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I've heard mixed info on this. My general understanding right now is that you can jump putt outside 10 meters/ 30ft., now I've been starting to play league and never had any word of it, even played with a guy that stepped out the 30ft to make sure he was legal to do a jump putt.

Yet last weekend I was a good 75ft-85ft out and go for a jump putt and this guy that has been playing for 30yrs said that it was a illegal putt, that one foot has to be on the ground (my thought was then pros wouldn't use the term "jump putt" ever, cause they wouldn't be allowed to play it).

Here is my other question, he also claimed it was illegal, because I was about 2 foot behind my marker so when I landed I wouldn't pass my marker (cause I figured the guy would call that).Bascially the guy just wanted to be a jerk the whole round.

I looked in my little PDGA handbook and see no mention on jump putts, but I'm sure it's in there rules some where and would love to print it out and keep it on me to pull out in these already handful of times this has come up and seems to be a grey'ish area for a lot of players I'm ran into.

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If it's a local small mini tourny... I can care less. Really I am not that guy that will call someone on a foot foul because they were a little to far back or to the side of their marker. I am the first one to tell someone who lands in a "dangerous" spot to take casual relief so they don't "pull a hamie over it". It's not worth getting cut up, falling off a ledge or really hurt over.

But playing in sanctioned events is different... I usuallydon't have to say something. There is always someone who is gonna be "that guy". You just roll with it, make sure you know and understand all the rules and play accordingly.
Yeah, exactly. I love it when people show me stuff I'm doing wrong. As long as it's done with respect, and why I inform some of these up tight players about it. So they will let me know and cut my some slack (not as in strokes, don't care about that), but cut me some slack as in hey this guy doesn't know so I'll just help him out.

Not flip the hell out on me. One of the harder times to keep me cool
Yeah I'm going to try and pull back more and not jump putt instead. I don't want to be "that guy" the guy that is the sloppy player and not a cheater. Cause I don't want people to think I'm trying to cheat.

Like a year ago when I was first really getting into playing every sat and sun, playing casual rounds. I had a guy nicely point out that on my regular putts I over stepping a little and it was illegal if I was ever to play a tournament. I thanked him and didn't realize at the time that it was illegal. I was just doing it cause I was getting good results with my putting, completely ignorant to it. He figured as much and was nice and I still consider him a friend, matter of fact he is the same guy that showed me the correct way to throw many months before that. Now I'm usually one of the best drivers on the field :).

Not to boost myself too much, but that's what he told me when he showed me. "you have one hell of a arm, I can hear it in your swing, you just aren't using it right yet. Once you do you'll be one of the best drivers out here." I'm sorry but I'm very proud of my drives :) and get comments on it a lot. I always point out who showed me (cause he sells discs too) and and give a couple driving tips to new players. Okay I pat myself on the back for the day, lol.
Yep, that's what I'm trying to do now at league. So when I first go to a real tournament I don't make any of these type of mistakes. Don't want to be the moron at the tournament that doesn't know what he is doing.
The help you get from "jump putting" is the extra momentum you have when you're jumping instead of merely weight shifting.

Basically, start to jump, release before your front foot leaves the ground, then you leave the ground. It's the body motion, not the fact that you're releasing from extra elevation that gives you that increased power and distance.
There should be a Instructional Video on How to Jump Putt correctly. I see some do it wrong.

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