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I've heard mixed info on this. My general understanding right now is that you can jump putt outside 10 meters/ 30ft., now I've been starting to play league and never had any word of it, even played with a guy that stepped out the 30ft to make sure he was legal to do a jump putt.

Yet last weekend I was a good 75ft-85ft out and go for a jump putt and this guy that has been playing for 30yrs said that it was a illegal putt, that one foot has to be on the ground (my thought was then pros wouldn't use the term "jump putt" ever, cause they wouldn't be allowed to play it).

Here is my other question, he also claimed it was illegal, because I was about 2 foot behind my marker so when I landed I wouldn't pass my marker (cause I figured the guy would call that).Bascially the guy just wanted to be a jerk the whole round.

I looked in my little PDGA handbook and see no mention on jump putts, but I'm sure it's in there rules some where and would love to print it out and keep it on me to pull out in these already handful of times this has come up and seems to be a grey'ish area for a lot of players I'm ran into.

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You're all right, but I think you're making it slightly more complicated then it has to be.

I think of it this way:

You can not have both feet off the ground while the disc is still in your hand. Otherwise, you could jump around/over a bush and simply slam dunk the disc into the basket on certain shots.

Also, "jump putt" is what we call it, but the name is kind of misleading. It's really more of a lunge and follow through. When I do it I rock back and forth with me feet set closely behind my mini and spring forward. My left toe is barely off the ground, but the whole right palm of my foot & toes are still on the ground when I finally let go.

Not to plug myself, but I posted a video of me doing one a while back, check it and see what I mean.


Cool, I'm listening. That's crazy cause after knowing that I was thinking I should trying pulling my weight much lower and back to give more momentum in the putt. Cause I don't want to lose out on the long putts, but don't want to get a stroke when I know I will be messing up on them a lot.

It's one of those things you ask 5 different players and get 5 some what different answers of what the rules are.
There is no such thing as a jump putt in Disc Golf.
It is not legal to release the disc while you are in the air.
They need to change the name to "Putt Jump".
You must release the disc before you jump or lunge.
I have many photos of the illegal jump putters, hanging in the air with the disc still in hand.
Hard to make a call in tournaments as you need video replay in slow motion to prove anything.
Although, if you see it, make a call and hope that somebody seconds it and get rid of the sloppy illegal play!
You must be touching ground directly behind the mini and you only get a foot to deal with, not two feet.
A body part must be touching the line that runs from the pole of the basket through the middle of your marker on the 12 inch line and cannot leave that line until your disc is released.
I see a lot of players put their heel on the line, lean out and go up on their toe to throw, taking the heel off the line and not releasing behind their mark, but beside it.
If you plan to lift your heel when you throw, you must put your toe on the line instead of your heel.
You must be breaking the line until you release your disc.
Thanks for the info. I think I'm going to plan save for a bit and try shifting my weight lower and more back at the beinging of my putt and still finish with my regular one legged stance at the end and save myself this mess.

I lunge more then jump too I guess, but I didn't know that the discs had to be out of your hand before leaving the ground. I did know I couldn't do it within the 30ft though.

I'm just surprized nobody noticed before now, maybe other times I was letting go at right time and it's only some thing I do some times. It's hard to know with out being able to watch myself throw.
The Whole thing is you have to show Balance inside 30 feet or 10 meters !!! Thats in the rules.

I don't care if Players do a turn around or run up or Flying Jump Putts , Handstands , jumping off of bicycles outside 30 feet or 10 meters. As long as your behind your marker.

Always Encourage Good Sportsman ship towards other players. That's what you will be remembered for.

One thing I have noticed after years of playing , you will always come across some guy who won't respect you abilities or your game.
Quick question, with this type of revised stance. Does it seem to work better still flexing the front leg or straight ?

That is if you could jump 30ft or longer, lol. Air Jordan of Disc Golf, lol. you could even stick your tongue out.

I could see it now, lol.

Helps when some body actually explains what you did wrong. Rather then flipping out that you made a legal move and when you inquire why, they just say that jump putt is illegal.

Cause that was my argument was that jump putts are legal outside of 30ft and he wouldn't just simply tell me what I did wrong.

Just wanted to make a big scene and then not tell me what I did wrong. You could just tell right off from the start of the round that he was pissed off that he had two newer players on his card and his buddy could care less. He was respectful and nice, like you should be when a player that may not be new, but new to tourney rules to point what was wrong in the throw with just a little class and respect.

See that's what I was trying to do is NOT TO CHEAT. I stepped back so I wouldn't cross my marker after landing, even though I knew I could after release (I just didn't release that your release has be before both feet get off the ground. I even edited my jump putt so I would land on one leg with balance, cause I was told it was the whole not showing balance before.

You see my point, I was doing all this to not cheat and this guy was still a total a-hole about it. Really pissed me off and killed the rest of my game and my mood. I just so badly wanted to.... yeah you get what I mean, lol.

I totally agreed with him about the being behind and explained why I did it and that I didn't know it was illegal. But he would never tell me what about my jump putt was illegal, other then jump putting is illegal and you always want to have your feet on the ground for more control. I said okay, but jump putts are legal, he said no they are not.

All he would have had to do is say "hey, you released your disc after leaving the ground and that is what makes it illegal." I would have said "oh I didn't know, thanks."

People are thinking that I'm getting worked up about their answers and I'm not. I"m getting worked up cause people are telling me that he was only helping and not being a "jerk". When I was there, trust me he was just trying to be a total a-hole about it. So much so that his buddy decided to talk to him about his behavior in private on the way to the next hole. Not that I was listening, just you tend to still hear a few words here and there. If I was in A league by all means rip my head off cause I should know better if I'm entering that type of league.

I entered a HANDICAP league, that is designed so everybody has a fair chance at winning. A handicap league is designed for newer players to come play.
Thank you. Very clear answer. I think that's what thrown me off the past couple years of playing is not playing in a league and the name "jump putt", you figure I putt while I"m jumping.

It's been pointed out to me as being illegal once or twice before, but nobody has given me a clear answer until I decided to do this post. I've had players ask questions me on it and I tell them I would give them a answer if I had a clear one to tell them that I knew for sure was fact. Cause I always figure no answer is better then givining out what could be the wrong answer. God I love this site!!!
Man, I want to see somebody do a jump putt off a bicycle. lol. That would really spice up the sport wouldn't it?

We're sorry your outside the 30ft, your going to have to do this shot while cycling.
Knowing the rules is one thing.
And it is good to follow them. It's how you are approached that matters.
When I see a 'new' player putt and their foot is in front, to the side or completely off.. let them do it.
Especially if a casual. I kindly inform them after the shot, "Do you know the proper footing rule?"
They usually say no. Then show them and make them aware of it. Be nice, smile maybe.
A 'better' player will help a less experienced golfer.

Remember when you first started... there was someone with more experience helping.
It's all in the approach.

And say "There are some out here that won't hesitate, to tell you you are wrong."
I see people try jump putting,my guess is 3 out of 5 attemps are either released to late or the footing is off.Its hard to prove and not worth the effort(distraction).

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