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SO I entered into my first PDGA, the Luther Britt "Win or Swim" in Lumberton NC. This was my first ever event as well as some of my frineds that I play with weekly so we all went Recreational division. Well, there was only 6 Rec players but it was a heated battle and the winner was decided on the last hole on the last round! That was awesome. Here is my issue, since we played the "short" tees, it has been now discovered that we will not earn a players rating. We thought that was a "benefit of joining the PDGA" as well as the fact this was not told to us any differently. Even the TD thought this would happen. Well, after the event and some rules about propagators and I am stuck with no rating. I have asked both the club and the PDGA to refund my money. I have no problem returning my players pack and my winnings ($7 dx disc). Am I wrong for this? or am I right by wanting my rating?? Please help Note: this is my club that put the event on????

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50.4 is the reference point from Cincy not 52. It's a known fact that an established 1000 rated player averages 5 shots better per round than 950-rated players on courses with SSA near 50 so each throw is worth 10 ratings points. On courses with SSA near 60, the 1000-rated player averages 7 throws better than the 950 player. Unless the 1000 rated player somehow is averaging better than 1000 rating or the 950 player worse than 950 rating on 60 SSA courses, each throw on 60 SSA courses MUST be worth about 7 points (7 throws x 7 pts ~ 50). Otherwise, those players can't be at ratings 50 points apart.

In an extensive study in the ratings database, it was confirmed that players at any rating have no more difficulty averaging their rating on higher versus lower SSA courses. So whether your rating is 740 or 1040, you can average your rating on a course with an SSA of 44, 54 or 64. The only difference is you'll be less likely to shoot exceptionally high or low rated rounds the higher the course SSA gets.
The SECRET FORMULA is generated by the data and results of the rounds. Chuck cannot comment on the statistical analysis of the ratings due to contractual obligations with the PDGA and the Statistical Analysis company that has created the ratings system.

I can. I used to work as a statistical analysis technician for a marketing research company. The ratings system is based on Statistical and Linear Regression analysis. Linear regression analyzes data from several different parameters, like established player ratings, performance(scores) relative to other propagators, differences in courses like multiple tee pads. The more rated players playing the same courses, the better the accuracy of the analysis. The 1000 rating of a scratch player is based on a statistical deviation from the median score. The number 1000 was selected as a standard, and the statistical results are converted to a 1000 based scale. The ten points per stroke deviation on an average 18 holes was selected to make it easier to compare scores, less accurate for extremely good or bad rounds (greater deviation as scores deviate from the norm) . Median score is the score of the players in the middle of the ratings, this means that ratings are based on AVERAGE rated player’s AVERAGE rounds from the same pads (middle of the Bell Curve). Extremely good and bad ratings are extrapolated from the mean. There is no formula for these calculations, because the formula is generated from the statistical research of the variables entered as data into a linear regression program. This program makes millions of calculations to eliminate variability and increase accuracy. Wal-Mart uses linear regression to predict how many of every product they will sell tomorrow in every one of their stores, so they can load the trucks before they are needed at the store.

Here is a simple explanation of linear regression analysis on wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linear_regression

Hope that clears things up for y’all
A scattergram like this one? The dots above the line are increasingly more wooded courses and those below the line are increasingly wide open with 285 being the value for "average" foliage:

Check the math.. a 1000 rated player will throw a 48 on an average ssa48 course. 30 "putts" and 18 drives equals 48. So the thirty putts in this equation is actually 30 non-drives including all up shots.
Good morning ,I see most comments are about the rating system or if you should get a rating.Mine Is about your question(s),Yes its wrong.They spent the money at(for) the event.you played the golf rounds,you got the experience.No refund! Stop thinking that its your club, or the T.D.s responsability to achive your goals,do your own research.
Yo Steve,
The PDGA should be friendly and inviting and generous to newbies. One of the benefits of playing in sanctioned events is getting a handicap rating. Tino thought he was going to get one and was disappointed to hear he might not. That is perfectly understandable. Many first timers in sanctioned events have enough trouble figuring out all the new rules and customs of tournaments. The last thing we want to do is throw some technicalities at them and blame them for not doing adequate research. Save that for harassing grizzled old veterans of the system like us. :)

The exact accuracy of the handicap rating system is not its most important feature. Even if there is a bit more mathematical guessing or fudging involved in setting initial ratings for newbies it is great that Chuck Kennedy can figure out a way to generate that number. Nice job, Chuck. It is good customer service that means a lot to newbies.
I've been getting some tips on how to do that from that new TV show, Merlin...
Tino,I'm sorry if my view is harsh to you.(Do you feel harassed?) Mark, I'm not 100% on the new rules,customs or ratings either. I am sure taking charge of your needs /goals is better than leaving it to others.
...and i have been thinking it was the "wizard of oz" with you being the "man behind the curtain"
If I were ever "behind the curtain," it was blown away long ago...

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