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I've heard mixed info on this. My general understanding right now is that you can jump putt outside 10 meters/ 30ft., now I've been starting to play league and never had any word of it, even played with a guy that stepped out the 30ft to make sure he was legal to do a jump putt.

Yet last weekend I was a good 75ft-85ft out and go for a jump putt and this guy that has been playing for 30yrs said that it was a illegal putt, that one foot has to be on the ground (my thought was then pros wouldn't use the term "jump putt" ever, cause they wouldn't be allowed to play it).

Here is my other question, he also claimed it was illegal, because I was about 2 foot behind my marker so when I landed I wouldn't pass my marker (cause I figured the guy would call that).Bascially the guy just wanted to be a jerk the whole round.

I looked in my little PDGA handbook and see no mention on jump putts, but I'm sure it's in there rules some where and would love to print it out and keep it on me to pull out in these already handful of times this has come up and seems to be a grey'ish area for a lot of players I'm ran into.

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From the PDGA Rule Book:

803.04 Stance, Subsequent to Teeing Off

A. When the disc is released, a player must:
(1) Have at least one supporting point that is in contact with the playing surface on the line
of play and within 30 centimeters directly behind the marker disc (except as specified in
803.04 E); and,
(2) have no supporting point contact with the marker disc or any object closer to the hole
than the rear edge of the marker disc; and,
(3) have all of his or her supporting points in-bounds.

B. Stepping past the marker disc is permitted after the disc is released, except when
putting within 10 meters.

Sorry to say, but that "jerk" was right when he told you that you had to have one foot (or other supporting point) on the ground at the time of release. He was also right when he said you were too far behind your marker disc as two feet is NOT within 30 cm.
Outside of 10 meters you can "jump putt"

However you must be within about 1 disc length behind your mark/leave. You also must release your disc before your supporting point of contact behind your disc leaves the playing surface..

The reason people jump putt is to get extra momentum/power of the shot that they would not be able to get standing and still have about the same accuracy as a normal putt. (Putting stance and springing toward the basket) Since you are outside the putting circle you can follow through and land on the other side of your mark just as you can anywhere else. The object is to control the disc like a putt rather then throw the disc with your arm.

From what it sounds like you probably were in violation of stance.

As for the guy that stepped outside the putting circle so he could jump putt this is illegal. If your leave is within the putting circle you must putt not jump putt. If your disc lands half in and half out you can make the choice to not pick up your disc and jump or put down a marker and putt.
Yes, but he was saying that a foot ALWAYS has to be on the ground, which I said the whole "I thought as long as the disc released before he hit the ground." Which he replied that a foot much always be on the ground for a legal shot. Cause I told him that the only reason I stepped back a foot or 2 behind the marker is I figured he was going to claim it was illegal after I over stepped it.

Which he said it was, cause your foot can't leave the ground. I was way, way, past the 30ft mind you.

So yeah the guy was being a jerk about it and he was being a jerk the whole round to anybody that was quote "newer player to him" which meant anyone playing less then 10yrs to him. If your under 40 this guy automatically is a jerk to you.

I didn't doubt that it was a stupid thing to do in after math, but this guy was calling every little thing on a casual handicap league. I was just trying to not get called on b.s.
The whole "I thought as long as the disc released before he hit the ground." Is not a rule. You must have a supporting point in contact with the ground UNTIL the disc is released. After you release the disc you may step forward if you are at least 32.8 feet (which is 10 meters, which is how the rule is written) from the basket. There is no part of the rules that speaks of releasing the disc before you hit the ground. This is a prime example of a non-rule rule.
Warned for the first offense and made to rethrow with a different disc.

Stroked for each offense thereafter and made to re-throw
No misunderstanding, probably cause of me. the other guy was doing the steps to the basket before his shot on a prior game to make sure he was legal, that he wasn't inside the 30ft.

I know how to stance and to release before I hit the ground again, never been a problem cause you get the most push off a jump putt when your in air about the farthest out and up before you start coming back to the ground.

Where I was illegal was that I was about I shoe and a half behind my mark so about a foot and a half I guess and I did not argue with him that it was illegal, just that I didnt' realize that part was illegal, that I was only doing it cause I thought he was going to claim it was illegal cause of me over stepping (even though I already released).

Cause like I said I thought that was basically the rule, but I had nothing to back it up and didn't have my PDGA book on me at the time.

So basically the only thing that was illegal is I was too far behind my marker, which I didn't doubt after he said it. Though he looked right at my feet before my throw and didn't say a single word, I took pletty of time on this shot as it was a long shot to make it in.

What I was arguing with him is the fact that you could do a jump putt outside of 30ft as long as the disc. So my whole worry of being called for over step (which he couldn't do legally, cause the disc was out of my hand). I have such a mixed word on the rule that I figured he might know some overstep rule I didn't know about.

