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SO I entered into my first PDGA, the Luther Britt "Win or Swim" in Lumberton NC. This was my first ever event as well as some of my frineds that I play with weekly so we all went Recreational division. Well, there was only 6 Rec players but it was a heated battle and the winner was decided on the last hole on the last round! That was awesome. Here is my issue, since we played the "short" tees, it has been now discovered that we will not earn a players rating. We thought that was a "benefit of joining the PDGA" as well as the fact this was not told to us any differently. Even the TD thought this would happen. Well, after the event and some rules about propagators and I am stuck with no rating. I have asked both the club and the PDGA to refund my money. I have no problem returning my players pack and my winnings ($7 dx disc). Am I wrong for this? or am I right by wanting my rating?? Please help Note: this is my club that put the event on????

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Why would the short tees make any difference? They are poured concrete and sanctioning process was followed so it should count. By the way, some of those short tees make the for harder shots than a few longs at Luther Britt, fun course.
Never heard of such a thing. Is it a PDGA rule? or just for the tournament? Either way you would think the TD should inform you of the rules for that tournament ie..the 2 meter rule for discs in a tree. I wouldn't let one tournament jade you. What I've found through the years. Is that there are some tournaments that are a must to go to, and some you just stay away from.
http://www.pdga.com/members/benefits These are the benefits that you receive.

http://www.pdga.com/faq These are the FAQ's

You just have to do a little digging around to find all the answers. Short answer is you need X amount of propagators for X amount of rounds to get a rating. However, if you you can find the SSA for that course from those tees (important: from those tee's)you can calculate pretty close to what your rating would be. Asking for your money back just because your experience wasn't what you'd envisioned is a little bogus. Im sure a lot of effort went in to making the tourny happen. Sorry it didn't work out for you. Just play against a bigger field and everything should work out fine next time.
It only takes 3 people signed up (not 3 to actually play) to make a division in a sanctioned tourny.
yes but to get a rating you need people with a history of playing against other rated competitors to get rated. It may sound weird but they just didint have enough information to "compare" your scores to theirs.
So if 16 people joined the PDGA and played against each other in any division at a sanctioned tourny for their first ever event, none of them would get a rating?
You do. It's based on a bell curve of ALL players not just those in your divison.
Chuck, can you help Tino out with this?
He'll have your answer straight away, hang in there brother.
You did everything right and you should get a rating from that tourney.
I wrote a response already and have to sit on it for a bit and probably change it.

In short, Tino's group will get official ratings when we do them. But the online unofficial ratings software doesn't know how to do the manual process we have to do for this situation.
ok are you shore you are not getting a rating... if so I think as pdga member you should call them you paid to to be a member and get the truth about it and if that not working for you talk to the TD and find out why the group is not getting a rating and ask him for the money from tournament back it's not the pdga's fault the TD should have told you and if he says he didnt know and it's frist tounament at that course then that just @#$%%% if you know what mean ..but IF THE TD HAS BEEN THERE FOR YEARS AND HE KNOWS THAT YOU WOULD NOT GET A RATING YOU NEED TO STOP PLAY AT HIS TOURNAMENT
looks like you and rocky should have competed in intermediate! 20+ stroke lead for you guys! hehe BAGGER!!! welcome to pdga tournys!
the short tees do make somewhat of a difference on this course (less water to cross)


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