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The Divisional Tour Newsgroup is soliciting new members this month. The major purpose of the Newsgroup is to identify, promote and support exciting PDGA events that appeal to players 40 and older. Newsgroup members nominate and select our Tour events; most of the support comes from the Senior Foundation Grant Program. Newsgroup members receive periodic e-mails with a spreadsheet listing the Tour events and key items of information about them. The spreadsheets are typically accompanied by announcements and discussions of particular interest to older players.

You would probably benefit from our Newsgroup if most of the following statements describe you:

1) You will be 40 or older in 2012.
2) You would much rather play disc golf competitively than watch somebody else play it.
3) You do not believe that your major purpose as a PDGA member is to provide galleries and/or financial support for Open players.
4) You enjoy a challenge, and don't want to be babied.
4) You would occasionally travel regionally, perhaps nationally, or possibly even internationally to play in an event that offered good value to your division.
5) You wish that there were some way to identify such events well in advance.

If you would like to try this, please send an e-mail to me (shive@uwyo.edu), and I will add you to our mailing list. I respect confidentiality, and will not provide your contact information to any third party without your express permission. Also, I will remove you from the newsgroup at any time upon your request.

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It's about 50-50 whether this putt catches or not. 



I'm not sure how "side clubs" work, but probably not.  Our current focus is on older players who tour.  We try to identify and support events that are large enough and "senior-friendly" enough to attract the  over-40's from all over the country.  I doubt that the Divisional Tour would have much appeal to players whose activity was mostly at the club or local level. 

at 44, I know I'm not some young stud, but damn when did I need to have "senior-friendly" events?


LOL just kidding :P

A "Club" on this website is just a special interest group, which fits perfectly with, for example, the Divisional Tour.  Such a  "Club" could be an additional avenue for publicizing the Divisional Tour beyond the email chain heretofore employed.


Any Old Guys (or Old Girls) could join the club and get regular updates here as well as discuss topics relevant to  the Divisional Tour.  Whether a given club member was interested in local or national or international tournaments (with favorable age protected divisions) would not really matter because any of us might find ourselves traveling to a particular region at a particular time and need a tournament fix.


Indeed, a player who had never traveled outside his hometown still might be enticed to go to a well respected event with a "senior friendly" reputation, if he were to be exposed to the possibility.


Since this website is free to join and use, Mr. Shive could, if he wished, direct communication about the Divisional Tour here for all the aged, if not feeble, senior citizens of the PDGA.  Then we would not need to check our email (a newfangled way of passing messages fraught with complexity) we could merely check in here periodically.


If a Club member were to discuss a local event and draw in others to a local event ( ya know, bring in a bunch of old guys together for a given event) it probably would not destroy the integrity of the Divisional Tour even if a national tournaments were initially anticipated.

I'd be interested in knowing about these events. I like Mark's idea of making a "club" here vs sending emails.
My GAME turned 40 last August :/

I'm from canada and have travelled to tourneys in the states ...... a senior event in washinton or oregon  is doable for me ..... the club idea here is a good idea ...... i'd like to see how many senior gm would pre register for a tourney

at a older div. tourney ..... i'd also like to see a tourney for seniors in hawaii .... take the wife let the locals set it up

A silly question.

I have tried to compete in Advance Masters but of course they play from the long pads.

But is there such a thing as Am Masters.  Where I can compete against people my age but not at an "Advanced" level.

I played intermediate and had to compete against the "Younger" crowd and lost my butt off.

Then I tried Advanced Master and really lost due to the increased difficulty.

So when playing in tournies, can I request "AM Masters" ?

Mark and Boom and Jay,

I have no objections to reposting at least some of the Divisional Tour correspondence to this site.  Some of it involves EXcel spreadsheet info, and I'm not sure whether that format would work.

Anyhow, I'm willing to try it for a while, but I don't know how.  I've looked under "Categories" and I don't see any "Club" category, and I looked under "Clubhouse" but I don't see how to create a club.  Please advise me, or somebody set up an "Over-40's" club, and I'll post Divisional Tour info there.





Just create a 'Group'. Same as club.
Advanced Masters IS Am Masters. If you got yer butt kicked in Intermediate, try Recreational. Or if yer over 50 try Adv Grand Masters.


OK, I see how to do it.  But I don't want to do it because then it would be "My Group".  I've got enough on my plate with the Divisional Tour, and I don't want to take on a group whose interest is more general than the Divisional Tour.  Somebody else create an "Over 40" group and let me know.  Then I'll post DT stuff to it. 

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