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I had a friendly discussion with some fellow golfers during a round this weekend, and the subject of "jump putts" came up. We were playing in the snow, so we couldn't put the rule easily into play as you couldn't see anyone's feet most of the frozen time, but still we had some questions about it.

Reading this rule from the PDGA:

803.04 Stance, Subsequent to Teeing Off

A. When the disc is released, a player must:
(1) Have at least one supporting point that is in contact with the playing surface on the line
of play and within 30 centimeters directly behind the marker disc (except as specified in
803.04 E);

Am I (and are the others from my group) mistaken in believing you must have contact with the ground when you release your disc no matter where you are on the course--tee, fairway, or green? If that's the case, is a "jump putt" really that effective as you essentially would be tossing your disc and then hopping in the air after the fact? Having watched people throw this way more than once, I'm guessing we are reading the rule incorrectly and that you can indeed be in the air when you release your disc, but that doesn't seem to be what the PDGA describes. Thoughts? Interpretations? We aren't necessarily concerned with the 10m inside the putting circle (everyone's very clear on that), but what about beyond 10m?

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No you can't be in the air and 95% of Pros who do it are doing it right and the disc is out of their hand before leaving the ground. The jump is more of a follow through as it is real hard to get distance on a putt in you have already left the ground because all your leg push has gone away.

So yes you still have to be on the ground when you throw and if you are doing a jump putt the legal and most effective way you aren't off the ground until after the release.
your reading it correctly. i had this same discussion many times and always w/ the same conclusion, most jump putts are illegal. it should be called a "putt jump".
morganH said:
your reading it correctly. i had this same discussion many times and always w/ the same conclusion, most jump putts are illegal. it should be called a "putt jump".

How are most illegal? If they are they are usually pretty easy to spot as they guy looks like a monkey fooling around with a football. Like I said the vast majority of Pro players do it legit and for the most part ADV players do as well but maybe there are some newer players who don't realize you can't just jump and them putt.
You read it right. No Air-time before release.

I don't remember seeing anyone ever trying to do it illegally. I think most people understand the rule and adhere to it well.

You are only jumping so don't fall on your face. Since you need the extra power, you are creating enough momentum to where you can't just step forward with your opposite foot and hold yourself up.

Can you imagine if it was the other way? The current world record for long jump is 8.95 meters. That would turn that 35 footer into a 7 or 8 foot gimme. Stupid but funny to visualize...maybe.
I have to agree with Scooter. If you see someone putt from in the air it looks horrible, more like a ballerina move. The jump putt is about getting an accurate but powerful putt. You can't get the power or the accuracy if you are in the air. This is not like a jump shot in basketball where you are arching the throw. The jump is the follow through of momentum after the disc is released. With timing the disc should be released at the point of the leading foot pushing off towards the basked, most players take off running behind the disc.
I'll have to agree with Scoot er on this one... although the rule is clear, he is right about the pros have the disc released from their hand before their foot comes off the ground... I also do a jump putt if I'm far enough away and I've never been called for a foot fault or any other violation for it (and I've certainly played some strict rule enforcers)... if you are that worried about it, have a couple friends watch as you do a couple and see how it looks from a 3rd person view... if you're doing it right the disc is already in flight before the foot's off the ground... it may be just a split second, but still legal...
got to leave the hand before the foot leaves the ground. the jump is merely the follow through. A way to keep yuor balance with out "falling" into a foot fault.
The idea of a jump put is to get the momentum of loading before the release to get maxim distance, your interpretation is correct you do have to release the disc before one of your supporting limbs leave the playing surface.

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