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SO I entered into my first PDGA, the Luther Britt "Win or Swim" in Lumberton NC. This was my first ever event as well as some of my frineds that I play with weekly so we all went Recreational division. Well, there was only 6 Rec players but it was a heated battle and the winner was decided on the last hole on the last round! That was awesome. Here is my issue, since we played the "short" tees, it has been now discovered that we will not earn a players rating. We thought that was a "benefit of joining the PDGA" as well as the fact this was not told to us any differently. Even the TD thought this would happen. Well, after the event and some rules about propagators and I am stuck with no rating. I have asked both the club and the PDGA to refund my money. I have no problem returning my players pack and my winnings ($7 dx disc). Am I wrong for this? or am I right by wanting my rating?? Please help Note: this is my club that put the event on????

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When I started playing in tournaments in the 1970's , I was fortunate just to be able to play with the World Class Players.

We didn't have course ratings or player ratings back then. I don't think it really matters , unless your sponsored.

And if you are sponsored , always thank them for their support and promote their products !!!!
Thank you Mark, Thats my only concern, as I stated earlier, the money is no big deal, I had a good time and enjoyed the compitiion. I simply thought I would earn a "player's rating that may infrom me how I "rank" in the disc golf game. Nothing pointed me in the direction that this would not have happened. If I knew that only the long tee's or "higher" divisions got the rating, I would have played up but this being my first PDGA I played Rec and then WHAM, suprise, no rating!
On June 26th, Chuck Kennedy replied that you would get a rating for this event when the results are officially processed.

Are you upset because you have to wait until July 21st to get your first official rating? I would think coming in second place would be a good indicator of how you "rank".
After reading this for awhile:
Can't help but bring back the memory of
"Hey I play advanced and want to play against the pros on their pads..."
How many times have you heard this?
Nothing against yourself.
But if you are willing to play and choose a division than that is where you play.
This coming from a 'seasoned' TD.
We all can't have everything.
In your regular time, play with a 'local pro.'
Or play doubles with a pro.
It will not only improve your game, but your attitude as well.
no discette, I am happy and waiting to see if they come. I was simply replying to mark's post and understanding.
o.k., not even sure from what you put if you read the post??? Or maybe I am not understanding what you mean. It is not about where or what division, it was about the fact that we played a PDGA event and only after the event were we told that we would not get ratings since we threw from the "short" tees. It isn't about "having everything", it's about recieveing what was paid for. Sorry if there was any mis-understanding there.
Not meaning to pick on you.
Why would the TD say you would have a rating, if you were not playing the same course as the pros?
He apparently was misinformed or ignorant of the fact of how ratings operate.
But did you have fun?
You were essentially playing a different course, on the same property, against those in that particular division. After all it is divisional competition. And believe me when I say it is different when you play in each division. Some are more 'serious' than others. When you are in a lead group in the pros it is different than when in another.
If you need to know your rating, play the same course as the pros did and use the formula that Chuck K. tried to explain. But realize your conditions will not be the same. Weather, time of day, people around the course, noise level....
Personally don't strongly believe in the rating system.
It would work great if everyone were on the same level.
But no one really is.
For the handful of touring pros vs. everyone else (those that have jobs and responsibilities) there are too many factors to consider.
Ratings are overrated.
It's not that you played the short tee pads, it's that you played in the recreational division. Recreational means recreational. Step up and play intermediate next time.
You do. It's based on a bell curve of ALL players not just those in your divison.
Tino. The PDGA will straighten it out with the official ratings. It's my understanding that in order for you to play a certain pad placement and it being sacation there is a SSA. Either way the PDGA will straighten it out when they get to do an official rating. AND WHAT were YOU doing in REC! J/K. I am glad you guys had a great time. I wish that we could have made it.
I did rec since this was my first ever PDGA, and everyone instructed me to play down for the first event.
No Recreational does not mean recreational! How many times do you morons have to be told this. It means that you are rated under 900. Why don't you step and Play PRO since you think so highly of yourself!!!

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