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SO I entered into my first PDGA, the Luther Britt "Win or Swim" in Lumberton NC. This was my first ever event as well as some of my frineds that I play with weekly so we all went Recreational division. Well, there was only 6 Rec players but it was a heated battle and the winner was decided on the last hole on the last round! That was awesome. Here is my issue, since we played the "short" tees, it has been now discovered that we will not earn a players rating. We thought that was a "benefit of joining the PDGA" as well as the fact this was not told to us any differently. Even the TD thought this would happen. Well, after the event and some rules about propagators and I am stuck with no rating. I have asked both the club and the PDGA to refund my money. I have no problem returning my players pack and my winnings ($7 dx disc). Am I wrong for this? or am I right by wanting my rating?? Please help Note: this is my club that put the event on????

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Thanks everyone for the imput. I dont mean to be sour and really dont care about the money. It's the whole rating thing that I just feel cheated. I freakin' love this sport and love my club and the PDGA, I am a big time promoter of anything discgolf related and normally positive vibes. I just hate that "cheated" feeling. Thanks Chuck, I am still waiting for the response.
the short tees do make somewhat of a difference on this course (less water to cross)
I already gave the one you wanted to hear.
I'm curious too, Tino, ...to hear Chucks answer. I would imagine the distance of the course you played has to be factored into the equation.
that doesn't explain anything but that it will be eventually calculated... what I want to know is how Tino's rating will be calculated. ... I do usually read all the posts in a thread...so I didn't miss that ; )....I even seen the FAQ's link and had read them before too....a few times here and there over the years.

Chuck is good at explaining certain aspects of the rules and procedures of this sport. I would guess if it was an easy piece of cake answer, Chuck would not have to think about it.

This would be a good thread to thoroughly explain SSA/ratings and how they are calculated....and why they are not always accurate when results are first reported... you know...when you send off (email) your results.... within a few minutes or so, the round ratings appear but may change a little once the report is received by the PDGA.

Mark do you know exactly how they are calculated? how they work?...I know you have read all about ratings and such at one point in time too just like I have...I know I couldn't explain it that well. So I won't even try. lol!!

That's why myself, and I'm sure, a few others would like to hear what Chucks official reply would be.
excuse me...I meant official "reply" ..not answer...explaining about ratings/SSA.
There is no more official info I can provide than what you can read in the FAQ and Ratings sections on the PDGA site.
Your lame Chuck...I was looking for the Cliff Notes version....lol!!!! I just read all the FAQ's on ratings...again, and still wouldn't attempt to explain it. lol.
What that section really needs is graphs and charts showing some examples on how our ratings system works. Some of us need pictures...Chuck!! ROFL

Why is 285 a factor? is that the average length of all holes in existence? And how did the pdga determine that number? why add 30....what is the importance of 30?
The information available is the extent to which the PDGA wishes to provide information on the ratings system for proprietary reasons. As a contractor for providng the service, what I've provided is what i'm authorized to provide. The 285 and 30 factors simply were derived from the 100s of thousands of round data points as the best fit linear equation for SSA.
On a side note...I believe that they are real accurate. Based on 10 rating points equaling 1 stroke...and our very simple handicapping method... differences in rating points does somewhat work out to the same differences in local handicaps....Player B has a 890 rating and is a minus 7 from our average long placement setup...Player A is a +2 with a Rating of 980 a difference of 9 strokes.

we can actually give a handicap to any player with an established rating...even if they never played on our course before.
Oh, I see...it's a Top Secret mathematical equation....on a "need to know" basis. lol!!
what are they worried about....corporate espionage? spying from the USGA?
You can at least tell us what 285 represents...my guess on it being the average length of all holes...probably isn't correct. Seeing how we send the total length of the course played..not a hole by hole break down. 30 I'm guessing is the desired number of propagators used. But not sure why that number would be added and not a number that would divide into another.

Is 30 the Fudge Factor?
Yeah...we didn't have shoes either....And WE LIKED IT!!!! lmao!

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