I knew the disc out of your hands thing before you land too, but it's just one of those moments that your just so mad at some body that all knowledge for your argument leaves your mind and you just say forget it, cause you have nothing. Cause he was making a big deal about my doing a jump putt. I wouldn't be surprized if at some time it was ilIegal in Colorado Springs. I guess at one time rollers where illegal in Colorado Springs tournaments.

Just one of those guys that gets kicks off of walking around pissing people off and screwing with people's games. I know you've seen them at leagues and tourney's I'm sure.
The guy might have known I was right about the rest and just wanted to get me worked up. I played terrible the rest of the round and ended up with my worst score ever at that or any course I've played so far (well since I first started learning to play).

I got a MASSIVE 80 at a par 56 course, which it is a harder course, but 80 wow, I've never scored even in the 70's there. I think my highest was another league where I got a bunch of out of bounds and got 64. Got a huge score of 15 on one hole that there is a creek right before the basket and every thing before the creek is out of bounds, ouch. So that was a big part of the 80
Thanks for giving me the PDGA section, now I can refer to it the next time this comes up. So I was about 6 little inches off at a handicap casual $5 league. The guy seen my stance before my throw, if he had a problem with it he should have said something then and I didn't argue on that part of his call.

I argued about weither or not I could do a jump putt, cause he was mainly mad that I did a jump putt and that it was supposely a illegal shot and it's a sloppy shot and I should have approached instead. Yet, I landed right under the basket from a good 75-80ft out. So he was being a bit extreme over the whole thing.

So no he wasn't right cause he said "one foot must be on the ground at ALL times during ANY throw." Which is not current, my disc left my hand before WAY before i ever hit ground again.
I think what you're saying is that you jump towards the basket and throw while you are in the air, and you're ahead of your mini at that point. That is what's illegal. You must have a supporting point on the ground within 30 centimeters (about 12 inches) at the time when you release the disc. A legal jump putt is when you step up to the mini and throw while your foot is still on the ground and you then step or jump past the mini. The question there is when you release. I see all kinds of stances by casuals. Some guys jump like a long jump towards the basket, some put their back foot on the mini and the front foot is going towards the basket, some step ahead from the marker when they throw. All kinds and all illegal (in tournaments). Look up the rles and carry a rules book with you.
No he was flat out being a jerk, his whole projection in how he acts and talks to people he doesn't know. Even before the tournament he was being loud and rude. It wasn't hey this is what the rule is or isn't. It was more like that's a illegal shot what are you doing. I pointed out before we started that I had only be playing league for about a month and never played a tournament.

This is NOT your nice guy helping people. He is the guy at tourney out there talking s#$t to people and talking about how great his own shots were. Like how he had to point out to all of us that he was the only one on our card to get over the creek on hole 3 and how we all needed to step up our game. No this is not your nice guy.

Unless your a experienced player, this guy is just a jerk the whole time. It's honestly a wonder they even let the guy play with the way he acts.

I honestly don't know or care if it got counted against me. I'm truly grateful when players point out a mistake I make in a respectful manor. This guy was just flat out being a jerk the whole round to anybody that hadn't been playing for at least 10yrs.

If he has that type of attitude he should go to a A and B league split, not a handicap league and be a jerk to new comers. He started yelling I smell Rookies before the tournament, just a guy that's in his 50's and acts like he is 12yrs old., just shows no respect to any body he doesn't know.

My shot it's self was legal, where i stood was not, he is claiming that jump putts are illegal, period.
I was just going to ask about that, cause the wording in the PDGA book is weird. Cause it says it's okay to over step so I was thinking as long as it's in the air, so why I was thinking in the air was okay.

If he would have just came over and explained what I did wrong I would have been just fine. But he started flipping out like I should have known better, when just a couple holes ago I told him that I'd only been playing league for about a month and never been to a tournament before.

That's going to make jump putting a lot more interesting for timing... no wonder so many players approach instead of jump putt, you can get called on it pretty easily then.

Knowing that I don't think I'll jump putt at all, cause seem pretty pointless, with very little extra push if it leaves ur hands before you leave the ground.

Please read carefully, as all of us are trying to help you.

There were two things illegal with your shot.

1st - your understanding of a jump putt is wrong. The jumping should occur after you release the disc. You cannot jump in the air and throw the disc before you land.

2nd - You must stand within 30 cm (11.8 Inches) of your lie.

Both of those things made your shot illegal.

P.S. Many pros are using a revised form of putting to gain momentum, instead of a jump putt. It seems to keep a little more control. You setup in a normal putting stance. When you are ready to putt, shift all of your weight to your back leg and push forward as you make the putting motion. Your front foot actually stays on the ground the whole time and you just step forward with your backfoot. Using this style will help keep you within the rules. But you still can't do it within 10 meters.

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