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SO I entered into my first PDGA, the Luther Britt "Win or Swim" in Lumberton NC. This was my first ever event as well as some of my frineds that I play with weekly so we all went Recreational division. Well, there was only 6 Rec players but it was a heated battle and the winner was decided on the last hole on the last round! That was awesome. Here is my issue, since we played the "short" tees, it has been now discovered that we will not earn a players rating. We thought that was a "benefit of joining the PDGA" as well as the fact this was not told to us any differently. Even the TD thought this would happen. Well, after the event and some rules about propagators and I am stuck with no rating. I have asked both the club and the PDGA to refund my money. I have no problem returning my players pack and my winnings ($7 dx disc). Am I wrong for this? or am I right by wanting my rating?? Please help Note: this is my club that put the event on????

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Tino. The PDGA will straighten it out with the official ratings. It's my understanding that in order for you to play a certain pad placement and it being sacation there is a SSA. Either way the PDGA will straighten it out when they get to do an official rating. AND WHAT were YOU doing in REC! J/K. I am glad you guys had a great time. I wish that we could have made it.
I did rec since this was my first ever PDGA, and everyone instructed me to play down for the first event.
Almost everything has a logical answer when one is able to think clearly and without clenched fists.
It sounds like the TD was actually trying to be nice and cater to your division by setting you up on the short tees as it would be a better fit for the Rec Division skill set. Instead of this being great for your division, it ended up not allowing you all to receive ratings. Not all TD's are familiar with all the math lingo used for ratings - SSA's, propagators, standard deviations, blah, blah, blah. They just know if they turn in the scores to the PDGA, the players get ratings. Now you, your friends and the TD have learned a valuable lesson.

You are not wrong for wanting a rating, but just because you did not get a rating, doesn't mean you are entitled to a refund. The PDGA certainly can't refund your money - as they did not put on the event - they only sanctioned it for a fee. The TD cannot give back your money as that went to pay for PDGA fees, park fees, trophies, prizes and player packs. The club or TD probably have no event money left - as most events are lucky to break even. They probably are working to pay off some outstanding bills as it is.

Try to look at it this way. You and your friends got to experience a PDGA event - which should be worth something. Now you know how it works and what to expect the next time out. You won a disc ($7.00) and got a players pack ($20.00). According to the entry form, you paid $30.00 to play, so you almost made all your money back. You also learned that in your next event you may need to remind the TD that your division should be playing the same tees as at least one other division that has rated players.

Once upon a time there were no ratings, or no player packs and only the top players ever went home with anything. Then we had to wait three months to read scores in the magazine - BUT WE LIKED IT!!
Yeah...we didn't have shoes either....And WE LIKED IT!!!! lmao!
Thanks everyone for the imput. I dont mean to be sour and really dont care about the money. It's the whole rating thing that I just feel cheated. I freakin' love this sport and love my club and the PDGA, I am a big time promoter of anything discgolf related and normally positive vibes. I just hate that "cheated" feeling. Thanks Chuck, I am still waiting for the response.
I already gave the one you wanted to hear.
I'm curious too, Tino, ...to hear Chucks answer. I would imagine the distance of the course you played has to be factored into the equation.
that doesn't explain anything but that it will be eventually calculated... what I want to know is how Tino's rating will be calculated. ... I do usually read all the posts in a thread...so I didn't miss that ; )....I even seen the FAQ's link and had read them before too....a few times here and there over the years.

Chuck is good at explaining certain aspects of the rules and procedures of this sport. I would guess if it was an easy piece of cake answer, Chuck would not have to think about it.

This would be a good thread to thoroughly explain SSA/ratings and how they are calculated....and why they are not always accurate when results are first reported... you know...when you send off (email) your results.... within a few minutes or so, the round ratings appear but may change a little once the report is received by the PDGA.

Mark do you know exactly how they are calculated? how they work?...I know you have read all about ratings and such at one point in time too just like I have...I know I couldn't explain it that well. So I won't even try. lol!!

That's why myself, and I'm sure, a few others would like to hear what Chucks official reply would be.
why they are not always accurate when results are first reported... you know...when you send off (email) your results.... within a few minutes or so, the round ratings appear but may change a little once the report is received by the PDGA.

The short answer is when TD's upload results to PDGA the ratings are calculated automatically. This basic input system is not designed to handle all variables. Sometimes it takes a person with a brain and actual reasoning ability to make adjustments. That is why results are "Unofficial" of "Official". Let's say five Advanced players were in the B Pool away from the rest of their division - this may affect all the Advanced players ratings, but TD's are not able to input that type of information when uploading scores.

Again, Official results have been checked by humans with brains. Unofficial results can contain errors - like the wrong PDGA numbers for players, or missing PDGA numbers (both of which can affect ratings). It has been my experience that if TD's input the results correctly (and there were no huge weather discrepancies or players in different pools, etc), Official and Unofficial results are exactly the SAME!!!
excuse me...I meant official "reply" ..not answer...explaining about ratings/SSA.
There is no more official info I can provide than what you can read in the FAQ and Ratings sections on the PDGA site.


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