...
sounds good!
Bending the Disc is OK . Sanding it is not.

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